Lithuanian man arrested by Pattaya Police on credit card fraud charges

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A Lithuanian man has been arrested and charged with credit card fraud by local Police. At the Transnational Crime Suppression Center at Pattaya Police Station, Police Lieutenant General Tanae, the Commissioner of Region 2 Police held a press conference on Saturday Afternoon to announce the arrest of Mr. Antanas Chmieliauskas aged 24 who was arrested at his rented room at the Kiengtalay Condominium in Soi 6 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya. Initially he was accused of attempting to purchase gold with a forged credit card at a gold shop in nearby Laem Chabang. Police managed to locate the suspect in Pattaya and caught him with a skimming device and 49 foreign bank credit cards. The suspect refused to accept or deny the allegations made against him and it will now be up to a Court to decide if the charge of credit card fraud will stand or not.

  • homme

    Hmmm… who is that chap in the superman shirt? Is he related to the suspect?

  • craig

    Good work BIB….. I think about 70 years should be about right.

  • Jake

    For this type of crime, Toul Sleng torture center should be re-opened and returned to operational status.

  • Bill the Voice of Reason

    The perfect cure for Pattaya’s beach erosion problem. Tie a hundred kilos of cement blocks about the neck of all of the international credit card skimmers that are robbing people blind in Pattaya and having a negative impact upon tourism. Drop them in Pattaya Bay. After a few hundred of them are drowned, the beaches will return to normal and an artificial reef will form off the coast which attracts fish.

  • Stevo

    Well done BIB. I know us expats always like to take the piss out of law enforcement here, but you have to give credit where due.

  • Jimmy Olson

    I think that might really be superman and that he was in on the arrest….look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…..superfarang

  • alex

    who is superman ??????????

  • frankie thunder

    courts deside weather to charge him or not—-> what the hell !!!! they got him red handed… i say bust him BIG TIME….

  • frankie thunder

    ALEX—> guy looks more like PORKY PIG then SUPERMAN !!!!

  • frankie thunder

    JAKE– PORKY PIG (see backround of photo)must be the brains of this syndicate..ha ha… LOL…

  • P.G.

    I think farang superman is an undercover thai policeman, make up done by a katoey !

  • unknow