1 year old child badly injured in Dog attack at East Pattaya House

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A child aged 1 year and 3 months was repeatedly bitten by a dog at a house she was staying at with her grandmother and cousin.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning at the house in Soi Mapyailia 49 in East Pattaya, owned by Khun Gaesunee aged 38, who was bitten on her arms as she pulled the child away from the angry dog.

The child and her grandmother live in Rayong and had come to Pattaya for a 10 day holiday and were staying with the family member who has 4 dogs. One of the dogs called “Gaga” aged 3 attacked the child as she played with another of the dogs, in what is thought to be a jealous attack.

The child sustained bites to her head, ear and arm and was taken to Hospital. Police are aware of the incident but are not taking the case any further.

  • billericay dickie

    police not taking any action, i would of shot and killed the mutt, then shot and wounded the owner if my young child had been bitten by his dog,

  • Festering Sore

    I don’t know what’s worse, Soi dogs or Soi Lady Boy Thieves and other assorted useless Punchai.

  • Robert

    Gaga need to be put down.

  • Don1

    shot on the spot,,, no questions asked…

  • weasel

    all the same

  • Robert

    The puchais are worse, dogs don’t pile onto other dogs fights just to get a chance to bite a foreigner.

  • Geordie

    It’ll be off to the temple for the mut!

  • Larry Finklestein

    I think there are many more dog attacks than get reported.