Suspect blames Ferry Disaster for bag snatch from Korean Tourist in Jomtien

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A 30 year old parasailing assistant blamed the recent Pattaya ferry disaster for his attempt to steal a bag from a Korean Tourist at knife-point in the Na-Jomtien area in the early hours of Wednesday.

Na-Jomtien Police in conjunction with Region 2 Police arrested Khun Chakgrit close to the Sukhumvit Road in Na-Jomtien following reports of a bag snatch came in to them. Luckily a Police operation was taking place in the area which was abandoned to offer assistance to the Korean tourist Mr. Shin Ilyong aged 36.

The victim was with three other friends who had just left their Hotel. They were walking towards the main Sukhumvit Road so they could catch a Taxi to Walking Street where they had planned to spend the early morning hours.

Khun Chakgrit spotted the victim was holding a bag and approached him and at knife-point ordered the tourist to hand over the bag which contained Korean money, Thai currency and personal items. Mr. Ilyong refused to comply and entered into a fight with the suspect who stabbed Mr. Ilyong in his hand which forced him to drop the bag.

Police arrested the suspect nearby and took him to Na-Jomtien Police Station where he blamed the Pattaya Ferry Disaster which had forced the owner of the parasailing company to stop work. Khun Chakgrit was unable to provide milk for his 4 month old child and decided to enter a life of crime to ensure his family did not go hungry.

Police charged the suspect with assault and theft and he currently awaits trial.

  • malcolm

    500 Baht fine then

  • The dead can not speak

    What a great personnel do those companies have. Do you want to place your family members life in the hands of quality personnel like that? In fact if those tourist would not have come to thailand , the incident would not have happened and Khun Chakgrit would not be in prison. He is the victim ^^

    Smart tourists meeting elite workers in the city of illusions !!!

  • Eden

    Never forget you are in a third world country. Thieves everywhere on every level.

  • John Egil Rønning

    Who needs quality tourists !?

  • Don1

    The PM will visit him this evening and give dispensation due to the hardship experienced.

  • Dave

    Looks like the your going to get stabbed in the hand from now on if you defend yourself against a thai ,thanks to the 500 baht special fine for stabbing a Farang in the hand.
    How stupid are some of these Thai’s in Goverment positions?

  • weasel

    yeh,the excuses get better and better.

  • weasel

    London,Paris and New York.NOT Pattaya!

  • The dead can not speak

    WHY should they change, if tourists keep coming.
    the new tourists are even better to rip off and mislead

  • John Knights

    You could be right……

  • hastings1066

    i do not think so i dont hang around the coconut getting drunk
    on chang like your self