Guards from South Pattaya Discotheque accused of assault on two foreign patrons

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Two foreign tourists from Russia and Colombia were allegedly assaulted by security staff at a well-known South Pattaya Discotheque early on Monday Morning. Police were called to the front of Mixx Discotheque located at the Bali Hai Plaza and determined the two injured tourists had already been taken to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital. There were many witnesses to the alleged attack and it was claimed that guards working at the Disco assaulted Mr. Oscar Delgado aged 30 from Colombia and Mr. Yuri aged 25 from Russia who were hit across the head with pieces of wood. During the attack witnesses also claimed that one of the guards produced a gun and fired twice into the air. Injuries to the two men were relatively minor allowing Police to focus on the guards involved in the attack. For now no arrests have been made.

  • Bob

    I am waiting for Daves comment, Oh thai people would not hurt a farang

  • Jake

    Just an innocent difference in cultures. Farangs go to disco to drink, do drugs, dance. Thais go to disco to drink, do drugs and shoot their rivals.

  • Rob

    The Thais are cowards when it comes to fighting, no such thing as a fair fight with them!

  • John McVicar

    “For now no arrests have been made”

    It should of read “no arrests will be made”

  • Lazar

    A Colombian and a Russian together in Pattaya can only mean one thing.

  • JJ

    Like the Mayor says, it’s a family resort.

  • malony

    “A Colombian and a Russian together in Pattaya can only mean one thing.”

    Chutney Ferrets?

  • frankie thunder

    the ladys in waiting area don’t look half bad…

  • Sattahip Bob

    Nothing will happen to those security thugs, ALL of them are either affiliated to the cops,army or local mafia, end of story

  • Khiaao


  • Born to Die

    Before we shoot the so called door guards i would say their is much more to do this on both sides maybe we should just shoot them all and be done with lol .

  • adrian

    Do the management of that disco make any checks on the staff they employ? They should TELL their staff what their job is and the limits.Criminal behaviour like this will drive customers away.

  • Jake

    “””Criminal behaviour like this will drive customers away”””

    Logical as your thinking is,I’ve been hearing this sentiment for the last 20yrs the crime keeps getting worse and yet the tourist continue to come.

  • ianbrenner

    With all the debauchery in Pattaya it’s actually amazing how little incidents like this happen, or are reported. Just sit at Subway or Burger King for an hour.

  • Greg

    I’ve seen the guys at Mixxx get heavy handed with patrons before…. also remember one of their staff wielding a stick. Seems to be the regular method of dealing with their customers.

  • Rob

    @adrian …. having a criminal record particularly for violence is a pre-requisite for working as a door man in Pattaya or Thailand for that matter!

  • Jake

    Guaranteed to happen at some point.
    Large number of young tourist far from home suddenly free to behave outside the norm of their home country meets young thai man given the loose authority to take out his aggressions upon those he deems deserving…put a stick in his hand….whoops!!!

  • frankie thunder

    as a drummer i never cared for disco’s like the mixx….i like to go disco’s that have real people on stage not records….

  • mickey

    if you play up in a pub or disco youre going to get your just desserts ive been visiting pattaya for 15 years and the callibre of tourist are getting worse often rude and drunk and disrespectfull of locals, remember you are a guest treat people how you would like to be treated and you wont go far wrong