Frenchman caught up in South Pattaya attempted necklace snatch

A 28 year old Frenchman was lucky not to lose his gold necklace following an attempt at stealing the item by two Thai men, in front of a South Pattaya Hotel on Thursday Morning.

Pattaya Police were made aware of the incident which occurred in front of the PRS Hotel in Soi 17 off Pattaya Third Road, just before 11am.

Officers arrived and met with the victim, Mr. Jean-Christophe Bailly, who had sustained a minor injury to his shoulder but was still in possession of his necklace. Police circulated descriptions of the two men wanted in connection with the case and they were intercepted by officer’s close-by on Pattaya Third Road.

Khun Sakda aged 19 and Khun Pittaya aged 18 were arrested and taken to the victim who formally identified them as the two men involved in the attempted necklace snatch. Both were taken to Pattaya Police Station where it was discovered that Khun Sakda was on bail relating to a similar crime.

Both suspects were charged with aggravated attempted theft and await Court appearances. Mr. Bailly thanked Pattaya Police for their quick response which led to a swift arrest of the suspects.

Armed Robbery at entrance to North Pattaya Condominium

A Security Guard was ordered at gunpoint to hand over his cigarettes and two-way radio late on Thursday Night in front of a North Pattaya Condominium, where he works.

Police were called to the Ananya Beachfront Condominium in Soi 16 off the Naklua Road just before 11.30pm and met with Khun Narai aged 35 who has worked as a Security Guard for 4 years in Pattaya.

He revealed that he was guarding the entrance to the condominium when a group of young men approached him and one of them asked if he could borrow a cigarette.

Khun Narai refused to hand over a cigarette and stressed to the men that the area was private property and smoking at the entrance to the condominium was strictly prohibited. This angered the men who left and then returned with a man who was armed with a gun.

He pointed the weapon at the Security Guard and forced him to handover all the cigarettes he had and his two-way radio. The men then left in the direction of the main Naklua Road.

Police checked Security Cameras at the complex but a clear view of the incident was not available. Despite this officers will attempt to find those responsible, especially the armed man who remains at-large for now.

Four Kuwait Tourists injured in “altercation” with staff from Pattaya Go Kart Track

On Wednesday Night, Police were called to a Go Kart track located in South Pattaya following allegations of an assault by 20 Thai Men on 4 customers from Kuwait.

At the scene, Police spoke with Mr. Aldul Raman Mun Faral ages 20, Mr. Aldulrasis Alfan Almutari ages 20, Mr. Elwalil Tanel Mutali ages 19 and Mr. Fesul San Aimutari ages 18, who had all sustained a variety of minor injuries consistent with a fist fight.

Following a description of events given to them by the victims, Police arrested 3 Thai men at the scene but they denied involvement in the attack despite the men identifying them as being involved.

According to the victims, they had gone to the track and all rented Go Karts, however Mr. Aldul’s Kart appeared to suffer mechanical problems and he summoned the assistance of staff. During a prolonged verbal exchange with staff members, the situation quickly became tense and culminated in a fight between a reported 20 Thai men, all thought to be employees of the track, and the 4 Kuwaiti’s.

Police are currently looking into the details of the encounter which led to the fight before they apportion blame to any of those involved.

Pattaya Police search for Middle-Easterners following theft of money from Russian

Pattaya Police are currently searching for a Middle-Eastern man, woman and child, who are suspected of being involved in the theft of US Dollars from a Russian Tourist outside of a 24 hour convenience store in Naklua early on Wednesday Morning.

Mr. Rinat Safin aged 26 and his partner, made their way to Pattaya Police Station just before 3am on Wednesday to report the incident which occurred in Soi 23 off the Naklua Road.

Mr. Safin told Police that he was about to enter the store when he was approached by a Man, woman and child, who appeared to be of middle-eastern origin. The man asked if he could see some Russian Rubles as he was curious as to how the bank notes looked.

Mr. Safin produced some Rubles but the man asked if he could see the US Dollar Bills which were also inside his wallet.

At one point Mr. Safin handed over his wallet to the man who then returned the wallet before leaving with the woman and child. Mr. Safin entered the store but realized that US Dollars were missing from his wallet, when he came to pay for items at the counter. He ran outside but the middle-easterners were gone.

Mr. Safin claimed that he lost 1,700 US Dollars which was detailed on a Police Report which will be used for an insurance claim when Mr. Safin returns to Russia. For now Police are examining security cameras in the area as they attempt to track-down the suspected thief.

Firearms incident at North Pattaya Pub

In the early hours of Wednesday Pattaya Police were made aware of a shooting which occurred in the car park of a popular Thai Pub at the Northern end of Pattaya 3rd Road.

One man had been detained at the pub located near the Moomaroi Restaurant but he was not the shooter. Khun Prakaipet aged 19 had earlier been ejected from the Pub as he had jumped onto a stage where a band were performing. His friend took offence to his ejection and later returned to the Pub and reportedly shot a gun into the air several times to scare Doormen at the venue.

Police recovered a total of five 9mm bullet casings from the car park and arrested the 19 year old who refused to offer information regarding the location or identity of his friend.

It appears that a physical altercation involving doormen at the Pub, Khun Prakaipet and the shooter took place prior to them being thrown out from the Pub and the shooter vowed to return with a gun and shoot those who forced him and his friend out of the pub.

Police are searching for the shooter at this time.

Foreigner Drowns in waters off Jomtien Beach

On Tuesday Night a foreign man drowned in waters off Jomntien Beach, opposite the entrance to Soi 7.

Police and medics rushed to the scene and CPR was administered to the victim who could not be saved and was pronounced dead-at-the-scene by a Doctor.

The victim, described as “European” in his mid-twenties, was seen earlier entering the water further up the beach in front of Soi 8 and was later dragged from the water onto the beach by members of the public who saw him floating face-down.

Police checked the area and the victim’s trousers and found no forms of identification and have sent him to the Morgue at Banglamung Hospital pending a formal identification of the body.

Police are unsure if the man suffered an acute medical problem which caused the drowning or if there was another reason behind the drowning, and they hope a post mortem examination will uncover the cause.

Woman dies in early morning road crash in North Pattaya

A 33 year old woman was killed and a male motorcyclist, suspected of being drunk, was seriously injured in a late night road crash in North Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday.
The crash occurred outside of the S.N. Apartments at the Northern end of Pattaya Third Road and led to the death of Khun Wilawan aged 33.

According to witnesses, she was on her motorbike and was overtaking a slower-moving car when she was struck head-on by a bike driven by Khun Witsanu aged 24 who sustained a broken leg and arm and a suspected head injury. It was mentioned how he was driving in an erratic manner and Police confirmed the driver was suspected of being intoxicated.

Police will question Khun Witsanu when he is fit to do so but have indicated that the overtake maneuver by the deceased woman appears to have been conducted in an unsafe manner which is a contributing factor to the crash.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend in knife fight at East Pattaya Factory Compound

Police and medics were called to a Wood Factory in East Pattaya on Tuesday evening to deal with a man and woman involved in a drink-fuelled knife fight causing injury to both of them.

The incident occurred at the factory located in Soi Kaotalo just before 6pm and involved Khun Supan aged 30, a JCB driver at the factory and his girlfriend of 3 months, Khun Tanpimon aged 34. Both had sustained knife wounds and facial injuries consistent with a fist fight.

Other workers mentioned to Police that the pair had been drinking all afternoon and began to fight. They suggested the man initiated the fight and attempted to stab the woman who ran into a nearby kitchen and picked up a knife and began to attack the man.
Eventually the pair were broken up and the Police were called.

Police will interview both fighters but no criminal charges have been brought against either of them as yet.

Three Laborers injured in scaffolding collapse at North Pattaya Construction Site

Construction was halted at the site of a new 17-floor, 287 room Hotel in North Pattaya, on Tuesday Morning after a section of scaffolding collapsed injuring 3 Cambodian Laborers.

The site is located in Soi Petragoon and is run by the Vorakit Construction Company, and construction of the high tower has just begun. The injured workers were on the scaffolding working on the 3rd floor when the collapse occurred. Other workers were able to avoid being hit by the falling metal poles.

All 3 Cambodian Workers sustained only minor injuries but the collapse prompted an immediate suspension of works at the site as ordered by the Pattaya City Hall City Planning Department.

It was confirmed by officials that the construction company possessed the correct permits to build the high tower and the correct safety procedures and insurances are in place to offer protection to workers who are injured. The three Cambodian laborers possessed work permits.

The exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation but work is expected to resume on Wednesday.

Norwegian arrested for criminal damage of ATM in Jomtien

On Saturday a 46 year old Norwegian was arrested on Jomtien Beach, accused of criminal damage to an ATM.

Police were called to the entrance of Soi 6 on Jomtien Beach Road on Saturday Night and were confronted by an angry and inebriated Norwegian, Mr. Finn Helge Heggem, who denied allegations relating to the damaged ATM, this despite witnesses who confirmed he caused the damage to the Siam Commercial Bank ATM located outside of a 24 hour convenience store.

Food vendors confirmed that Mr. Heggem had been sitting nearby on steps and had been drinking alcoholic beverages for some time. Drinks were found on the steps as mentioned by the witnesses.

Police decided to check Security Cameras at the convenience store which appeared to show Mr. Heggem cause damage to the ATM. He was arrested and taken to Dongtan Police Sub-Station on Jomtien Beach for further legal proceedings.

At the station he continued to deny causing the damage despite the evidence against him. Police are now in contact with the Bank to see how they wish to proceed with the case.

Canadian Self-Harms in South Pattaya over relationship issues

In the early hours of Saturday, Police and medics were called to the Marine Hotel at the end of Soi 16 off Walking Street to assist a 44 year old Canadian who had reportedly slashed his wrists after he found his girlfriend sitting and drinking with another man.

The victim is Mr. Mehdi Rasekh Ahmadi, a Canadian originally from Iran. He was in a severely distraught state and a knife was found nearby on the road which the victim is thought to have used to self-harm.

It is thought he spotted his Uzbekistani girlfriend sitting in a bar nearby with a middle-eastern man and the pair appeared to be having too much fun considering she was supposedly in a relationship with Mr. Ahmadi.

The victim became highly emotional and was seen to use the knife to cut both his wrists. He was then restrained by members of the public until Police and medics arrived on the scene to assist him.

The victim was taken to Hospital and Police have contacted the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok to see if they can offer any assistance.

Woman accused of stealing IPhone from Iranian at Pattaya Pub

In the early hours of Sunday, Pattaya Police were called to a Pub located on Walking Street which caters for Middle-Eastern customers after a patron claimed one of the service staff stole his IPhone 5.

Police arrived and arrested Khun Kanthima aged 22 and recovered the phone which the suspect confessed to hiding in her locker after removing the phone from a table close to where the victim was sitting.

Police spoke with Mr. Hossein Chandragham aged 24 from Iran, who confirmed the phone was his. He revealed how the suspect had been serving him drinks since he arrived in the Pub and the phone was taken when Mr. Chandragham went to the toilet but left the phone on the table.

At Pattaya Police Station Khun Kanthima was charged with theft of the phone and confessed to seizing on the opportunity to take the phone with the intention of converting it to cash at a later date.

Thai-British Man injured as bullet comes through roof of his Central Pattaya home

On Sunday, a 24 year old man with Thai and British nationality was injured after a stray bullet came through the roof of his house as he slept with his wife and 2 month old child.

Mr. Michael Henry sustained a flesh wound to his right leg and first went to Hospital and then went to Pattaya Police Station where he claimed that Police seemed disinterested in the case and refused to send a Police Officer to his house to investigate the potentially deadly incident.

Mr. Henry lives at the Sundeep Villas in Soi Sophon in Central Pattaya and was awoken at 2am by the sound of gun fire. He then felt a sharp pain to his right leg and realized he had been hit by a bullet. The empty casing was retrieved by Mr. Henry who took the item to the Police Station as evidence of the serious incident.

Mr. Henry is concerned that individuals with firearms who wish to show-off to friends by shooting into the air don’t realize that the bullets can still cause harm as demonstrated by this incident.

Mr. Henry hopes that by highlighting the case in the local media, Police will now investigate the incident.

Ladyboy Show Performer killed in South Pattaya Road crash

A Ladyboy Show performer, who was driving home with his friend after finishing work at a well-known Ladyboy Show Theatre, was killed as his bike was rear-ended by a high powered bike being driven at-speed.

The driver of the high powered bike and the passenger on the deceased’s bike were seriously injured and taken to Hospital after the crash which occurred on the Tepprasit Road.

Khun Wuttinan and Khun Sirikit both work at the Coliseum Show Theatre on the Tepprasit Road and were driving home and slowed to cross over the main road into a side road when they were rear-ended by the High powered bike driven by Khun Panya aged 21.

Witnesses confirmed the large bike was being driven at a high rate of speed and he failed to see the bike driven by the performers, which had slowed to a complete stop.

Police will look to question Khun Panya when he is fit to do so and we understand he will likely be charged with causing death by reckless driving.

Pattaya Street Robbery Gang arrested by Banglamung Police

A group of 4 young men, thought to be responsible for a spate of street robberies which have occurred in the Pattaya and Banglamung areas, were arrested by Police over the weekend, who also seized guns and motorbikes belonging to the gang members.

Police Major General Nittipong, the Commander of Chonburi Provincial Police, confirmed he had received urgent orders from Police Lieutenant General Tanaert, the Region 2 Police Commissioner, to locate and arrest these gangs as the numbers of street robberies in the Pattaya area is on the rise.

Banglamung Police were able to track this particular gang and arrested Khun Saifah aged 21, Khun Pirapong aged 19 and two 16 year old boys who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Three 38 caliber handguns with bullets were seized as were their motorbikes. The gang confessed to committing 1 armed robbery in Pattaya, 5 in Banglamung and 6 in the Sriracha District area and would convert the stolen items to cash which they would use to purchase drugs and fund nights out with friends.

The General warned Thai and Foreign Nationals to exercise caution should they decide to wear expensive jewelry in public or decide to carry large quantities of cash as similar gangs are active in the area at this time.

Confusion over firearms incident involving Chinese Tourists in North Pattaya

There is confusion over what really happened when two groups of Chinese Tour Guides, some legal and others unlicensed, came to blows at a restaurant close to a popular North Pattaya Hotel catering for Chinese Tourists, in the early hours of Friday.

Police were called to the restaurant located next to the Chonchan Resort on the Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya just before 1.30am. At the scene was an injured tour guide, Khun Somjit aged 25, who works for the VLC Tour Company. His injuries were consistent with a punch to the face. He confirmed he had been in a fight with another group of guides over the loudness of music they were playing at the Restaurant. A fight spilled outside the restaurant onto the street and moments later a car pulled up and a man armed with a gun allegedly fired at Khun Somjit and his friends and the shooter then held a gun to the head of a Chinese Tourist also at the restaurant. This led to over 20 Chinese Tourists deciding to checkout from the Hotel as they feared for their lives.

Later on Friday, the alleged shooter, Khun Kittiwin aged 23, a restaurant owner from Larn Island off the coast of Pattaya, gave himself up to Banglamung Police and brought with him his licensed firearm which was seized pending further investigations. His story of the encounter was entirely different to Khun Somjit.

The restauranteur claimed he was called to the restaurant by his brother who reported being attacked inside the restaurant by Khun Somjit and his friends. When Khun Kittiwin arrived he attempted to break-up the fight which had spilled onto the street by shooting 3 times into the air. He also mentioned that Khun Somjit’s group were armed with knives.

Khun Kittiwin denies allegations he held a gun to the head of a Chinese Tourist.

Police charged Khun Kittiwin with improper use of his firearm in a public place pending further enquiries which could see others involved in the fracas, charged with criminal offences.

1 dead, 15 injured in horrific East Pattaya Road Crash

One man was killed and 15 others were seriously injured, including one man who suffered a traumatic amputation of his foot, in a late-night road crash on the notoriously dangerous Highway 36 in the Eastern outskirts of Pattaya on Thursday Night.

The crash occurred close to the Naklua slip-road and involved an 18-wheel truck carrying steel girders and a coach transporting factory workers home. The dead man was a factory worker who was thrown from the coach and was crushed by the steel girders which came off the truck’s trailer during the collision.

Police Investigators determined the coach, operated by the Auto Alliance Company based in Rayong Province, was in the process of undertaking a U-turn maneuver after dropping off some workers in the Khao Mai Kaew area. The next stop was Pattaya but the coach went no further after it was struck side-on by the 18-wheel truck which could not stop in-time.

The fate of the truck driver is unknown, but the driver of the coach, Khun Doon aged 52 was arrested pending further enquiries.

Foreigner beaten unconscious over bill payment issue at North Pattaya Beer Bar

Late on Monday Night, a foreign national thought to be aged in his mid-thirties, was beaten unconscious by Security Guards and Motorbike Taxi Drivers, over a presumed non-payment of a bar bill, even though the foreigner intended to pay the bill but needed to use a nearby ATM to withdraw money to settle the debt.

The incident occurred at the V.I.P. Beer Bar Complex located on the Naklua Road and left the foreign man with head-injuries. The incident occurred outside of the Honey Beer Bar at the front of the complex where the victim was drinking. His final bill was 1,300 Baht but he only had 600 Baht in his pocket. He informed bar workers that he would cross the street and use an ATM where he would withdraw the additional 700 Baht to settle the bill.

As he left, Security Guards, who appeared to misunderstand the situation, shouted at the man to return but he continued to walk across the road. One of the guards then struck the victim over the head. A group of motorbike taxi drivers stationed nearby were called in to assist the guards, who then collectively assaulted the man until he was rendered unconscious.

A total of 6 Thai men are thought to have been involved in the assault. When Police arrived, they were able to arrest one of the Security Guards while the other attackers fled the scene prior to Police arriving. We understand the Guard has been released without charge after the foreign victim decided not to file a Police Complaint regarding the assault on him.

Police are keen to speak with the suspected attackers as soon as possible but for now they remain at-large and will likely not be prosecuted as the victim refused treatment in Hospital and walked away before Police could question him.

Police uncover illegal slot machine manufacturer in East Pattaya

Armed with a search warrant, Police Colonel Pramot, the new Chief of Nongprue Police, with a team of officers, conducted a raid on a factory suspected of manufacturing and distributing unlicensed slot machines.

The raid took place on Monday afternoon at a factory belonging to the Asia Fortuna Electronics Company. At the time of the raid, an Austrian National, known only as Mr. Sakkho aged 45, appeared to be in control of the factory and was detained.

A total of 50 electronic slot machines were found along with components with a combined value of over 1.5 Million Baht and the Police Investigation determined the company is owned by a German National who would import components for slot machines and assemble them in the factory. However, the machines are believed to have been sold on the “Black Market” in Thailand, according to Police Investigators.

Police are now looking to speak with the German owner of the company and for now they have seized the machines and arrested the Austrian found there during the raid, pending further enquiries.

Pattaya Police investigate British Couple’s second House Fire in 2 weeks

For the second time in 2 weeks a British couple’s luxury South Pattaya home sustained damage following a fire which is thought to have been caused as a result of an earlier argument between the pair.

In the early hours of 5th January, Pattaya Firefighters were called to the two-storey house in Soi Kasetsin 11 in the Pratamnuk Hill area to deal with a fire on the 1st floor, which is thought to have been caused by a lit cigarette left on a mattress, after a party had left the occupants heavily intoxicated.

Late on Sunday Night, another fire occurred at the house, this time in a ground floor bedroom. Once again a mattress was set-alight and Police suspect that the occupants were involved in a serious argument as glass windows and doors had been smashed as well.

Police met with Mr. Steven Brewster aged 49 and his partner Miss Louise Morrison aged 43, who both appeared intoxicated. Mr. Brewster decided to leave after Miss Morrison became abusive towards firefighters and journalists.

The exact cause of the fire and other damage in the house is not known but neighbors told Police that they are concerned that the next argument could be more serious and may impact on their properties, especially if there are further fires.

Police are investigating but have not arrested anyone in connection with the incident for now.

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