Maltese Tourist encounters thieving Ladyboy’s on Pattaya Beach

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A 73 year old Maltese Tourist has vowed never to come back to Pattaya after he became the victim of a street robbery on Pattaya Beach early on Tuesday Morning.

Mr. Alfred Carabott made his way to Pattaya Police Station after the incident which occurred in front of the Royal Garden Plaza.

He described 4-5 Ladyboys who surrounded him and made a variety of sexually orientated gestures and comments to distract him while one of them stole his Wallet which contained 2,000 Baht and 230 Euros.

Mr. Carabott is due to return to Malta on 17th October but now has no money to continue his Holiday. He has been told to contact the Honorary Consulate of Malta based in Bangkok for assistance in either completing his holiday or returning early to his native country as Police begin the hunt for those responsible.

  • Terry Medlicott

    how was he planning to stay 3 more weeks with 230 euro, ? cheap charlie or very wise man …………

  • Sibley1

    WTF???…So he had about 12.000 baht to last him 3 weeks?…Just go home mate.

  • Maverick

    I guess that’s one way to make a Maltese cross …..

  • Pete

    I understand with a small south European pension, the guy has not more to spend. But is that a crime? Do have respect for this gentleman, he still pays for his accomodation and food.

  • Robert

    So how are they any different than most other Thai males?

  • Panda Aust

    Walking on Pattaya beach early morning ….not again !!!

  • Phoenix

    Com’n boys,it is not true. He is smart and just looking if somebody give back the money he lost.
    But I am smart too,and will give nothing to him…..hehehe.Next time we will stay in hotel room and
    watch Tv porno-movie.

  • Deadhorse

    Entirely the fault of the police.
    Ladyboys had to steal to pay the fine they had to to pay to pay for previous crime(s) that they commited previously……….something like that.


    I got jumped by lady boys like a duffas and very body laughed at me even the onlookers .I am basically a dickhead who asked for it .My wife looks like a lady boy to but has yet to jump me.

  • soidog

    Maybe he is a first timer that believed the Land Of Smiles and Paradise lies.If the ladyboy
    is caught he can just peel off a 100 to pay the fine.

  • Francesco Scecherafaroscechera

    Police in pattaya should do his job without advertising, tourists come to relax and have fun, but pattaya for a few years is becoming a tourist city violent against tourists.

    From time immemorial the tourists do not touch, tourists are a resource for tourism.

  • P.G.

    and 2000 baht.

  • cliwe

    Just take the away!
    Difficult or?

  • Honda Wave

    I won’t walk down certain soi’s because they are such a nuisance. They get way to close and try to grab at you. I say no thanks in thai to them multiple times and they just don’t seem to get it. I don’t care who they are man or woman they are too close and need to back off. If your that close I think you are trying pick my pocket and want you away from me. They really are a downside to Pattaya.

  • Jock

    Stupid comment…

  • ME

    I don’t paint Thais or anyone else with the same brush.

  • trevor1976

    pete when you holiday in pattaya you need a little bit more than you can spend in case of emergency,meet a few extra ladies etc.always always always don t come on a strict budget.keep saving that bit longer until you have enough.i speak from experience

  • aussie jeff

    dumb comment

  • garyc

    the ladyboys should all be exterminated, but 300 euros to finish the holidays on 17th october is really living lightly.. It’s not even holidays at this stage..

  • Jim Soi Excite Cooper

    Well old guy, If you hang around ladyboys in the early hours of the morning on Beach Rd the chances are you’re going to get robbed

  • Enough is enough

    perhaps it was 2000 Dollars ^^

  • mikeyj

    Its not a lot of money,i come to pattaya and budget on 3000 aus for 10 days (not including hotel) and stay soi LK Metro no problem up there,never been to walking street and would never be on beach road late

  • andy

    First holiday, first day I was robbed by beach road ladyboy 20 000 Baht. I toke it as a lesson, for which I’m grateful. I’m still coming here for holiday, why not?

    12000 Baht for 3 weeks = 570 Baht per day. If he’s not drinking and not going with girls I can imagine that. Otherwise…..?????

  • John Knights

    Think I spend that in a day…

  • John Knights

    300 Euros to last 3 weeks. Spend more living at home. And that’s normal bills and food costs.

  • John Knights

    Thought that was quite good, but then I like daft jokes..

  • John Knights

    I don’t believe this story at all. So he’s down to his last 300 euros and takes the whole lot out with him that night. More like the dirty old bugger has spent it all and is looking for a bit sympathy and a borrow to get back home, or hopes the hotel or condo owner takes pity on him. Nice try grandad..

  • Maverick

    At least it’s a comment relating to the story … unlike your stupid troll comment!

  • Victor

    Personally I almost never spend more than 500 baht a day in Pattaya (not including my room) but then again I only drink one or at most 2 beers a night and if I take a lady from the street, never pay more than 200, 250 baht tops for short time and make it clear I only want 15 minutes, so I find many of the street ladies are willing to accept that seeing as I always treat them well and talk very nice to them, treat them as friends. In 3 months I never spent more than 700 in a day.