Monk accused of shoplifting at South Pattaya Convenience Store

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A Buddhist Monk is accused of stealing items from a 7-Eleven Convenience Store in South Pattaya, on Friday. Police were called to the store located close to the VC Hotel on the Pratamnuk Road and spoke with the monk who had travelled down from Bangkok to study in a temple in Pattaya. He had run low on money but claimed he needed items including a computer card reader, headphones and a padlock to assist him in his studies. The store manager decided not to prosecute the Monk after he offered to pay for the items, which totaled 547 Baht. A Police Officer withdrew the money from the Monks account and paid for the items and the Monk was allowed to go free and a report of the incident was not made to the Chief Monk at the Temple in Bangkok or Pattaya.

  • William

    So stealing is allowed but when caught you must pay for the goods. Does this policy also apply to other Thai people and foreighners?

  • craig

    A nice story about the Spartan life of a Monk and his computer…..

  • khunj

    He travelled to Pattaya to study?
    Haha… :)

  • william

    I all ways thought Thai monks were blessed with the ability set an example to the devoted followers , so being caught stealing and not getting arrested or thrown out of the Wat , is a new one on me, just what is Thailand coming to .

  • Lazar

    Ahh Grasshopper you have learnt well

  • Frankiedimes

    The wanna-be monk certainly isn’t applying what he’s learned thus far!

  • Timmay

    My wife is quite disappointed with the police, and said they should have reported this monk to the chief. Monks have to live by example to others, and this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

  • frankie thunder

    a holy man should not do such things

  • JaapFrysian

    Just because a bold-headed man wears an orange robe: doesn’t qualify him as a “Monk”, much the same as standing in a garage, forlong periods, will not change you into a “car”.
    This common-thief is not a monk !