Tiger attacks Thai customer at Pattaya Crocodile Farm

<#img src="http://www.pattayaone.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/11_08_54_1_3.jpg" alt="Tiger attacks Thai customer at Pattaya Crocodile Farm" style="width:690px; margin-top:-50px" border="0" />

A Thai woman sustained head and arm injuries after she was mauled by a tiger at the Million Year Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm located in East Pattaya on Wednesday. Khun Pimonpan aged 48; the owner of an apartment complex in Bangkok had visited the park with a group of friends from Finland when she decided to have a picture taken with a tiger, which thousands of people had done before her without incident. Apparently she was sitting in the wrong position and touched the head of the tiger which then became aggressive and bit her arm and then used its paw to hit her across the face. Khun Pimponpan was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where the injuries were attended to while the owner of the tourist attraction confirmed they would cover all medical costs and discuss compensation on Friday. We have yet to receive her side of the story.

  • KhunFarangatan

    Stupid is as stupid does – T.I.T.

  • Mike

    Another suicide attempt?

  • rob

    i think the tiger only shocked,because if he was really agressive she would be dead in a second or two.
    i been in the park also.the way the tiger is treated there was reason enough for me not to go on a picture with it.

  • Deadhorse

    Can’t be suicide attempt, croc farm not have fourteenth floor, perhaps tiger been drinking.

  • Musongman

    People just don’t get that these are still wild animals, they will always revert to type without warning!
    Hope the lady recovers.

  • dan

    I feel sorry for that bear they have, it looks so bloody pathetic and ramshackled.

    The crocs are ace though, you’d think there’d be more croc meat in Pattaya – it’s supposed to be one of the healthiest meats you can eat….

  • Lazar

    Usually these tigers are drugged to the eyeballs and quite docile, the keeper must not have got his weekly yabba delivery on time.

  • Burt

    That’ll teach them (prolly not though): there’s no ffing around with tigers!

  • Bill The Voice of Reason

    A tiger bite is nothing! Once a Katoey attempted to bite me on the Beach Road Promenade. I still wake up screaming some nights from the horrid memory of it’s eyes shining in the moonlight and it’s sharp teeth approaching my private area.

  • jj

    I always tell friends visiting: never pet the tiger, feed the monkeys, hold the snake of lay down under an elephant.

  • gwats

    They the same posing deal @ Nong Nook Gardens. Animals seemed well fed and tame to me.

  • musongman

    Very sage @ JJ, very sage!!

  • Pip

    Crocodile farm or leather production unit, do we in the west go to Cow, sheep and pig farms to view the raw materials. I once had my photo taken with a juvenille tiger in Samui years ago and I felt uneasy then. Very sad story for all concerned…

  • craig

    Gwats, one time at Nong Nook Gardens I was hugging the tiger for my drunken photo op and the tiger man kept hitting the tiger with a whip. I asked the man to stop hitting the tiger while the tiger and I were romancing. I thought he was rather curt with me when he said, “Sir, trust me; you want me hitting this tiger”.

  • Ian

    Where’s the pic if the attack? Surely there’s an action photo somewhere

  • gk

    On my first trip to Thailand I posed with that Tiger at the park. My girlfriend took the first picture and it was blurred because she jumped when the tiger growled. Stupid me I sat down again and we took another photo. In retrospect, even though the Cat is chained down by a neck collar, that would not prevent him from twisting and doing just what he did here, bit or maul me. I got the photo, but damn if I will do that again.

  • frankie thunder

    why did’nt the trainer tell the dummie thai lady shes on the tigers wrong side..and why in hell did dummie thai lady pat the tigers head…

  • jozafin

    The fact the Tiger slapped her round the face, ’cause he’s not that type of Tiger willing to do a bit of swinging with her and Finish friends!