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Pattaya recovers after Wet and Wild Songkran Festival

20th April, 2014
Thousands converged on Pattaya on Saturday to celebrate the Songkran Festival which saw the closure of Pattaya Beach Road to ensure that revelers could enjoy the entertainment provided without the fear of passing cars, trucks and motorbikes. It was...

Songkran Festival reveler shot in North Pattaya

20th April, 2014
As the Pattaya Songkran Festival was beginning to wind-down on Saturday evening, Pattaya Police were called to the North-end of Pattaya Third Road to investigate a shooting. The incident occurred in front of Soi 2 on Third Road and...

Mystery surrounds suspected suicide in East Pattaya

20th April, 2014
On Saturday Morning Banglamung Police were called to a small village in East Pattaya to investigate the apparent suicide of a resident. At the scene was the body of Khun Prajom aged 53, who lived alone. Nearby was an...

Mystery of abandoned motorbike outside of South Pattaya Naked Sushi Restaurant

18th April, 2014
On Thursday Afternoon Police were called to the front of a popular Naked Sushi Restaurant in South Pattaya to investigate reports of an abandoned motorbike which had remained at the location for 46 days. Police arrived at the restaurant...

Man arrested for assault after North Pattaya crash and road rage incident

18th April, 2014
On Thursday Morning Police were called to the North Pattaya Intersection on the Sukhumvit Road to investigate a minor road crash which resulted in an alleged assault on one of the drivers. Police arrived at the location and detained...

Japanese Businessman robbed of gold necklace in North Pattaya

17th April, 2014
In the early hours of Thursday a Japanese Businessman from Bangkok reported the theft of a 100,000 Baht Gold Necklace as he walked back to his Hotel in North Pattaya. Mr. Seiji Matsuzaki aged 69, an Executive Director of...

Alcohol Bans and Road closures planned for Pattaya Songkran Festival

16th April, 2014
The Deputy Pattaya Police Chief announced on Tuesday, plans to ensure that law & order is maintained during the Pattaya Songkran Festival, which effectively begins on the 18th and finishes on the night of 19th, this coming Friday and...

Attempted Necklace Theft from Chinese Tourist in Central Pattaya

16th April, 2014
One of three suspected necklace snatch suspects were overpowered by a group of Chinese Tourists on Tuesday Afternoon who were on their way to enjoy the Songkran Festival Water Fighting in North Pattaya. Mr. Ten Chin Lan aged 35...

Songkran-related Drain-hole Cover theft in North Pattaya

16th April, 2014
Two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon accused of stealing a metal drain-hole cover from a North Pattaya street. The incident was reported by Khun Patsamon aged 37, who also made a video of the two suspects allegedly stealing...

Lèse-majesté Police Complaint against Red Shirt made in Pattaya

14th April, 2014
Over the weekend a group of 30 people made their way to Banglamung Police Station to report a case of defamation against his Majesty The King, which is a criminal offense in Thailand. The allegations relate to a video...

Motorbike and Garbage Truck collide in South Pattaya killing bike driver

14th April, 2014
Early on Sunday Morning a high-speed road crash occurred in South Pattaya involving a Garbage Truck and a motorbike which resulted in the death of the bike driver. Police and rescue services were called to the South Pattaya Road...

Pattaya Songkran Festival Water Fighting begins

14th April, 2014
The Songkran Festival in Thailand is traditionally celebrated between 13th and 15th April, although in Pattaya the official Songkran Festival takes place on 19th April. Despite this, the water fighting has begun. Pattaya Beach, Soi Buakhao and many areas...

Dutch victims of Ladyboy IPhone Snatch in front of South Pattaya Hotel

12th April, 2014
A Dutch couple were involved in an IPhone snatch in front of a South Pattaya Hotel in the early hours of Friday which, luckily for them, resulted in the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of their phone...

Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver found dead in rear of pick-up in Jomtien

12th April, 2014
A Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver, who was known to have been on a 5-6 day “bender” which involved drinking copious amounts of Thai Whisky while consuming virtually no food, was found dead on the back of a pick-up parked...

Bangkok Taxi Driver loses 3,500 Baht in “Foreign fare scam”

12th April, 2014
In the early hours of Saturday a Bangkok Taxi Driver reported a scam which left him 3,500 Baht worse off after he was lured to a Central Pattaya Hotel where he thought he was picking up a 12,000 Baht...

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