Pattaya Bungee company “safe” following “viral” video of Zambian jump accident

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A Pattaya Bungee Jump company is reassuring customers that their attraction is safe following a video which has appeared on the internet recently involving an Australian woman who jumped in Zambia. The video showed her jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambesi River and the cord attached to her legs snapped, causing her to fall over 100 meters into the crocodile-infested waters below. Although she escaped death she was injured and retold her story to an Australian news crew. On Monday we visited the Pattaya Bungy Jump Company in Jomtien who explained how they carefully select the elastic cord depending on the jumpers weight and only reuse cord for a certain number of jumps before replacing it. Although there are the obvious dangers of jumping off a platform with cord attached to your feet, Pattaya Bungee Jump Company assures its customers that all possible safety precautions are taken before you are allowed to jump. We would recommend you to check any travel insurance or other insurances you have to ensure you are covered if an accident should occur.

  • Jake

    Yeah right….when you think of “safety”, Pattaya just jumps out at you…LOL

  • Tolu

    Selecting the appropriate cord and limiting its use does no good if the quality of the bungy cord is bad. Needs at least a secondary level of protection like an airbag or backup bungy. Good luck.

  • JP

    When you jump from a bridge, with a large river below, I guess you have more chances to survive than jumping from a crane… with a friendly tarmac waiting for you…
    Accident happens.
    Ask to ANY company: before the accident, they will swear all posssible gods that, WITH THEM, it is safe…

  • Deadhorse

    The flow of customers will drop off after reading this report.