British Motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run road accident in East Pattaya

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A British motorcyclist was killed in a hit-and-run road accident in East Pattaya on Saturday afternoon. The accident occurred in Soi Siam Country Club and resulted in the death of Mr. Christopher Nicholas Gibb aged 30 from Middlesex, England. Witnesses, described how Mr. Gibb, attempted an overtaking maneuver past a slow moving pick-up but clipped a side-mirror of a pick-up travelling in the opposite direction. He fell off his motorbike onto the road and in the path of a 10-wheel truck which was carrying tables and chairs. It failed to stop in time and ran-over Mr. Gibb. The truck failed to stop at the scene and is currently being sought by Police. The driver of the pick-up travelling in the opposite direction to Mr. Gibb remained at the scene and confirmed the chain-of-events but was detained by Police pending further investigations. The British Embassy in Bangkok are aware of the incident and are providing consular assistance to the family of Mr. Gibb at this time.

  • Kuan

    Rip to the man that died .. But as u all know driving in Thailand is very dangerous.. Not many people obeys road rules here .. If you’ve been here a few times then you should very well know .. According to the reports he overtook , clipped another vehicle and an oncoming truck ran over him! Now tell me in your right mind that it was the trucks fault ? He only kept going because he was afraid that he will be taken to jail by running over a person it’s just simple in the mind of a poor truck driver … And I’m sure any human that have injured or caused death couldn’t sleep at night realizing what had happened.. So let’s use our common sense here before pointing and blaming who was involved.