Woman allegedly selling her 16 year old niece to foreigners for sex, caught by Pattaya Police

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A woman, who is allegedly selling her 16 year old niece to foreigners for the purposes of sex has been arrested by Region 2 Police. Officers from the Child and Women Protection Unit based at Banglamung Police Station organized an undercover operation late on Wednesday Night outside the Carrefour Shopping Center in Central Pattaya. An operative, armed with marked bank notes, handed over 2,000 Baht to Khun Samien aged 35 who promised to take him to a room where the girl was waiting. Instead, Police moved in and escorted her to the Porn House Apartments in Soi Arunothai 2, close to the shopping Center where the 16 year old girl was waiting. Khun Samien was taken to Pattaya Police Station and later charged with prostitution offences after she explained that she used to work in the bar industry here in Pattaya but returned to her home in Satgeow Province to work in the construction industry. She recently returned to Pattaya with her Niece with a plan to offer the girl to foreigners. This was reportedly the first time she had attempted to offer her niece to foreigners. The parents of the girl were contacted and summoned to the Police Station to explain why their daughter was involved in this illegal activity.   

  • Peter

    escorted her to the Porn House Apartments ….at least the appartment name is justified in this case..

  • craig

    Carrying on the family business.

  • frankie thunder

    what can i say to CRAIG—> your right again about this story…you should run for prime minister…you got my vote…

  • Rod


  • Jez

    My wife’s next door neighbor in Chaiyaphum allowed her 15yr old Daughter to leave School and go to BKK (Nana Plaza). They lived in a pretty shabby tin hut (5 people) and were desperate. After 1 year they have cleared the land and got a nice place built. Just imagine how long it would have taken them if she had stayed in the village and worked in the fields? The problem is that all the girls school mates have seen what she’s in such a short space of time and want to get down to Pattaya ASAP. According to my Wife. One or two of them are only 14.

  • steven german


  • gwats

    Fast money is usually money you should walk, no… RUN away from! When they are young, they only see the upside to playing this game. When I walk the streets of Pattaya in the Night time, I see that desperate look in way too many eyes. It makes me feel sad sometimes.