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Pattaya Police Pressure to find suspect in Danish Sexual Assault Case

1st October, 2014
Police from three stations around the Pattaya area are combining their resources to find a Thai man wanted in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 23 year old Danish woman, which took place on Saturday. The victim,...

Body of Newborn Baby found on roadside in South Pattaya

1st October, 2014
On Tuesday Night, Police and medics were called to Jomtien Second Road to deal with the gruesome discovery of a newborn baby who had been dead for under one hour, according to investigators. A street refuse collector, Khun Pisit...

Cambodian Security Guard attacked in South Pattaya

1st October, 2014
In the early hours of Tuesday, a Cambodian Security Guard was attacked by a group of Cambodian construction workers in South Pattaya for no apparent reason. The incident occurred in Soi 4 off the Pratamnuk Road where Mr. Duan...

5 Star Hotel Theft from British Guest by Pattaya Bar Girl

29th September, 2014
Over the weekend, the Pattaya Police Chief, announced the arrest of a 40 year old Pattaya Bar Worker, who is alleged to have stolen money from the room safe of a 56 year old British Tourist. The incident occurred...

Disabled Bikers caught-up in Necklace Snatch in Central Pattaya

29th September, 2014
On Sunday Morning in Central Pattaya a Disabled driver and her Disabled friend, who is wheelchair-bound, were subjected to a necklace snatch on a road in Central Pattaya. Khun Sasipan aged 24 was driving her friend, Khun Watidar aged...

Construction Worker found dead at lake in North Pattaya

29th September, 2014
Mystery surrounds the death of a 47 year old Construction Worker, who appears to have died in a 30cm deep lake behind a Cement Factory in North Pattaya. The body of Khun Saman was recovered from the lake located...

Pattaya Immigration Cancel Visa and Deport Dishonest German Beggar

27th September, 2014
It was confirmed on Friday that Immigration Senior Officers cancelled the current visa for the dishonest German Beggar, who was believed to be begging for money during the day and using the money to buy drinks and female companionship...

Foreign Couple caught on CCTV stealing Pick-up in North Pattaya

27th September, 2014
On Friday a couple, believed to be of foreign nationality, are believed to have stolen a parked pick-up which was left with the engine running by its driver. The theft of the Toyota Hilux Pick-up took place close to...

Chinese Tourist reports bag snatch in North Pattaya

27th September, 2014
On Friday Night, a 46 year old Chinese Tourist, accompanied by his Thai Tour Guide, reported a bag snatch which occurred in North Pattaya. Mr. Zhang Jua Dao was part of a small tour group led by Khun Sutidar....

Deportation request for dishonest German Beggar from Pattaya Tourist Police

26th September, 2014
Pattaya’s Tourist Police have requested Immigration to deport a German man who has been begging for money on Pattaya Beach during the day and using the money to purchase drink and prostitutes at night. Mr. Benjamin Holst aged 29,...

Two Russian ATM Card Fraudsters caught by Pattaya Police

26th September, 2014
On Thursday afternoon, Chonburi Transnational Crime Suppression Officers, based at Pattaya Police Station, announced the arrest of two Russian Nationals who were caught attempting to withdraw money from an ATM in Pattaya using cards containing stolen bank account information....

Grenade attack on South Pattaya house reported to Pattaya Police

26th September, 2014
On Thursday Night a 33 year old man reported a possible grenade attack on his house located in the Pratamnuk Hill area. Khun Pacharapon, who lives in Soi 6 off the Pratamnuk Road, told Police that he thinks he...

Scottish Suicide at South Pattaya Condominium

25th September, 2014
On Wednesday Afternoon, the body of a 27 year old British National was found in his rented apartment in South Pattaya. The body of Mr. Michael John White from Glasgow, Scotland, was discovered by Security Guards at the Condominium...

Two arrested following recent armed robbery at East Pattaya Herbal Shop

25th September, 2014
Nongprue Police announced on Wednesday that they had arrested two men in Nakhon Sawan Province in Central Thailand, in relation to the recent armed robbery and attempted murder of three women inside an East Pattaya Herbal Shop. Police Major...

“Flashing” Serial Underwear Thief caught in Central Pattaya

24th September, 2014
Pattaya Police received a call from the manager of a massage shop after a Thai Man exposed himself to her before driving off, as she sat in front of her shop. The man was intercepted by Police in Soi...

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