79 year old British ex-serviceman arrested in South Pattaya with 13 year old boy

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A 79 year old British man is alleged to have conducted lewd acts with a 13 year old boy in the back of his car, which was parked in a secluded area in South Pattaya. A German film crew who are making a documentary on child abuse and human trafficking in Asia were interviewing another boy at Royal Garden Plaza on Friday Night when he allegedly received a call from the 13 year old who revealed that he was about to meet with the 79 year old, Mr. Norman Wallis, a retired Pilot from the British Royal Air Force. The German film makers contacted the Region 2 Child and Woman Protection Unit based at Banglamung Police Station who met the film crew at Royal Garden Plaza where Mr. Wallis met with the boy and the pair drove off to a secluded area inside Soi 4 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya. Minutes later officers moved in and allegedly witnessed Mr. Wallis performing oral sex on the boy. A black cover was placed over the rear seats of the car in an attempt to prevent passers-by from looking into the car. Also found in the car was other incriminating evidence which will be forensically tested. The boy claimed he was paid 700 Baht by Mr. Wallis and this was not the first time the 79 year old had attempted to meet with the boy according to the boy’s statement taken later at the Police Station. Mr. Wallis, from Morden in Greater London, was arrested and later charged with conducting lewd acts with a minor and will be held on remand pending Court proceedings.

  • craig

    Michael, good Lord please stop that talk or you will have every club wielding business owner in the country chasing you to the airport.
    Laws are in place to remind people there are lines not to cross unless wrath is the desired outcome.
    Thailand is very tolerant and really only has a few rules for farangs.
    1)You will be tested by every scam (national sport) imaginable to test your reaction time and ability to bleed.
    2)No drugs
    3)No kids

  • Jake

    “””” they should close down Pattaya,Chaingmai of all prostitute”””

    Whew!!…Oh thank goodness for a minute there I thought Michael was going to have them shut down

    Edit by Admin – Jake quoted every province in Thailand

    Thats right Michael you shut down Chiang Rai and Pattaya and there won’t be a single hooker left in the whole country :-)

  • Ian

    52 comments so far. Is this the comment record for a single story?

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    No, not yet :-)


  • Piemeltje86 (Pattaya Secrets)

    Serves him well, but I agree with some of the comments here. He will probably, due to corruption, be able to buy his way out. The fact that he’s an old gramps probably helps a little bit, as they might even ”feel sorry” for this old goat. Deport him and make him a personna no grada, that will teach him well.

  • Michael

    Thailand caters for this sort of tourism they have boy bar and sell sex video of minors in sukinvet road bangkok,i’m sure plenty more will be caught by sting setup and emtied of their wallets…