Police impersonator arrested by Pattaya’s real Police

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A man who allegedly impersonated a Police Officer and promised the release of a man earlier arrested by Police on drug offences for a fee of 10,000 Baht was arrested by the real Police in the early hours of Monday. The incident began at Pattaya Police Station where officers were processing the arrest of a man caught with class 1 drugs. His girlfriend, Khun Pimnapat aged 23, was also at the station for moral support and was approached by a man who claimed to be an undercover Police Officer who could clear the case for 10,000 Baht. At the rear of the station, out of site from real officers, a deal was struck between Khun Pimnapat and the Police impersonator, Khun Naroonat aged 27 who was joined by his girlfriend, Khun Bungorn aged 29. It was determined the girlfriend of the arrestee could only pay 4,500 Baht which was accepted by the so-called undercover officer who told Khun Pimnapat to wait in front of Soi 11 on Pattaya Beach Road while he negotiated the man’s release from jail. She waited there for one hour and then realized she had been scammed and alerted the real Police who were able to locate the suspected fake Police Officer in Soi Bongkot in South Pattaya. He later claimed that his mother’s house in Phatum Thani Province had been destroyed by flood waters and came up with the scam so he could send money to his family who were currently homeless. He was charged with extortion and impersonating a Police Officer.

  • Jake

    That a scam like this is attempted brazenly within the confines of the police station speaks volumes as to recognized and accepted amount of police corruption. The imposter was only caught as a result of the BIB refusal to be denied 4500bht that they consider rightfully theirs…You can be sure that Khun Pimnapat will never see her 4500bht again.

  • frankie thunder

    JAKE– i think your right on this one..

  • Steve

    Shouldn’t the girlfriend also be charged with offering a bribe Or maybe that’s not a crime you can be charged with in Thailand.

  • craig

    Steve, since when in Thailand is offering a bribe considered anything else than good manners.