15 Red Shirt Activists sentenced to Prison by Pattaya Provincial Court

The Pattaya Provincial Court was a hive of activity on Thursday as 15 Red Shirt Activists were ordered to serve prison sentences in connection with the 2011 Red Shirt raid of the ASEAN Summit which was held at the Peach Convention Center at the Royal Cliff Resort.

The 15 sentenced includes core red shirt activist Khun Arisaman and former Pheu Thai MP Khun Worachai, who were both sent to Jail for 4 years.

The 15 are accused of inciting over 2,000 red shirt protesters to disrupt the ASEAN Summit by forcing entry to the Convention Center on 11th April 2009.

A crowd of supporters gathered at the rear of the Courthouse where the convicted men were due to be taken by Prison Van to the Pattaya Remand Prison where they are expected to serve their prison terms.

Body of man found floating in waters off Pattaya Island

On Thursday afternoon the body of a man, presumed to be a Thai National, was found floating face-down in waters off Larn Island, 4kms off the coast of Pattaya.

Pattaya Sea Rescue Units rushed to the scene, approximately 200 meters off the coast of Ta Yai Beach on Larn Island. The man was wearing jeans and was topless. He had a distinctive dragon tattoo on his chest which allowed them to later identify the man as a missing fisherman, who is thought to have gone fishing on his boat on 3rd March and was reportedly in a drunken state.

The boat was seen but the fisherman, Khun Surasak aged 30, had disappeared, until the body was spotted in the water on Thursday afternoon.

No visible injuries to the victim were spotted during an initial inspection of the body by Pattaya Police who have recorded the death as an accident pending the results of a post-mortem examination.

Pattaya Bar Owner arrested for selling liquor on Holy Day

Police attempted to arrest a 49 year old female bar owner on Wednesday night, for selling Liquor to members of the public on a Holy Day when the sale of such items are prohibited under Thai Law. The Army was called in and used their powers under Martial Law to detain the woman after she refused to be taken away by the Police.

The unusual incident occurred at the Everybody’s Inn in Soi Welcome off Jomtien Beach Road at 9pm on Wednesday Night, 3 hours before the 24 hour ban on sale of liquor was due to expire.

Police entered the licensed premise and spoke with the owner, Khun Papitchaya, who Police described as intoxicated and confrontational. Officers took pictures of alcoholic beverages in front of foreign patrons, who were told to pay their bills and leave.

During a 2 hour conversation with Police, the owner is alleged to have used profanities directed to the Police, who were eventually forced to call in the Army who could use their special powers under Martial Law, to detain the woman, who was then taken to the Police Station for questioning.

The venue was correctly licensed but she was charged with selling liquor on a Holy Day and verbal abuse towards a Royal Thai Police Officer. The case continues.

Man drowns in lake inside East Pattaya Village

A 36 year old man who was receiving treatment for health issues caused by Alcoholism, drowned in a small lake behind an East Pattaya Village on Thursday afternoon.

Police and medics were called to the village just before 5.30pm as villagers frantically searched for Khun Chumnan, who was described by family members as a fragile man, who had been suffering from a weakened state due to his illness.

The family had eaten together earlier in the afternoon and after eating Khun Chumnan was left at the side of the lake. When family members returned to the area, they could not locate him and found evidence that he may have fallen into the 10-meter deep man-made lake.

Pattaya Sea Rescue Divers were called-in and recovered the body of the man as distraught family members looked-on in horror.

Police recorded the death as an accident pending the results of a post-mortem examination.

Police Volunteer attacked during Bar Closure enforcement patrol in South Pattaya

As required by Thai Law, all bars had to close from Midnight on 4th March until Midnight on 5th March during the Makha Busha Festival. As officers attempted to close a group of Karaoke Bars in South Pattaya which were open after midnight, one man decided he was having none of it and is alleged to have attacked a Pattaya Police Volunteer.

Police and Police Volunteers were patrolling along Soi Khopia just after 4am and saw many Karaoke Bars still playing music and selling alcoholic beverages. Most of the bars closed as soon as Police arrived, but one man, who claimed to be the owner of one of them and was clearly intoxicated, decided to resist orders to close.

During an angry confrontation, which culminated in officers attempting to arrest the man, who refused to give his name, he is alleged to have pushed and kicked a Pattaya Police Volunteer, Khun Sriharat ages 37, who fell to the ground.

Eventually the man was detained and unceremoniously thrown into the back of a Police truck where he continued his verbal attack on officers.

The manager of the bar in question was also arrested and further legal proceedings against the owner and the venue are ongoing at this time.

Police ensure Pattaya remains Dry on Holy Day

On Wednesday afternoon, the Pattaya Police Chief, gathered his officers and then sent them around Pattaya to ensure that the bar closures and restrictions on sale of alcoholic beverages were being maintained.

Makha Busha is one of the most important Buddhist Holidays of the year and the restrictions of the sale of alcoholic drinks on this day is written into law, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act 2008. The owner of any Bar, Restaurant or other licensed establishment found to be acting against the law, can be fined up to 10,000 Baht and/or receive a prison sentence of up to 6 months.

Police Colonel Sukthat also told his officers to patrol around the many Temples in Pattaya as he feared that large gatherings of people could attract criminal elements, especially pickpockets.

Many bars remained closed all evening but some opened at Midnight, especially the Discotheques on Walking Street, which reported good trade.

“Police Officer” involved in “gun” incident at South Pattaya Beauty Salon

A man claiming to be a Banglamung Police Detective, is alleged to have pulled a gun, later confirmed as a BB Gun, on a man who accused his Girlfriend of ignoring a minor road crash moments earlier.

Pattaya Police rushed to the incident at the Nongpang Beauty Salon in Soi Khopia 11 in South Pattaya on Tuesday Night.

At the scene was Khun Witoon aged 41, who claimed the girlfriend of the so-called Police Officer was involved in a minor road crash with Khun Witoon’s vehicle moments earlier.

He claimed she ignored the crash and walked into the Beauty Salon without apologizing to Khun Witoon, who had no intention of taking the case any further as the damage to his vehicle was minor.

When Khun Witoon went to confront the female driver at the Beauty Salon, she called her Boyfriend, Khun Waranon aged 22, who arrived and produced a gun and pointed it at Khun Witoon, who instinctively punched Khun Waranon in the face as he attempted to disarm the man.

At this point Khun Witoon retreated and called the Police who seized the BB Gun and arrested Khun Waranon and asked everyone involved in the case to visit Pattaya Police Station where the investigation continued.

No charges have been brought against anyone as yet as Police look to ascertain if the armed man is a real Police Officer or not.

Russian arrested and accused of stealing Watch from Pattaya Market Vendor

On Tuesday afternoon, Pattaya Police were called to a popular market in Soi Buakhao in Central Pattaya, after vendors had detained a Russian man accused of stealing a Watch from a market stall.

Officers arrived at the Grand Hall Market and arrested Mr. Dmitrii Chekulaev aged 41, who denied allegations of theft, despite evidence of him taking the Watch, which was found in his trouser pocket.

The Market Vendor, Khun Piyapong aged 35, reported the case at Pattaya Police Station and confirmed the value of the Watch was 1,500 Baht. At the time he was serving another customer when the suspect approached the stall and took the watch without making any attempt to pay for the item.

A group of vendors managed to detain Mr. Chekulaev while they waited for Police to arrive. The suspect was charged with theft and is currently incarcerated at Pattaya Police Station pending further legal proceedings.

6 year old drowns at East Pattaya Sauna & Spa

A 6 year old child was later pronounced dead in Hospital after he was reportedly left unattended in a Children’s Swimming Pool at an East Pattaya Sauna & Spa on Monday Afternoon.

The tragic incident occurred at the Tara Sauna in Soi Nongyai where Khun Apichart aged 44 and his wife, Khun Sudjai aged 40 had gone with their 6 year old child.

The child was left in the children’s swimming pool, which is located next to the adult pool, which has a depth of 1.5 meters, compared to just 50 cms at the children’s pool. The parents went to use the Sauna and left their child with strict instructions to remain at the children’s pool.

Moments later the parents heard screams and the lifeless body of the child was pulled from the water and CPR was administered. The child was taken to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, but the child soon passed away.

We understand from witnesses that a Life Guard was on-duty at the time and Police are now investigating further to see if any charges should be brought against the Life Guard if he is found to be at-fault.

Pattaya Reporters meet with Pattaya Police and discuss “drug planting” case

On Monday afternoon, almost every reporter that works in Pattaya attended a meeting at Pattaya Police Station to discuss the case of a Traffic Police Volunteer who is suspected of planting drugs on a reporter, who was stopped at a checkpoint on Saturday Night.

Apart from the reporters, Police Lieutenant Colonel Tawatchai, the Deputy Pattaya Police Chief along with the volunteer, Khun Pongsawat aged 42, were present to discuss the case, which has angered reporters who fear this could happen again to an innocent member of the public if action is not taken now.

During the meeting it was revealed that a bag of drugs, which was initially reported as not being present, was given to a Police Officer by the volunteer, which he claims to have found discarded on the road. He believed the reporter threw the bag away as he approached the checkpoint.

The Reporter volunteered to take a drug test which came back negative and the so-called drugs in the bag are now being tested to see if they are real or not. Independent witnesses at the scene confirmed to Police Investigators that they saw the volunteer produce the bag of drugs and did not see him pick up the bag from the road.

At the meeting the Deputy Pattaya Police Chief stated that Khun Pongsawat was not a Traffic Police Volunteer and was only assigned to collecting seized vehicles on behalf of the Traffic Police. The Reporters responded by suggesting the Police improve their monitoring of Police Volunteers and other civilian workers with the Police to ensure this does not happen again.

Further investigations are taking place as Police consider taking legal action against the Traffic Police Assistant.

Initial Story: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/173950/pattaya-reporter-in-drugs-incident-with-traffic-police-volunteer/

4-man gang accused of Sexual Assault in South Pattaya, caught by Police

The Region 2 Police Commissioner announced on Monday the arrest of 4 people wanted in connection with the armed robbery of a man and woman and the sexual assault of the female victim in South Pattaya on 22nd February.

Police Lieutenant General Tanaert announced the arrest of Khun Suchart and Khun Bunalat, both aged 20, and the arrest of two 17 year old boys who could not be named for legal reasons. The two older suspects were arrested in Nontaburi Province, close to Bangkok.

They are accused of the armed robbery of a 20 year old man and the sexual assault of his 18 year old girlfriend at the Helipad area on the Pratamnuk Mountain in the early hours of 22nd February.

Apart from the sexual assault on the female a total of 4,000 Baht was stolen from the pair as one of the men appeared to hold a gun, which the armed suspect later confessed was a plastic bottle, which in the remote and poorly lit area, had a shape similar to a gun.

All four suspects have been charged with serious offenses and await Trial.

Initial Story: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/172612/18-year-old-girl-sexually-assaulted-by-3-men-in-south-pattaya/

1st Update: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/172810/photo-fits-issued-for-2-suspects-wanted-in-south-pattaya-helipad-sexual-assault-case/

Pattaya Reporter in “drugs” incident with Traffic Police Volunteer

A Pattaya Reporter became embroiled in a “drugs” incident on Saturday Night after he was stopped at a Pattaya Police Checkpoint and a Traffic Police Volunteer informed officers that the reporter had dropped a consignment of illegal drugs, which was later found to be false.

Khun Tiwagon aged 25, works for an English Language Media Organization in Pattaya and was riding around Pattaya on Saturday Night on his motorbike, looking for news stories, when he encountered a Pattaya Traffic Police Checkpoint in South Pattaya.

The Reporter was stopped and questioned, and decided not to tell officers he was a reporter. Moments later a Traffic Police Volunteer arrived and claimed the reporter had dropped a consignment of illegal drugs further up the road, even though no drugs were presented to Police Officers who were in the process of questioning Khun Tiwagon.

At this point, the reporter called his colleagues who began to record the incident. At this point the Traffic Police Officers retreated, leaving the Volunteer to be questioned by reporters.

Later, the Reporter made an official complaint at Pattaya Police Station where officers promised to follow-up the allegations that the volunteer attempted to “plant” drugs on the reporter.

There is concern that this illegal practice may be taking place on a regular basis and it is hoped that by publishing this story in various media platforms and social media channels, it will stop with immediate effect.

18 year old injured in East Pattaya Shooting

An 18 year old passenger on a motorbike was shot in his left leg following an encounter with two other youths on a motorbike in East Pattaya early on Sunday Morning.

Police met the victim, Khun Wachira, at Banglamung Hospital where he received emergency treatment for the gunshot wound.

The victim explained that the shooting took place in Soi 25 off the Siam Country Club Road. He described how he and his friend, the driver of the motorbike, encountered two other men on a bike, travelling in the opposite direction.

The passenger on that bike produced a gun and shot at the victim and his friend. It appears, from the accounts of the victim and his friend, that neither was specifically targeted by the shooter whose single shot penetrated the left leg of the victim.

Police are sure that the victim and his friend are withholding information on the incident and are sure that they had encountered the shooter on at least one other occasion. The investigation continues as Police hunt for the shooter, who remains at-large for now.

Student’s car involved in crash at Central Pattaya Underpass Construction Site

A 20 year old Student from Sriracha crashed his car into cement barriers at the Sukhumvit Road Central Pattaya Underpass Construction Site in the early hours of Saturday.

Police and medics rushed to the scene and attended to the driver of a Black Honda Civic, Khun Tannawit. 4 Passengers inside his car sustained minor injuries and were taken to Hospital as a precaution.

The driver told Police that he was on his way home and was unaware of the recent changes to the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya, where the underpass is currently being constructed.

As he approached the area, the driver reported seeing a motorbike and its driver, cut across his path. He took evasive maneuvers to avoid the motorbike and smashed into cement barriers designed to protect motorists from the construction site.

Khun Tannawit was angry at the poor lighting in the area and decided to take pictures of the site with the view of claiming damages from Pattaya City Hall in the future.

Russian assaulted by Marijuana Seller in South Pattaya

In the early hours of Friday a 36 year old Russian was assaulted by a Thai man who was reportedly angry that the Russian had refused to purchase Marijuana from him several times.

The incident occurred in front of the Siam Bayshore Hotel at the Southern end of Walking Street, just before 4am on Friday. Mr. Maksim Fedim was walking back to his Hotel when he was approached by the Thai man who attempted to sell him Marijuana. Mr. Fedim refused to purchase the drugs but was then approached for a second time which led to a second refusal.

At this point, Mr. Fedim claimed the seller became extremely angry and punched Mr. Fedim in the face. It is thought that the seller was wearing Knuckle Dusters which caused a severe injury to Mr. Fedim’s upper lip which was split into two.

Police are now searching for the attacker and are examining Security Cameras in the area as Mr. Fedim receives treatment for his facial injuries in Hospital.

Elderly German Woman “jumps” off Jomtien Condominium

On Friday Morning Police and rescue workers were called to a 5-storey Condominium in Jomtien where a 75 year old German woman was reported to have jumped to her death.

The incident occurred at the Majestic Jomtien Condominium just before 9am. Officers arrived and inspected the body of Mrs. Frieder Hornsteiner aged 75. Close-by was her Husband Mr. Dulof Hornsteiner who is now living with his Thai Wife, Khun Yupa. Despite this the three live together and Khun Yupa told Police that she cared for the victim who had severe mobility issues and other medical problems.

Earlier on Friday Morning, she told Police that she took food into the victim’s room and all appeared normal. Khun Yupa left for work at 8.30am and then received a call that the elderly woman had committed suicide.

On the top floor of the Condominium Police found the victim’s eye glasses and her walking stick.

At this point in the investigation Police are confident this was a non-assisted suicide but they continue to investigate the case further in conjunction with the German Embassy in Bangkok.

Fire at 8-storey Condominium under-construction in South Pattaya

A fire took hold of an 8-storey condominium which is currently under construction in the South Pattaya area, on Friday afternoon.

10 fire engines were called to the fire in the Pratamnuk Hill area. Medics were also sent to the incident and discovered that a painter, Khun Gorn aged 21, was the only person injured and he was able to be treated at the scene and required no further medical attention.

It is thought the fire started on the 3rd floor where a number of welders were working. Materials such as foam and air ducts were being stored there and it is thought that an accident occurred involving one of the welders, although no one is willing to own-up to causing the fire.

Smoke damage was extensive throughout the building but no structural damage was reported and it is expected the construction will continue without any delays.

Fake Police “arrest” Go-Go Bar worker in South Pattaya

A 21 year old Go-Go Bar worker complained to officers at Pattaya Police Station on Thursday Night after he was detained and accused of possessing drugs by 6 men who claimed to be Police Officers and who later stole 40,000 Baht’s worth of cash and valuables from his apartment.

Khun Wirapon told Police Investigators that he works for a Bar in Soi Sunee Plaza in South Pattaya and as he waited for his sister in the street, he claimed to have been approached by three men who claimed to be Police and stated they were told by an informant that he was in possession of illegal drugs, a claim that Khun Wirapon denied.

The three men, thought to be aged in their thirties, were soon joined by three more men, who escorted Khun Wirapon to his room where they insisted on conducting a search. They forced the bar worker to open a room safe where they claimed to have found drugs, which the victim believes were planted there by the men.

At this point the men demanded 5,000 Baht to clear the case and at the same time they stole mobile phones and other items worth an estimated 40,000 Baht from the apartment.
Eventually the victim’s sister arrived with the money and the so-called Police Officers disappeared.

The real Police are now investigating and hope to catch the 6 men soon before they strike again.

Dangerous Lights installed along Pattaya Third Road cement barriers

Newly installed lights along road barriers situated along a 500 meter stretch of road close to the Central Pattaya Road junction with Pattaya Third Road are causing concern among pedestrians and local business operators due to dangerous power cables which appear to have been installed without the care and attention required to ensure public safety is maintained.

Tube lighting and flashing orange lights have been installed along the top of the cement barriers which were installed last year to prevent motorists from turning off the main road to the right, which was causing traffic jams along this stretch of Third Road.

As an extra precaution the tube lights have now been installed but it appears they were either installed in a hurry or without any consideration towards pedestrians who wish to cross the main road.

Live power cables, which have been protected with black tape only, line the entire stretch of the barriers and pedestrians who attempt to cross the road have to squeeze through barriers and come dangerously close to the cables and transformers which connect the lights together.

We are sending pictures which accompany this report to Pattaya City Hall so urgent action can be taken to prevent an accident occurring in the future.

Special Needs Child injured in Fight at Pattaya Rehabilitation Center

An investigation is currently underway into a Rehabilitation Center for children with special needs and behavioral problems in North Pattaya where a 10 year old child sustained facial cuts and bruises during a fight with a 15 year old boy.

The injured boy was taken to Banglamung Hospital by Khun Wootishart, who works at the center which houses 34 children between the ages of 7 and 18 who require special help.

Allegations of poor supervision and discipline at the center have been raised in the past and now an investigation is underway after this latest episode.

The boy told us he was with a group of older children aged in their mid-teens and they are alleged to have assaulted the younger boy for no apparent reason.

The boy was checked by Doctors and treated for the minor injuries. He will be sent to another Center in Chonburi while the investigation takes place.