Sattahip Coffee Shop owner offers reward for return of stolen IPAD and phone

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A woman was caught-on-camera stealing an IPAD and Nokia Mobile Phone from a Coffee Shop in the Plu Ta Luang area, close to Pattaya on Monday afternoon. The items belonged to the owner of the “Coffee Today” shop, Khun Nongnoot aged 42 who showed us the security camera footage showing a Thai woman, thought to be aged around 25 and wearing a long jacket which was initially zipped-up. She purchased a cup of coffee and five pieces of toast which distracted the staff enough so the woman could steal the IPAD and mobile phone. She is seen to look around and then unzip her coat and, in a matter of seconds, grab the two items and run out from the shop and was seen to jump on the back of a motorbike driven by a Thai man. A reward of 5,000 Baht is being offered by Khun Nongnoot for anyone who provides information which leads to the arrest of the woman and the recovery of the stolen items. If you know anything please call 081 578 9666.

  • Wally

    The toast remained unharmed.

  • Talksin

    In the 4th photo is she incrimminating herself?!

  • Jake

    @Talksin…watch the video. This gal was very happy to have all the attention.

  • frankie thunder

    was it the owners stuff ?????