Region 2 Police arrest man with firearm in South Pattaya

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Region 2 Police arrested a 25 year old man on Friday accused of selling class 1 drugs. Police, from the Child and Women Protection Unit, began the operation at a rented room in Soi Bongkot in South Pattaya where they found Khun Suchart and his girlfriend inside. No drugs were found; however a search of the room uncovered a firearm and bullets, along with drug taking paraphernalia. Khun Suchart led Police to a second room in Central Pattaya where Police found only a BB gun. Despite the inaccurate intelligence on the suspect, he was later charged with possession of an unregistered firearm and was not charged over the drug-taking equipment found.

  • Heavyweight67

    Policing in any country is a difficult job,drug enforcement is often hit and miss. In my days of policing when warrants are issued we needed significant,relevant/reliable information .
    Not sure how it works here, but the last few occasions the police have come up short. Maybe a little more investigation would help their hit/miss ratio…
    All they need to do is walk along Beach Rd, every night I must get at least 10 to 20 offers to sell me numerous varieties of illicit drugs

  • frankie thunder

    the girl in photo looks super hot…why would she waste her time with these bums selling drugs—-surely she must know shes lucky if she gets only 1 percent of the profits…thai men are known to be cheap….