Power Buy opens new store in Central Pattaya

<#img src="http://www.pattayaone.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/02_12_54_3_3.jpg" alt="Power Buy opens new store in Central Pattaya" style="width:690px; margin-top:-50px" border="0" />

Electronics giant “Power Buy” have opened a new superstore on the Central Pattaya Road, close to Foodland Supermarket and the soon-to-be-completed Tuk.com IT Center. The store opened on Friday and features a comprehensive range of electronic goods and is their 4th Branch in Pattaya. They are currently running a series of discount promotions to celebrate the opening of the branch including a lucky draw for customers to win a brand new Honda Brio. For more information on the store please visit their website www.powerbuy.co.th



  • pete

    Another Tuk.com???? 1 is not enough!!

  • Wally

    Contradiction, I’m happy to hear about the new store and will pop in and see what’s what. The problem is, you’d have to be a fool to buy electronics in Thailand.

  • materialsman

    Soon to be completed Tukcom? They haven’t even broken ground behind the impressive billboard, some time away yet!

  • gaurav

    can anybody please share the contancat number of this store..?