Alleged extortion and false imprisonment of Omani Tourist at his Pattaya Condo

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A Tourist from Oman was caught-up in a suspected case of extortion involving two Police Volunteers and an Iranian Businessman who claimed he worked as a translator for the Police. A member of the public called Police to check a Silver Toyota Vios after seeing the Omani tourist being put into the car in handcuffs. The car was stopped outside the Siam Bayview Hotel in Central Pattaya and was being driven by Mr. Arash Jamshidi aged 35 from Iran, who produced a Work Permit and claimed to be a well-known businessman in Pattaya and was assisting with translation only. Also in the car was Khun Ganokporn aged 42, a Pattaya Police Volunteer, and riding behind the car on a motorbike was another volunteer, Khun Mongkon aged 48. The alleged victim is Mr. Mohhamed Abdullah Adam Al Balushi aged 26 from Oman who revealed that earlier in the day he had been arrested by Pattaya Police and fined 500 Baht for a public order offence. He was then released and hours later received a visit at his apartment at the Yensabai Condo in South Pattaya. He claims the female Police Volunteer and Mr. Jamshidi demanded payment of 10,000 Baht as Mr. Al Balushi was suspected of being involved in illegal drugs. He was unable to pay and the male Police Volunteer arrived and reportedly handcuffed Mr. Balushi who was then escorted by car to his friend’s apartment where the money was going to be handed-over. Before that Police intercepted the car and took all those concerned in the case to Pattaya Police Station. Mr. Jamshidi and the two Thai Police Volunteers denied all allegations brought against them and the case is still under investigation.

  • Talksin

    Whoa now kidnapping in Pattaya? This city is getting to be as bad as the Philippines.

  • andre

    10 grand for 3 of em,an iranian robbing an omani,why not a 100k.seems a little bit really

  • Pat

    The guy in the gray shirt is the same scammer who helps the Thais scam tourists on the beach with the jet ski scams.

    Go to youtube and search for “Fight After Jet Ski Accident.wmv” and you’ll see him there screwing tourists over.

    Now that the jet ski scam is slowing down I guess they are going to turn to kidnapping. Great.

  • William

    So, next this tourist will be threatend not to press charges or else ….

  • Jake

    “””The guy in the gray shirt”””

    When Karma comes visiting this MF’r she’s going to come down like a ton of bricks and squash his evil melon.

  • craig

    What is a order offence?

    In any case it is a very scary thing for a tourist to be in a foreign country where he does not speak the language only to be kidnapped by fake cops.

    Do police volunteers have any real authority except to use force to break the law? Thailand seems to have a lot of issues with these guys. I don’t understand why they exist.

    andre, well if the guy does not even have the 10,000 why go for more and draw attention. I am glad someone reported this or they may have killed the guy.

    Darn good work by the BIB………….so far.

    Interesting story.

  • Sacha

    Take his work permit away and back to Teheran

  • Ahmed-g

    When you can do that to your own people how can you expect others to trust us…it’s really sad out of so many tourists, middle east people cause the most problems or are victims…you look for trouble, you will find it…I’ve been going to patts 10 years now…the worse areas are the Arab ones, they just want to scam, the few make the bunch look bad…sad, so you get what you deserve.

  • frankie thunder

    how funny– i rent my condo at YENSAIBAI CONDO and sometimes MY VIEW…all i can say is this guy must have done something else..

  • Pip

    This story raises a number of questions which havent been answered in the article.
    1. The Police Volunteers involved denied the allegations but what plausible or reasonable explanation did they give for the circumstances in which they were found by the Police!
    2. Extortion and kidnapping are serious offences even in Thailand if such allegations have been made and prima facie they have some credence, why are those involved not in jail pending court appearance.
    If the Thai Police ever want to have any credibility in the eyes of Thais and non thais alike, its time they started dealing with allegations of crime and corruption against Police and officials in the same way as they would a normal citizen. This case will all blow over, no doubt the persons involved will continue in their errant ways. The Volunteers should be suspended pending investigation and should be in jail and the Iranian should be in jail until he can be tried in a court of law.

  • SammySleaze

    Hope they kick this disgrace to the human race out of the country.

  • gwats

    Want to solve this problem? Easy. Take away any authority of police Volunteers to arrest anyone under any circumstances, period. In my hometown, only police can arrest citizens. Our local Sheriffs can hold you and observe until police arrive, but cannot arrest you. If these ‘Police Volunteers’ were on the up and up, why not wait for police backup? These boys prey on the weak and the stupid, which Iranians seem to have in droves in Pattaya.

  • gwats

    Just abolish the police volunteers before they run every Tourist out of the city.

  • BobBitchin

    Mr. Arash “Don’t you know who I am?” Jamshidi, the well known Iranian businessman.

  • gwats

    Considering how much anguish and trouble these Iranians are having in their home Country, that they would keep a low profile when abroad in places like Pattaya? I just spent three weeks in fun city, and I was ready to knock the block off of the first iranian who looked at me sideways. While I respect the fact that the Thai Authorities can admit anyone they care to into Thailand, perhaps they should put a hold on these jokers for a years or two, and carefully investigate those already here.

  • Observing

    Sorry Pip, but Thai police do have credibility in many non Thai’s eyes.

    Think about it, guess who allows prostitution to exist openly in the foreign tourist areas like Pattaya and Nana in Bangkok? That’s right, the Thai police.

    While we may curse them for ‘corruption’ and vent at them from time to time, never forget that it is thanks to them that we foreigners are allowed to visit and expatriate to Thailand for the sole purpose of engaging in prostitution.

  • Geoffxx

    nothing in this story makes sense, it just sounds like someone trying to create a cover story for something more serious

    and the fact that the Iranian is the one that supports the jetski scamers might suggest a little insite as to whats going on here, kidnap for 10k – I very much doubt it, I have no clue what the real story is and could never guess but it is extremely sinister if you ask me

  • Johnny

    This Iran scammer needs to have his ass kicked.

  • murat kapllani

    Wannabe mafia, they better get out of town before the real mafia get a hold of them and they end up headless in a pineapple patch.
    How stupid are they, extortion is serious, so if you commit you do it big or not at all, not worth getting 20 years for 10,000 baht, idiots.

  • Nong View

    Yes, man Iran blue shirt look very successful.

  • med142

    From what i can see here, the iranian should be deported.But prosecuted for kidnap and extortion as all those involved should be. If also involved with jet ski scam.Who knows what else he is involved with. Deport him, but let him live a few years in prison first.

  • Jake

    @Observing…. Your self-loathing is obvious and painful to “observe” for anyone who has empathy for the psychologically afflicted.

  • eyeout

    I will keep an eye out for this scumbag low life from now on… detest scammers with a vengeance… rot in hell i say

  • Talksin

    You nailed it Gwats: get rid of the ”volunteers”. Not a week goes by where these guys are robbing or raping some innocent victim. Now kidnapping. If it were the US, the Mayor would come down on the chief of police due to negative press or public outrage. Here

  • Talksin

    Over achievers?

  • Observing

    I hardly have “self-loathing” Jake. I guess the truth hurts for you and others?

    All I see are condemnations and criticisms of the Thai police all the time here.

    I am not saying they are perfect, I am well aware that they are one of the more corrupt entities in Thailand and perhaps the world. Yet they do have good points, and again, one of them is that in fact their corruption allows us foreigners to enjoy the delights of their country.

    Never, ever forget that. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

  • gk

    Another poster says the guy in gray shirt is also in the Jet Ski scams.

  • Jake

    @non-observing….speaking of having nothing to say but derogatory comments, when was the last time you gave a non-thai a break?….Which includes yourself, hence the self loathing. Unless of course you mean to say that all farangs are effed up…with the exception of yourself?… Deny it all you want but its quite evident to others who are apparently far more “observant” than you, especially given your self-proclaimed moniker.

  • LookMoo

    To gwats:
    You are not reading between the lines… The tourist volunteers are directed by a dirty BIB at the police station. They have probably never spent a day in training nor served a single day.

    Abolish the police volunteers will just means that the BIB have to do the dirty work by themselves.

    The best defense is to know your rights. A police volunteers can not arrest you, search your car unless he/she is accompanied by a police or have a court order (a police volunteer can as a citizen make an “citizen arrest” on the crime scene)..

    All formal investigation must be made by a police supervisor.

  • Observing

    lol Jake, I have never posted anything “derogatory” here. You remind me of people who go around screaming ‘racism’ at anyone they do not agree with, not because racism is involved, but simply because by hurling inflammatory accusations (without proof), the accuser hopes the accused will be ‘tarnished’ in the eyes of the public.

    I call it like it is, never said anything derogatory here, so try harder.

  • Sean…with love

    I just want to thank the owner of this site, you r the man keep us tuned in! I’m going back over n over cause u keep it so real mate/bro/you guys cheers!

  • Don

    The loudest one in the room is the weakest.

  • Deadhorse.

    We all know that there are one or two posters on this site with slightly extreme views but they get us to use the old grey matter and to write in with our own thoughts on the subject so calm down people ,relax, chill out, keep thinking,learning and writing.

  • Com

    I saw him today (3/3/12) in Pattaya when he was driving with a red motorbike . I don`t know what is he doing here and how he escaped from police station ?

  • Wan

    If its any consultation the farang tourist police do similar and refuse to investigate