Tom Yum Goong attack on Jomtien Beach

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There was high drama on Jomtien Beach on Friday as a bowl of Tom Yum Goong, a popular Thai dish, led to a call for help from a Dutch Tourist. Mr. Wesley Kakvoode aged 21 had ordered the dish from a beach vendor, Khun Pornpon aged 44. Mr. Kakvoode was not impressed with the taste and informed Khun Pornpon that he would not be paying for it. Soon after, the vendor became angry and threw the remainder of the dish over the back of Mr. Kakvoode who was incensed at the actions of the vendor and decided to report the incident to officers at Dongtan Police Sub-Station on Jomtien Beach. After some investigation, it was decided that Khun Pornpon, who admitted throwing the food over Mr. Kakvoode would pay a fine of 500 Baht because of his anti-social behavior. Mr. Kakvoode went away happy that the Police appeared concerned about his problem and were willing to take action.

  • Dave Robinson

    He should have just payed for it whats it gonna cost like 20-30 baht from a street vendor anyway ?

  • Andrew

    My thoughts exactly.

    I think he’s used to eating tom yum back home and doesn’t really realise certain dishes taste very different here.

    Would have been under 100b, hardly worth getting in a fuss over on your holiday.

  • P.G.

    What a loser, Tom Yum is a soup with a typical Thai taste, you love or hate it.
    I ate many times at Jomtien beach and never had received bad food.
    That boy is 21 and only knows a childrens menu from McDonalds and mistakes Thai kindness with weakness.
    But one thing is for sure, a lot of selling local people knows him now overthere. Pattaya is a small world.

  • Alex

    I think this dutch guy would never act like this in his own contry. Go out a restaurant because you don’t like the food.
    I support Khun Pornpon

  • Real Divers

    The Dutch guy should of paid what doses he know about Thai food and how it should taste .He was very lucky to only wear the soup .

  • norwaytiger

    i stay in thailand every year about 4-6 jomtien..i love tom yam goong..and i love all my thai friends on dongtan beach..hope you dutch boy never insult hard working people agaain…shame on you….

  • DeportFatFarangs

    How blinkered can u guys get. The dutch guy could be an idiot but just perhaps the food did actually taste really bad!!

    Still, lets get to the point, if he’d been 50 and grossly overweight u would have supported him.

  • mikey

    I think the young lad better watch his back if the vendor truly felt he lost face.

    a little soup on one is nothing compaired to a thai face loss revenge

  • Anders

    Not worth such a fuss and he should have paid and left. But you cant go throwing a bowl soup over your customers…. Police made a wise choice.

  • pete

    The Dutch are never happy until they have something to complain about, they love it.

  • Frederico

    I fell on a stick while out walking my cat and a man said ‘Tom Yum Goong’ at the top of his voice. Anyway the moral of the story is, don’t wink at a blind man if he’s stroking your back because he might be a stranger to a horse. Or to put it in Laymen’s terms, it’s better to use an ATM than a wand in that kind of situation.

  • dave

    well the kid looks like a reciever of swollen goods anyway perhaps the thai guy knocked him back on a request for bum bum and gave him tom yum instead???

  • Thai Guy

    he is very lucky he got to walk away…I would be surprised if he was not taken care of later, falang should be very careful.