4 injured in car and motorbike road crash in North Pattaya

On Wednesday afternoon a serious road crash occurred at the North Pattaya Junction on the Sukhumvit Road resulting in four injuries, 2 of the injured have been described as sustaining serious life-changing injuries.

The crash involved a Red Ford Focus driven by Khun Rungrern aged 21 with his girlfriend Khun Piyawan aged 20 riding as passenger. The car driver escaped with relatively minor injuries but the passenger sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Hospital.

Nearby, lying on the road, was the bike driver, Khun Nuttapon aged 27, and he had sustained a broken leg and suspected internal injuries and was also rushed to Hospital.
50 meters down the road was a seriously injured pedestrian, Khun Somree aged 31 who was struck by the out-of-control motorbike after it collided with the car.

According to witnesses, the car went through a red traffic light and struck the motorbike side-on, although the car driver claimed the traffic light was still flashing orange and he was permitted to cross the junction.

Police are investigating and will examine CCTV to determine if the car driver was at-fault.

10 Million Baht Car Rental Scam reported to Sattahip Police

Victims of a 10 Million Baht Car Rental Scam reported the alleged crime to Sattahip Police on Wednesday and it is thought that 23 vehicles are involved in the case.

The group of more than 10 car owners reported to Police that a woman named as Khun Patsaraporn aged 45, had approached the car owners and told them that if they gave their vehicles to her she would take them to Pattaya and rent them to foreign tourists. She guaranteed a minimum rental income of 25,000 Baht per car per month.

The car owners signed contracts and handed over their cars, but never received any rental income and when they tried to contact the woman, her phone was turned off and she had moved out of her house located in the Sattahip area.

Police are in possession of Khun Patsarapon’s Thai ID card and are in the process of issuing an arrest warrant for her. For now she remain at-large.

Russian found dead in Central Pattaya Hotel Room

On Tuesday Morning Police and medics were called to a Hotel in Central Pattaya to investigate the death of a 45 year old Russian man inside his Hotel Room.

Officers arrived at the Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel in Soi Buakhao and were directed to room number 616 on the 6th floor. Lying face-down on the bed was the body of Mr. Mikhail Petrochenko.

Police spoke with Hotel Staff who confirmed the victim had checked into the Hotel on 30th November and was due to checkout early on Tuesday Morning. He failed to do so and a cleaner found him lying dead on the bed.

Police found no obvious signs of foul play and were told by staff that Mr. Petrochenko was seen to drink heavily on a daily basis during his stay at the Hotel.

Police suspect the cause of death was alcohol poisoning but will wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they close the case. The Russian Embassy in Bangkok are aware of the death and are in contact with the man’s family in Russia at this time.

Social Media fraudster arrested by Police in East Pattaya

A 22 year old Ladyboy was arrested by Nongprue Police on Tuesday Night accused of fraudulently obtaining money online from people who thought the Ladyboy was a female model.

Police Colonel Suttisak, the Chief of Nongprue Police, received information from victims of the social media scammer, who used the LINE app under the nickname “Miki Mobal” to request money from unsuspecting men who thought they were sending money to a female model to assist her in her modelling career and to eventually meet her and begin a relationship.

In fact they were speaking to the Ladyboy who was sharing money sent to her with a number of friends who would purchase illegal drugs with the proceeds.

Police determined the suspect was living at the Billy Place Apartments in Soi Nongrabok in East Pattaya and were able to arrest him on Tuesday Night. In his possession was a Yabba Tablet and a drug test confirmed he had recently ingested methamphetamine.

The suspect claimed he had cheated over 50 victims and had been operating for more than 3 years. Initially Police charged him with possession of a class 1 drug pending formal statements from victims of the suspect which are due to be completed in the coming days.

Korean falls to his death from high-rise condominium in Sriracha

Police and medics were called to a hi-rise condominium in Sriracha District on Tuesday Night to deal with a 45 year old Korean who had fallen from the 18th floor to his death.

The incident occurred at the Laemchabang Tower Condo and the dead man was identified as Mr. Yongsob Kwug and near his body was a wallet containing 6,870 Baht in cash and a Samsung Smart Phone along with a Korean identity card.

Security Cameras at the Condo confirmed that Mr. Kwug had entered the building at 7.30pm and was carrying two bottles of whisky. He is thought to have jumped at approximately 8pm from a window located in the corridor of the 18th floor.

The two bottles of whisky were not recovered and Police suspect he had entered one of the apartments before he jumped. He is not thought to live at the location and may have visited a friend.

Police made contact with other friends of the deceased man and it was determined he had recently lost his job as a Company Director in Korea and had split-up from his wife. Both motives for a suicide according to Police who continue to investigate the case before a final report on the death is filed.

Woman injured in drink-related accident in North Pattaya Motel Room

Rescue Workers were called to a North Pattaya Motel in the early hours of Tuesday to assist a woman who was heavily intoxicated and apparently slipped over onto a glass table and injured herself.

Inside room number 308 at the Chernrak Motel was Khun May aged 24, she had sustained serious cuts to her back and was being comforted by her boyfriend Khun Chalermchai aged 27.

He explained that the pair live a long distance from Pattaya and decided to rent a room at the Motel for the night before enduring the long drive back to their home later on Tuesday Morning.

Khun May was drunk and while she lay on the bed she began to feel sick and jumped off and began to run to the toilet. On the way she slipped onto a glass table which shattered and shards of the broken glass cut her across her back causing her to lose a considerable amount of blood.

The woman was rushed to Hospital where it was later confirmed the injuries were not life-threatening.

Russian Pedestrian shot by Police as they chase two bag snatchers in Jomtien

A 27 year old Russian Tourist is facing up to 6 months of rehabilitation after she was shot in her ankle as Police chased two suspected bag snatchers in Jomtien.

The incident began late on Saturday Night on Jomtien Second Road where the two suspects, Khun Akkarapon aged 18 and a 17 year old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons, are accused of stealing a bag containing 6,000 Baht in cash from Miss Tatina Loudin aged 42, a Russian National.

As the two men attempted to escape they were chased by Police and continually refused to stop despite Police shouting at them and threatening to shoot them if they continued to attempt their escape.

As the chase approached the Tepprasit Road junction with Jomtien Second Road, one of the chasing officers opened fire and the two suspects fell from their bike and were arrested. The 17 year old boy was taken to Hospital suffering from leg injuries and remains there at this time. Later the suspects confessed to snatching the bag as they needed money to celebrate the forthcoming New Year.

A nearby parked pick-up truck had been hit by a stray bullet but Officers were shocked when they heard the screams of a Russian woman, Miss Elena Sarycmeva aged 27, who was on the ground in a pool of blood. A closer inspection revealed she had been shot in the ankle, presumably from a mis-targeted bullet from a Police Officer’s gun. She was taken to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital where she required emergency surgery to insert a metal plate in her ankle. Doctors confirmed she would need up to 6 months of ongoing treatment for her injury.

Police Major General Nittipong, the Provincial Police Commander visited her on Sunday and confirmed the Royal Thai Police would entirely cover all medical and repatriation expenses and he was truly sorry for the mistake made by his officers.

American stabbed as he intervenes in domestic dispute in South Pattaya

A 36 year old American was stabbed in his back after he attempted to intervene in a domestic dispute involving a Thai woman and her foreign husband in Soi Buakhao on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred in front of the SS Laundry & Salon and resulted in Mr. Morgin Kant being taken to Hospital with multiple stab wounds to his back.

Police arrested the alleged attacker, Khun Sunisa aged 21 and took her to the Police Station with the knife she is thought to have used during the attack.

Police Investigators determined that Khun Sunisa was having a heated argument with her Husband, Mr. Hamidi Samir aged 28 from France. Their 3 year old daughter was also there and was crying as she watched her parents fight.

Mr. Kant was walking by and approached the pair and attempted to stop them fighting. During the fracas, he ended up fighting with Mr. Samir who was smaller and was clearly no match for Mr. Kant.

In a panic, Khun Sunisa produced a knife she was carrying in her bag and stabbed Mr. Kant in his back until he dropped to the ground and ceased fighting with her Husband.

Injuries sustained to Mr. Kant are not thought to be life-threatening and Police are currently investigating the case further before they press criminal charges against Khun Sunisa.

Iranian drugs Pattaya Hotel Cashier and steals cash from Reception safe boxes

In the early hours of Saturday Police arrested an Iranian man who was accused of drugging a Hotel cashier and then attempting to break-open safe-boxes located behind the reception.

Police were called to the Prima Place Hotel in Soi Khopia in South Pattaya, just before 5am and arrested Mr. Saeid Mir Hosseini aged 46. Police examined CCTV pictures and saw the suspect use a screwdriver to force open a safe-box behind the reception as the night cashier, Khun Chantana aged 30, slept nearby.

What the suspect did not realize was that another member of staff, Khun Saring aged 37, was watching the attempted theft from the front porch of the Hotel where the cashier was taken to. Initially the man was detained by staff and a Hotel guest, pending the arrival of Police.

Mr. Hosseini had checked into the Hotel on Friday and was due to check out later on Saturday. He had befriended the cashier and went to a nearby convenience store and purchased a cup of coffee for her, which Police suspect was laced with sleeping tablets.

Khun Saring appeared when the cashier alerted him to a problem and he took the cashier to a seat on the front porch where she was soon fell asleep. At the same time Khun Saring, suspecting something was not right and watched the suspect attempt to steal from a safe box located behind the reception which was now unattended.

Police later charged the suspect with assault and theft and he is currently on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Self-Harming crazed man invades Pattaya Temple

Late on Sunday Night a 27 year old man, suspected of being under the influence of narcotics, invaded a Temple in Pattaya and began by confronting a Monk and accusing him of stealing a commemorative coin from him.

The bizarre incident occurred at the Boonganjanaram Temple in Jomtien just after 11pm. Monks contacted Police and asked them to assist in removing the crazed man from the Temple grounds.

The man was named as Khun Somshai and was armed with a knife. As soon as Police arrived, the man dared Police to shoot him and he claimed to be invincible. At this point he began to cut his wrists and continued to claim he was immortal.

Eventually the Mother and Brother of the man arrived and showed Khun Somshai that the coin was in his home and had not been taken by the Monk. They brought the coin with them to show him they were telling the truth.

Eventually the man was taken away by a Police Truck to his family home. The Monks confirmed they knew the man and they had assisted him on many occasions and for this reason they decided not to press any charges against the man. Police therefore took no further action.

Female Drug Dealing suspect caught by Pattaya Police

On Friday afternoon, a Pattaya Police patrol unit stopped a 27 year old woman on a motorbike with no license plate after a short chase and found her to be carrying a significant quantity of class 1 drugs.

Police confirmed the arrest of Khun Sothaya in Soi Khopai in South Pattaya. Officers first spotted her on her bike on the South Pattaya Road, close to the Chaimongkol Temple, but she refused to stop.

After a short chase the suspect did stop and was searched. She was found to be carrying 68 Yabba Tablets and 3.3g of Crystal Methamphetamine.

Earlier she confessed to Police that she had been selling drugs to Bar Girls and Tourists in Pattaya for more than 1 year and on this occasion she had just picked up a consignment of drugs from her regular supplier, Khun Pong aged 25, in the grounds of the Temple.

Police charged Khun Sothaya with possession with intent to sell class 1 drugs and she is currently behind bars awaiting a Court appearance.

Woman injured in Domestic Dispute in North Pattaya woodland

In the early hours of Thursday Banglamung Police received an urgent call from concerned residents that a woman was being attacked in woodland off the Naklua Road.

30 Police Officers and Police Volunteers rushed to the area in Soi 8 off the Naklua Road and spotted the alleged victim, Khun Niorn aged 37. She had sustained superficial injuries to her leg but confirmed to Police that she was only fighting with her boyfriend and had not been sexually assaulted, as assumed by the residents.

The woman lives with her boyfriend in a makeshift dwelling in the woodland area and it is believed the pair fight regularly, but on this occasion the arguing was more intense and the woman was injured during the altercation.

Police searched for the boyfriend but he had already fled the scene. Khun Niorn decided not to take the situation any further and Police therefore took no further action.

Swedish Tourist drowns at beach in Rayong

On Thursday morning Police and rescue services were called to a beach in Rayong Province to deal with a drowning of a Swedish Tourist.

The incident occurred at Gon Ao Beach and resulted in the death of Mr. Gras Rolun aged 65. He was first seen to go under the water by a friend, who pulled Mr. Rolun from the water and administered CPR but Mr. Rolun never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police later spoke with the victims distraught Wife and a friend, Mrs. Leclerc aged 57, a French National. She confirmed that Mr. Rolun was suffering from a heart condition and was fitted with a pacemaker. They suspect he suffered a Heart Attack in the water while swimming and drowned.

A post mortem examination will take place to confirm the exact cause of death and the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok are currently providing consular assistance to the family of the deceased man.

Indian thwarts 3 Ladyboy pickpockets close to Pattaya Port

An Indian Tourist was able to detain three Ladyboys who attempted to steal his wallet in a classic 3 on 1 pickpocket attempt whereby one embraces the man and the other two steal the victim’s wallet.

On this occasion, the victim, an Indian Tourist knew exactly what was going on and was able to detain the three suspects who were later arrested by a fast response Pattaya Police Unit from the Mr. Care Khun Police Protection team.

Police Colonel Supatee, the Pattaya Police Chief, later held a press conference at Pattaya Police Station confirming the arrest of Khun Nuttapong aged 24, Khun Jakkri aged 24 and Khun Sadjapong aged 22 following the incident in front of the Siam Bayshore Hotel at the southern end of Walking Street and close to the entrance of the Pattaya Port area.

Police checks confirmed that all three have an extensive criminal history in Pattaya and were out on Police bail in relation to previous pickpocket cases. They are now being held on-remand pending Court appearances.

Coach runs over and kills its driver at Pattaya Floating Market

A coach driver was run over by his own coach on Thursday morning at the Pattaya Floating Market Coach Car Park as he attempted to fix his brakes located underneath the vehicle.

Nongprue Police were called in to investigate the bizarre incident which led to the death of the unnamed driver of the coach belonging to the Porntip Travel Company from Bangkok.

It is thought that after the driver dropped off his passengers to the Market, he went underneath the front of the vehicle to inspect his Brakes, but it appears the brakes were not activated on the Coach which ran over the body of the driver, killing him instantly.

A relief driver was called in to take the passengers back to Bangkok and Police have recorded the case as death by misadventure.

Greek Tourist in dramatic cliff-face rescue at Pattaya Island

A Royal Thai Navy Seahawk Rescue Helicopter was scrambled to Larn Island, 4kms off the coast of Pattaya, on Tuesday afternoon, to assist a Greek tourist who was stuck half-way up a 400 meter cliff-face.

Mr. Bouras Theodoras aged 37, decided to attempt to climb the 400 meter high cliff located on Samaer Beach but when he reached half-way up the cliff he could go no further and he could also not safely climb down the cliff.

Rescue Services were called but quickly ascertained it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue so decided to contact a Royal Thai Navy Rescue Helicopter who arrived and plucked Mr. Theodoras from the cliff using a winch lowered down from the hovering Helicopter in a dangerous rescue.

Thanks to the skills of the Thai Navy rescue team, Mr. Theodoras was rescued and was unharmed. He decided not to speak with the press but did thank the Navy Rescue Team for their professionalism and courage.

Suspected Drunk Driver in fatal road crash on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Tuesday a car driver, suspected of being drunk, was arrested after failing to stop at a fatal road crash on Pattaya Beach Road.

Khun Issara aged 27 from Bangkok was arrested at the Central Pattaya Road and Pattaya Second Road junction after she failed to stop at the scene of the crash which occurred in front of Soi 10 on Pattaya Beach Road and resulted in the death of a pedestrian, Khun Nakorn aged 38.

He sustained catastrophic life-ending injuries and Police investigators determined he was hit at a high rate of speed which was confirmed by witnesses, including a friend of the deceased man, who confirmed his friend was crossing Beach Road when a Toyota Vios, driven by Khun Issara, failed to spot the victim and due to her excessive speed was unable to avoid a collision with Khun Nakorn.

Khun Issara failed to stop at the scene but Police were able to stop her badly damaged vehicle which had sustained major front-end damage. She later confirmed she was involved in the crash and officers determined she was heavily intoxicated.

Initially she was charged with reckless driving causing death, failing to stop at the scene of a crash and drink-driving as investigations into the crash continue at this time.

Two suspected class 1 drug dealers caught at Pattaya Police Checkpoint

In the early hours of Monday, Pattaya Police caught two suspected drug dealers at a checkpoint on the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya.

The checkpoint was situated next to the Boonthavorn Store and it wasn’t long until officers spotted a speeding pick-up truck they wanted to stop.

Inside the pick-up was Khun Jirawanit aged 29 and Khun Pongpat aged 24. They were searched along with their vehicle and a considerable amount of class 1 drugs were found which led to their immediate arrest.

Khun Jirawanit was found to be carrying 2 bags of Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice”, weighing 7.22g, in his trouser pocket. Inside the vehicle a further 11 bags of the drug weighing 6.05g were found and officers determined they belonged to Khun Pongpat.

Both men were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with possession with intent to sell a class 1 drug and claimed they decided to sell drugs as they were unable to gain lawful employment so decided to enter a life of crime instead.

Cambodian Laborer suffers painful foot injury on Pattaya Island construction site

On Monday afternoon, Sea Rescue Services, assisted a 42 year old female Cambodian Laborer, who suffered a painful foot injury on a construction site on Larn Island, 4kms off the coast of Pattaya, and took her to Pattaya for emergency treatment.

The unfortunate victim of the construction site accident was named as Mrs Wan. A steel rod had gone through her left foot as she worked on the site.

She was taken by boat to the Bali Hai Port and then transferred to Banglamung Hospital where the rod was safely removed in an operating theater.

Pattaya Police were called in to investigate the incident and to investigate the construction worker to ascertain if she was working legally in Thailand or not.

13 year old drinker found at Thai Pub during Pattaya Police Raid

A patron as young as 13 years old was found consuming alcohol as Pattaya Police conducted a raid of a Thai Pub in Central Pattaya early on Sunday Morning.

Police Colonel Supatee, the Pattaya Police Chief, received a report of a large gathering of youths outside of a Pub and the possibility a violent confrontation was about to take place was high.

More than 50 Police Officers and Police Volunteers made their way to the Zood Pub in Soi Arunothai off the Central Pattaya Road and found approximately 30 youths outside. Many were able to escape but others were apprehended and Police determined they were waiting for a gang to emerge from the Pub and a fight between both groups was scheduled to take place.

At this point Police conducted a raid of the Pub and found 150 people under the age of 20 inside consuming alcohol, some were in their early teens and one person was found to be only 13 years old. Only 2 customers were found to be over the age of 20.

Staff members were apprehended but the Manager of the venue had fled as soon as Police arrived. The venue possessed no licenses to trade or sell alcohol and was closed-down by Police. The Colonel will send a report to the Governor of Chonburi Province and a recommendation that the venue is permanently closed down will be put forward.