21 new Police sub-stations to open around Pattaya

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21 Police sub-stations are in the process of being opened around Pattaya City as Region 2 Police open a total of 119 stations around the Eastern Region. The main concentration of the new Community Stations is in Pattaya due to its prominent tourist industry. Police Lieutenant General Panya, Region 2 Police Commissioner is determined to heavily reduce incidents of crime around Pattaya and believes these new sub-stations will help him achieve his aims. On Monday, we attended the opening of two local sub-stations, located at the Loy Lang Village in Naklua, North Pattaya and near the Sutawat Temple in East Pattaya. They will be open 24 hours a day and will be staffed by full-time officers and Police Volunteers, who will be sent out on routine patrols in known areas of high crime, around the clock.


  • Wally

    21 new stations… business must be booming.

  • Ian

    21? Just put one patrolling Beach Road, with officers give a care and crime will decrease dramatically

  • lacoste cap

    When i wear my baseball cap when im driving my motorbike i always get nicked for no helmet, how come these can drive with them ?

  • Joseph

    lacoste cap:
    on your cap it says “Lacoste”.
    on their cap it says “Police”
    could make a difference

  • Rob

    @lacoste cap … because you’re breaking the law and they are the law! Do as I say not as I do ….. !

  • frankie thunder

    IAN–beach road should have at least 3 –north south and central,,

  • Rob

    @frankie thunder …. I would put 3 just between south and central and another couple north of central.

  • Jay from Oz

    Excellent news 21 new police fund donating booths. Now they dont have to take me a km away before taking my cash.
    Seriously I encourage this anything to lower the crime rate is good