Wife stabs Husband in the neck after drunken food fight in East Pattaya

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A food fight led to a deadly altercation involving a newly-married couple, outside their East Pattaya house on Thursday Afternoon. Police arrived at the house in Soi Kow Tha Low 8 along with rescue workers who attempted CPR on Khun Winai aged 45, who had been stabbed in the neck. He could not be saved and Police soon determined that his wife of 6 months, Khun Gong aged 47, had stabbed him in the neck after a drunken food fight turned into a full-blow fight between the pair. She claimed her Husband started the fight after a bowl of rice was thrown into her face. She alleges he then used a steel implement and struck her across the chest. She then ran into the house, picked-up a knife and stabbed her Husband who fell to the floor and eventually stopped breathing. She was arrested by Police pending further investigations and collection of witness accounts and Police tell us she is expected to be charged with murder and sent to Court in due course.

  • Wally

    Looks like the honeymoon is over.

  • Relic

    Wonder if he paid sinsot.

  • Jake

    Looks like he finally got the point.

  • frankie thunder

    she served him chinese rice instend thai rice.. HE NO LIKE…

  • http://khiaao.blogspot.com Khiaao

    Food Fight, drunken style

  • Robert

    What kind of loser man hits a woman, especially a Thai woman? I hope the police investigate this thoroughly enough to be sure she is really a murderer and was not acting in self defense. Most Thai males seem to be over-grown boys with the emotional maturity of a Western 10 year old.