Unemployed Construction Worker commits suicide in South Pattaya

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A construction worker, who could not afford to return to his home province for the New Year, decided to take his own life, in the early hours of Monday. The body of Khun Sombat aged 35 was discovered in their rented apartment in Soi Beokeow by his girlfriend, Khun Dim aged 38, who returned home after work to find him hanging from a roof beam. Pattaya Police attended the scene and confirmed there were so signs of a struggle and Khun Dim confirmed their relationship was stable and the pair would rarely argue. However tensions had been growing for some time over the lack of money due to Khun Sombat’s recent unemployment status. Police are confident this was a suicide but will wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they close the case.

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    But when it’s a farang, it’s unquestionably a suicide regardless how fishy the circumstances are.

  • Tolu

    Bus fare is not that expensive. I the think the heading is too speculative.