Charity Carabao Concert coming to Pattaya

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A Charity rock concert featuring one of Thailand’s most famous bands will take place on 12th December in Pattaya. Khun Itipon, chaired a preparation meeting on Tuesday at Pattaya City Hall to discuss the concert, which will celebrate the 84th Birthday of His Majesty The King. It will take place at the Pattaya Indoor Stadium in Soi Chayapreuk 2 in Jomtien and will feature the Carabao Band led by Aed Carabao. The money raised through ticket sales will fund the construction of a museum dedicated to the life of His Majesty at a new Navy Recruitment Center in Bang Sarae, just outside of Pattaya. Tickets are priced at 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 Baht and are available from 22nd November at the Pattaya City Hall reception or can be ordered through the Pattaya City Call Center 1337.

  • joseph44

    Uhm……the indoor stadium in Jomtien? Wasn’t that an evacuee shelter for at least 2000 evacuees from Bangkok?