Shots fired during armed robbery at East Pattaya Herbal Shop

Three women were lucky to escape with their lives on Friday Evening following an armed robbery at a Herbal Shop in East Pattaya after shots were fired by one of the assailants in their direction.

The incident occurred at the Best Form Thai Herbal Shop off Soi Neun Plun Wab close to the Chalong Market. Khun Sirirat aged 30, the business owner and her Mother, Khun Lookchin aged 63 along with a shop worker, Khun Chalisar aged 33 sustained head injuries after one of the robbers shot in their direction after they were told to kneel on the ground and face away from him.

The two suspects arrived on a motorbike and drew guns as they entered the shop. The victims were forced to open a safe which contained a 40,000 Baht gold necklace and a 10,000 Baht gold ring along with 20,000 Baht in cash. An IPhone was also taken by the men.

CCTV images of the men is now in the hands of Police as they urgently attempt to locate and arrest them before they strike again. One of the men is thought to be a disgruntled former employer, known only as “Mr Tan”.

Body of man found on Pattaya Beach close to Walking Street

On Friday Morning Police were called to Pattaya Beach close to the entrance of Walking Street to investigate reports of a body which was floating face-down in the water, close to the old pier.

The body was recovered and was described as a pale skinned Thai male aged in his forties. He was wearing combat shoes and blue trousers and a T-Shirt was found nearby which suggested the man may be or may have been a Police Volunteer at Suvanarbumi Airport in Bangkok.

The man was carrying no forms of identification and is thought to have died approximately 5-6 hours prior to the discovery.

Police suspect the man may have worked as a Security Guard somewhere in Pattaya and may have fallen off the sea wall into the water at High Tide. He may have been intoxicated or may have suffered an acute medical problem, according to Police.

The body has been sent for a post-mortem examination as Police try to identify the man so his family can be informed of his demise.

Pattaya Business & Tourism Association Chairman involved in road crash

In the early hours of Thursday, the Chairman of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association was involved in a road crash involving his Mercedes Benz and a stationary coach.

No injuries were reported although the Benz suffered extensive front-end damage during the impact. It’s driver, Khun Tanaert, refused to explain his actions to the gathered press and the coach driver, Khun Anuchit, confirmed his vehicle was parked on the side of the Sukhumvit Road just after the South Pattaya Road junction.

He saw the Benz approach and hit his coach at full speed with no attempts to break prior to the impact. Police are investigating.

CCTV captures theft from North Pattaya Hotel by employee

In the early hours of Thursday, Pattaya Police were called to a Hotel in North Pattaya, to investigate reports of an employee stealing money.

The incident occurred at the YJ Hotel situated at the Northern end of Pattaya Third Road, and was reported by Khun Achira aged 24, who arrived at work to relieve the evening Receptionist, Khun Suparak aged 28, who had already disappeared.

A check of the CCTV revealed the man had stolen money and left at 8.45pm, over 2 hours before his shift was due to end. A total of 11,500 Baht was taken by the man who had only been employed for a day.

A check by Police revealed the man is wanted on a number of arrest warrants relating to similar crimes and are now searching for him as a matter of urgency.

Kratom Leaf arrest in North Pattaya

Pattaya Police called in the Army as back-up on Thursday afternoon as they dealt with an unruly man who refused to stop causing a public nuisance. To add to his problems, the man was caught with a Kratom Leaf which is illegal to possess in Thailand.

The incident occurred in front of the Regent Marina Hotel in North Pattaya, just after 1pm. Initially a single Police Officer was called to the area after complaints were made about two men, who were sitting and drinking with motorbike taxi drivers, in front of the Hotel. They were playing loud music and appeared heavily intoxicated.

Initially the two men refused to stop after a request by the Police Officer so he decided to call in Army back-up who stopped the men upon their arrival. A search of both men was made and a Kratom leaf was found to be in the possession of Khun Paisan aged 45. He was arrested along with his friend, Khun Somkid aged 44. Both were charged with public nuisance offenses and Khun Paisan was additionally charged in relation to possessing the Kratom Leaf.

Allegations of mistreatment made against Pattaya Police

On Wednesday the Mother of a 28 year old man, who is currently facing attempted murder charges, reported alleged mistreatment of her son by Pattaya Police after he was refused Hospital treatment for serious injuries sustained during the incident in question.

Khun Narubon aged 45 requested the local media to highlight the case involving her son, Khun Wachira aged 28, who works at the Happy Fool Karaoke Bar in South Pattaya. He had been in dispute with a fellow worker at the bar for some time and on Tuesday, Khun Wachira was allegedly assaulted by the other man and 12 other accomplices.

During the altercation, one of the attackers produced a knife which Khun Wachira was able to take from the man. He then frantically waved the weapon around in self-defense. At this point Police came and arrested Khun Wachira despite him claiming to be the victim.

Khun Wachira was seriously injured and, according to his Mother, needed urgent medical attention. Instead he was placed in a cell at Pattaya Police Station and due to the seriousness of the crime he was refused Bail. He was also refused Hospital treatment as Police claimed they had no one to escort him to a medical facility.

Khun Narubon pleaded with Police to offer her son medical treatment and on Wednesday Night he was taken to Hospital. Doctors determined he had a fractured eye socket and needed to be transferred to Chonburi Hospital for specialist care. Instead he was taken to the Pattaya Remand Prison where he remains for now, despite the serious injury.

The Pattaya Police Chief is now looking into the incident as a matter of urgency but for now the injured man remains behind bars.

Bomb Scare at house of Banglamung District Chief

On Wednesday afternoon, Bomb Disposal Officers were called to the house of the Banglamung District Chief after a suspicious casket was found left in front of the residence.

The item was taken to Banglamung Police Station and appeared to be a casket containing the ashes of Mr. Franz Koberl, who passed away on 2nd April 2014 and was cremated in Ronsberg, Germany on 7th April 2014, according to the label on the casket.

For now, Police are baffled as to why the casket was left in front of the District Chief’s House in Naklua. They are now in contact with the German Embassy in Bangkok as they try to solve the mystery of the abandoned casket.

Two seriously injured in another Pattaya Highway 7 Overpass Crash

In yet another serious road crash on the overpass leading to Highway 7 in Central Pattaya, the driver and passenger on a motorbike were seriously injured following a collision with a pick-up.

Police and medics rushed to the scene, in the early hours of Tuesday, and attended to the injured bike driver and passenger who were not carrying any forms of identification.

The driver of the pick-up, Khun Egachai aged 26, was not hurt, despite extensive damage to the front-end of his vehicle. He explained to Police that he was driving up the entrance ramp to Highway 7 and claimed to be driving at a normal rate of speed and as he entered a sharp right-hand curve at the top of the ramp, he collided with the motorbike which was travelling in the wrong direction at a high rate of speed.

Police investigators examined the scene and confirmed that tyre marks suggested the bike was travelling at a high rate of speed. Police also believe the driver may have been intoxicated although this has yet to be proven correct.

No further action was taken against the pick-up driver as Police wait to speak with the injured men who remain in unconscious states in Hospital for now.

Pattaya Immigration arrest 23 illegal workers at Karaoke Bar

In the early hours of Tuesday, Immigration Officers based in Pattaya, conducted an undercover operation at a Karaoke Bar in Sriracha District which was alleged to be employing foreign workers who were not in possession of work permits.

A raid of the Chai Isara Karaoke Bar took place after two officers, posing as customers, went inside, and determined that the bar was staffed only by illegal foreign nationals.

Immigration Officers detained a total of 23 illegal foreign workers, consisting of 10 Vietnamese females and 13 females from the Democratic Republic of Laos. All possessed passports but did not have visas which permitted them to seek employment in Thailand.

The 23 foreign women were first taken to the Immigration Office in Jomtien and were later transferred to Laem Chabang Police Station for further legal proceedings. All are likely to be deported back to their native countries as soon as possible.

16 Illegal Gamblers caught at Central Pattaya Apartment.

Pattaya Police received a tip-off on Monday Night that an illegal gambling event was taken place at a Central Pattaya Apartment complex. A subsequent raid saw 16 people arrested and later charged with gambling offenses.

Initially Police experienced difficulties entering the complex as it was protected by a Key Card Entry System. Eventually they entered and made their way to a 3rd floor apartment and found 9 men and 7 women inside playing the popular dice game “Hi-Low” for money, which contravenes Thailand’s strict Anti-Gambling Laws.

Evidence including a Game-board, dice and a quantity of money were seized and taken into evidence. Khun Sumorn aged 61 was identified as the organizer of the event and Khun Tanapon aged 42 was found to be the owner of the apartment. Both received additional charges relating to the alleged crime.

Belgian arrested in Pattaya on charges of Blackmail

Over the weekend a 50 year old Belgian was arrested by Region 2 Police in connection with a case originating from Khon Kaen in the North-East of Thailand, relating to allegations of Blackmail.

It is alleged that Mr. Raymond Humblet was seeing a woman from Khon Kaen and took sexually explicit photos of her which he then threatened to put on the internet unless she paid him money.

The woman complained to the Paveena Foundation in Bangkok who in-turn informed Khon Kaen Police who then arranged for an arrest warrant to be issued for Mr. Humblet.

He was tracked down to Pattaya and was arrested at the JP Mansions Apartments in South Pattaya on the strength of arrest warrant number 285/2557 dated 27th August and issued by the Khon Kaen Provincial Court.

Mr. Humblet’s room was searched and a bag of the class 5 drug Marijuana was found and on his computer many sexually explicit photos of women were also found.

Mr. Humblet was later charged with possession of a class 5 drug and will soon be sent to Khon Kaen Police in relation to the Blackmail allegations.

Burmese Man drowns in boating accident 18 miles off the Pattaya coast

On Sunday Morning an overturned fishing boat was recovered and the body of one of the crew was discovered close to the Engine Room.

The incident occurred 5 Nautical Miles off the coast of Pai Island and 18 Nautical Miles from Pattaya. The boat “Rungtaveesup 9” had 8 crew and left Pattaya on 4th September.

Due to heavy seas and stormy conditions, the boat overturned and 7 of the crew were able to swim to safety and were recovered by another vessel. The 8th crew member, Mr. Kit aged 38 from Myanmar, was lost and presumed drowned until the vessel was recovered on Sunday when the body of the man was found.

A full investigation by Marine Police and the Marine Department of Pattaya is now underway.

Parents of murdered woman in North Pattaya report to Police

Over the weekend the Parents of the murdered 28 year old woman, whose Husband is prime suspect, reported to Pattaya Police to offer more of an insight into the lives of the couple prior to the incident.

The pair revealed to Investigators that the reason for their daughter, Khun Achara, visiting Pattaya, was to collect 5 Million Baht from her Husband. She was asked to bring her Bank Book to deposit the funds which allegedly related to a Boat Business he was involved in with his Step-Mother.

She went to Pattaya and the parents became concerned after they lost contact with their daughter, which ultimately led to the discovery of her body by a friend of the victim’s Brother. They then allegedly received a text message from the Husband who confessed to the murder.

Police were told that the real name of the suspect is Khun Supachai and not Khun Adun. It is thought he has been using a fake ID card according to the couple’s Son, who has worked with the suspect at an Indian Tour Company for some years.

Police are no closer to catching the suspect for now as they continue the murder investigation.

Initial Story:

Husband prime suspect in murder of Wife in North Pattaya

On Friday afternoon the body of a 28 year old woman was found in the apartment of her Husband in North Pattaya. He is now on the run and wanted by Police for murder.

Police were called to the Pachawan Place Apartments in North Pattaya on Friday following the discovery of the body of Khun Achara. It appeared she had been strangled and was also smothered by a floor mat. It was estimated she had been dead for at least 5 hours according to a Forensic Doctor.

The body was found by Khun Pacharagiti aged 34, a friend of the victim’s Brother, who was concerned after his sister failed to answer the phone. He lives outside of Pattaya and asked his friend to check the apartment of Khun Adun, a Pattaya Tour Guide and the victim’s Husband, who lives apart from his wife. She was visiting Khun Adun and normally lives in Phayao Province in North Thailand where she cares for their young child.

Police named Khun Adun as the prime suspect in the murder case after he sent a text message to the victim’s Mother confessing to the murder and confirming he would give himself up to Police soon. For now he remains at large and is now the subject of a manhunt by Pattaya Police.

Fugitive Fruit Vendor caught by Police in South Pattaya

Police and Army personnel arrested a 25 year old Fruit Vendor on Friday who was wanted on 3 arrest warrants, two relating to drugs and the other for assault on a Pattaya City Security Officer.

On 2nd August at 9pm, Khun Bunyar entered into a fight with a Security Officer, Khun Wichan aged 54, at the Bali Hai Port at the South end of Pattaya Beach after the Fruit Vendor was asked to move away from the area in accordance with local regulations.

The situation escalated to a fight where the officer was allegedly punched multiple times by the vendor who was able to leave the scene before back-up for the officer arrived.

The incident was reported to Pattaya Police who issued an arrest warrant for the suspect who was also found to be wanted on two other warrants relating to historical drug offences.

On Friday Morning the Police and Army team located and arrested the suspect at a South Pattaya apartment. He confirmed his identity and accepted that the warrants were issued in his name.

Khun Bunyar is now being held on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Finnish Drug Dealing Suspect caught by Pattaya Police

In the early hours of Thursday the arrest of a Thai woman, caught with a small quantity of Ecstasy tablets led to the arrest of a Finnish National who was caught with 1,000 of the tablets at his South Pattaya apartment.

Police were on patrol in the Soi Buakhao area when they saw a woman acting in a suspicious manner outside of a 24 hour convenience store. This particular area is known for drug activity which prompted Police to approach and search the woman, Khun Chalermluk aged 27.

She was found to be in possession of 5 Ecstasy Tablets and was quick to inform Police that she purchased the drugs from a Finnish National who resides in South Pattaya. A police team went to the location and detained Mr. Tomi Pekka Langstedt aged 28 pending a search of his apartment. The search uncovered 1,000 Ecstasy Tablets.

At Pattaya Police Station Mr. Langstedt claimed he purchased the drugs from a Thai Bar owner called Khun Lek at a price of 250 Baht per tablet with the intention of selling on the tablets for between 700 and 1000 Baht to Thai and foreign customers.

Both suspects were charged with class 1 drug offenses with Mr. Langstedt receiving an additional charge of possession with intent to supply a class 1 drug.

British National admits to deceiving Pattaya Police in street robbery case

A 48 year old British National was charged with providing a false statement to a Royal Thai Police Officer in the early hours of Thursday after he claimed to have been robbed, at knifepoint, in North Pattaya.

Mr. Jaysuka Sudra presented himself at Pattaya Police Station just before 2am and claimed to have been robbed at knifepoint by two Thai youths as he walked down Soi 2 towards Pattaya Beach after leaving his Hotel.

During the robbery he claimed to have been forced to hand over a wrist watch, 20,000 Baht in cash, a mobile phone and a digital camera with a combined value of approximately 100,000 Baht.

Police became suspicious after he started to change the version of events as a Police Report was prepared. Further investigations took place as Police attended the scene and spoke with people nearby the scene of the alleged robbery. They claimed to know nothing of the incident and did not see the complainant.

Police decided to check the room of Mr. Sudra where all of the items that were supposedly taken were found. He then confessed to fabricating the incident so he could claim the money off his travel insurance. Police charged him with making a false statement and the case will now go to Court.

Chinese victim of Pattaya Beach street robbery

On Wednesday a 21 year old Chinese Tourist reported a bag snatch which occurred as she rode her bike with a friend on Pattaya Beach.

Miss Meng Yin Qi and her friend reported the alleged crime at Pattaya Police Station where she confirmed losing her shoulder bag which contained a Digital Camera, 2,000 Baht in cash, a mobile phone and her Passport. She was due to fly back to China on Thursday and broke down in tears as she realized her return would have to be delayed due to the lack of a Travel Document.

To add to her problems, as she drove to the Police Station she was involved in a road accident which left her uninjured but more distraught. She praised the efforts of a Motorbike Taxi Driver who took her and her friend to Pattaya Police Station.

The incident was confirmed by a number of witnesses who were later questioned by Police Investigators. The hunt for the two assailants is now underway.

Hunt for Pattaya Human Trafficking suspect and “Immigrant Protector”

On Tuesday a team of District Government Officials supported by the Army were on the hunt for a woman, accused of trafficking Vietnamese Illegal Immigrants and forcing them to pay her to protect them as they work illegally in Pattaya.

Khun Sakchai, the Chief of Banglamung District led the operation which aimed to arrest Khun Wiganda also known as “Jae Jeab”. It was suspected she was organizing teams of Vietnamese Illegal Immigrants to be transported into Pattaya. She would charge them 2,000 Baht each which would cover their visa applications and “protection” during their stay in Pattaya.

Initially Officers visited her residence in Soi Bongkot, Central Pattaya. She was not there but a man named Khun Sukhum aged 30, was there and claimed to be her driver.

Initially he claimed to have no knowledge of the allegations brought against her but eventually confessed to assisting Khun Wiganda with transporting Vietnamese workers into Pattaya . A search of the house uncovered many cartons of cigarettes and a large quantity of US Dollar currency which was seized and taken into evidence.

He then led Officers to a Visa and Travel Company in Soi Baukhao which was closed and access to the building was not possible. At the same time back at the house a Vietnamese man arrived, Mr. Gaew, but claimed to know nothing until he received a call from Khun Wiganda which was heard by officers. She was asking Mr. Gaew if the officers had arrived yet, suggesting she had received advance warning of their visit from someone.

Mr. Gaew confessed that he was responsible for over 100 Vietnamese workers in Pattaya and would collect the 2,000 Baht from them upon their arrival. They would mostly work as street vendors in the South Pattaya entertainment zone, which includes Walking Street.

Finally officers checked the Anaeg Apartments in soi Thai-Udom in North Pattaya where many of the Vietnamese workers were known to reside. Checks on those present were made and everyone, apart from two men, were able to provide valid passports and ID’s and were not arrested.

It is suspected the main target is being protected by Police and is currently still at-large.

Turk arrested for shoplifting women’s clothes at Big C Extra, Central Pattaya

Late on Tuesday Night Security Guards at Big C Extra in Central Pattaya apprehended a Turkish man accused of taking items from the store without making an attempt to pay for them.

The suspected shoplifter, Mr. Sam Hedayat aged 64, was taken to Pattaya Police Station along with the stolen items. He is suspected of taking eight pieces of women’s clothing and was initially spotted by one of the Guards acting in a suspicious manner in the ladies clothing section of the store.

He was also reportedly seen placing the clothing items inside his trousers and then attempted to leave the store without paying for them. The total value of the items is approximately 3,000 Baht.

Due to a language barrier communication with Mr. Hedayat was not possible. He was however, charged with theft and locked-up until Wednesday Morning when investigations into the alleged theft will continue.