Ladyboy drugged and robbed by Thai man at North Pattaya Motel

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In the early hours of Tuesday a 26 year old Ladyboy reported a drugging and robbery by a Thai man at a North Pattaya Motel on Monday Night.

Khun Chakan, who was in a dazed state, explained to Pattaya Police Investigators that he went to am Esarn Restaurant in Soi Petragoon in North Pattaya on Monday Night with friends. Across the restaurant he spotted a group of young Thai men, who eventually made their way over to the victims table.

After some discussions, Khun Chakan agreed to go to a local Motel with one of the men. As they arrived, a woman came into their room and offered Khun Chakan a glass of water which he consumed. Some moments later he began to feel dizzy and eventually fell unconscious.

After waking up in the early hours of Tuesday, Khun Chakan realized that 80,000 Baht’s worth of valuable items, including 3 Gold rings, an ATM Card, 2 Gold bracelets, 1 wrist watch, a Samsung Smart Phone and 13,000 Baht in cash, had been stolen.

Police will now check CCTV at the Restaurant for the suspect, thought to be aged in his late twenties as they attempt to bring him to justice.

  • aussie jeff, the real one

    wow a cashed up ladyboy, must be some wealthy Indians in town

  • weasel

    IF true, the boots on the other foot when a ladyboy “gets robbed”. About time. Of course a ladyboy chasing the good, the bad and the ugly is most unlikely to wear fine gold and carry lots of cash. Something is the story does not ring true.

  • Wally

    I’ve know a nice Kiwi you should meet. You two will get along great.

  • Ladila

    Now this is a very rare occurence!

  • HT

    Well, what goes around comes around eh…

  • ithurtsalot

    What a refreshing change

  • The dead can not speak

    Don’t celebrate too early. It might be a man (for now) looking for means to have surgeries to become a ladyboy

  • Khun ba ba

    Thai guys did the old switch a rooney with the spiked drink when LB was not looking.

  • Khun ba ba

    This isn’t a crime this is karma!!

  • Love Thai

    How nice to turn the table on them and to feel the pain, good job Thai man!

  • gk

    Really? A woman came into their room and offered her a drink. Siiiiigh.