Pattaya recovers after Wet and Wild Songkran Festival

Thousands converged on Pattaya on Saturday to celebrate the Songkran Festival which saw the closure of Pattaya Beach Road to ensure that revelers could enjoy the entertainment provided without the fear of passing cars, trucks and motorbikes.

It was estimated that over 100,000 people made their way to Pattaya Beach throughout Saturday. Many of the main roads leading into Pattaya were subjected to traffic congestion and Police and Police Volunteers appeared to be more organized than in previous years which saw a dramatic drop in reported crimes.

Along Pattaya Beach 10 pickpocketing incidents were reported to Police who were quick to blame organized Vietnamese Gangs who were known to operate in the area.

There were no reported arrests and a handful of medical incidents were dealt with by Pattaya Rescue Volunteers who were stationed throughout the City. The most serious incident was a shooting in North Pattaya which left one man in a serious condition in Hospital.

The majority of those who took part in Songkran Festival celebrations in Pattaya on Saturday appeared to enjoy themselves. Some took the opportunity to leave Pattaya for a few days to avoid getting wet and many residents are now holding their breath to see if the use of so much water will cause a shortage to residential areas over the coming months.



Songkran Festival reveler shot in North Pattaya

As the Pattaya Songkran Festival was beginning to wind-down on Saturday evening, Pattaya Police were called to the North-end of Pattaya Third Road to investigate a shooting.

The incident occurred in front of Soi 2 on Third Road and resulted in a serious gunshot injury sustained to Khun Tanawoot aged 34, a local Tattoo Artist who operates a shop inside the Big C Supercenter in North Pattaya. He was shot in his right chest area and the bullet passed straight through his body.

Khun Tanawoot was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where his condition remains serious. According to a friend, Khun Wacharin aged 29, the victim joined friends at the North Pattaya location and spent the entire day with them, dancing and drinking.

As the victim was dancing, it appears his foot struck the wing-mirror of a passing Green Honda Wave Motorbike. This angered the passenger on the bike who produced a gun and shot twice in the direction of Khun Tanawoot. The first shot resulted in no bullet being expelled from the weapon and the second shot hit the victim.

It was suggested the incident was entirely random and the victim was currently in no dispute with anyone which could have led to the shooting.

Police are now speaking with many witnesses and will now try to arrest the shooter who remains at-large for now.

Mystery surrounds suspected suicide in East Pattaya

On Saturday Morning Banglamung Police were called to a small village in East Pattaya to investigate the apparent suicide of a resident.

At the scene was the body of Khun Prajom aged 53, who lived alone. Nearby was an open packet of Carbaryl Insecticide which appears to have been placed in a bottle of water and was ingested by the man who is estimated to have died 3 hours before being discovered in front of his house.

Neighbors confirmed Khun Prajom lived alone but could not offer any possible motives behind the apparent suicide. A post-mortem examination will take place in the coming days to confirm the exact cause of death.



Mystery of abandoned motorbike outside of South Pattaya Naked Sushi Restaurant

On Thursday Afternoon Police were called to the front of a popular Naked Sushi Restaurant in South Pattaya to investigate reports of an abandoned motorbike which had remained at the location for 46 days.

Police arrived at the restaurant situated inside Soi Khopia 10 and met with the complainant, Khun Amnoipon aged 27. She asked the Police to remove the Blue Honda Wave Motorbike from the front of the restaurant.

Stickers with the words “Tattoo Pattaya MC” were placed on the helmet and on the front of the bike and featured a Chonburi registered license plate number 456 which Police determined had not been reported as stolen.

The bike was removed and will be held by Police in their vehicle compound. Anyone who knows the owner of the bike or the actual registered owner is asked to contact Pattaya Police Station who will return the bike upon proof of ownership.

The Naked Sushi Restaurant owner thanked the Police for removing the bike.

Man arrested for assault after North Pattaya crash and road rage incident

On Thursday Morning Police were called to the North Pattaya Intersection on the Sukhumvit Road to investigate a minor road crash which resulted in an alleged assault on one of the drivers.

Police arrived at the location and detained Khun Tangorn aged 34, the driver of a Suzuki Swift car which had sustained minor damage to the left side of the vehicle.
Khun Somgiet aged 59, who appeared to have a facial injury, reportedly caused by a punch, is the driver of an Isuzu pick-up modified to operate as a taxi.

Khun Tanagorn told Police that he was on his way to Pattaya Beach with his wife, and on the way encountered Khun Somgiet who was allegedly driving in an erratic manner. The two vehicles made contact and stopped at the traffic lights on the North Pattaya junction on the Sukhumvit Road. Both men left their vehicles to inspect the damage and the encounter led to an alleged assault by the 34 year old on the elder driver of the pick-up.

Police arrested Khun Tanagorn on a charge of assault as the Insurance Companies covering both the vehicles begin to discuss who will pay for the damage.

Japanese Businessman robbed of gold necklace in North Pattaya

In the early hours of Thursday a Japanese Businessman from Bangkok reported the theft of a 100,000 Baht Gold Necklace as he walked back to his Hotel in North Pattaya.

Mr. Seiji Matsuzaki aged 69, an Executive Director of a company based in Bangkok producing Automotive Parts, reported the incident at Pattaya Police Station. Police were able to obtain CCTV video of the incident which occurred at 9.46pm on Wednesday Night, however the crucial moment when the necklace was taken was not seen due to poor camera angles.

Mr. Matsuzaki was walking back to the Peace Resort Hotel from the North Pattaya Branch of Tesco-Lotus when 2 motorbikes with 3 Thai men on them, drove past the victim to initially see if he was wearing a necklace. When the 10 year old necklace, which also featured 3 Buddhist Amulets, was spotted, a passenger on one of the bikes approached the victim and was able to overpower the man and take the necklace.

Police assume the men committed the robbery so they could use the proceeds from the stolen item to fund their Pattaya Songkran Festival celebrations. Recently, similar incidents have been taking place around Pattaya and the Police are urging tourists not to wear any expensive jewelry which could make them a potential target for criminals.

Alcohol Bans and Road closures planned for Pattaya Songkran Festival

The Deputy Pattaya Police Chief announced on Tuesday, plans to ensure that law & order is maintained during the Pattaya Songkran Festival, which effectively begins on the 18th and finishes on the night of 19th, this coming Friday and Saturday.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chinnawat told us that there are 23 designated areas to engage in water fighting and there will be 5 Security Checkpoints where Police Officers and Police Volunteers will work from to ensure that security is maintained and any incidents that occur can be dealt with quickly.

Pattaya Beach Road will be closed to traffic and the Police are imposing a ban on the sale and consumption of Alcohol along Pattaya Beach Road.

Arrests will be made if any reveler is found to be acting in an indecent manner, which includes anyone who indecently exposes themselves. The use and sale of Nylon Water Pipes is banned and the Police will be instructed to arrest those caught selling and using them.

Apart from enforcing these restrictions, Pattaya Police assured us they will try to refrain from spoiling peoples enjoyment of the Pattaya Songkran Festival.

Attempted Necklace Theft from Chinese Tourist in Central Pattaya

One of three suspected necklace snatch suspects were overpowered by a group of Chinese Tourists on Tuesday Afternoon who were on their way to enjoy the Songkran Festival Water Fighting in North Pattaya.

Mr. Ten Chin Lan aged 35 and 20 other friends had hired two Baht Buses to take them to North Pattaya and as they travelled along the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya, two motorbikes approached the Baht Bus containing Mr. Lan. One of the passengers on one of the bikes leant over and attempted to take a Gold Necklace with pendant from around the neck of the victim who was able to prevent the theft.

His group were also able to pull the suspected thief from his bike. Khun Pirapon aged 18 fell to the ground and was detained pending the arrival of Police. The other 2 men suspected of being involved were able to escape and are now being sought by Police.

The entire incident was witnessed by a Security Guard stationed nearby who was able to give Police descriptions of the 2 other suspects and it was later confirmed by the arrested suspect at Pattaya Police station that the group wanted money so they could celebrate the Pattaya Songkran Festival.

Songkran-related Drain-hole Cover theft in North Pattaya

Two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon accused of stealing a metal drain-hole cover from a North Pattaya street.

The incident was reported by Khun Patsamon aged 37, who also made a video of the two suspects allegedly stealing the cover from a small road off Soi Potisan. They intended to sell the cover for scrap and use the proceeds to buy Whisky for the upcoming Pattaya Songkran Festival.

Police arrested Khun Bapat aged 42 and Khun Tawee aged 43 who attempted to escape on their motorbike with sidecar which contained the cover. They confirmed to Police that they desperately wanted money to celebrate the Songkran Festival and because they had no jobs the pair decided that stealing the cover was their best option for raising money.

Both were later charged with theft and locked-up pending Court proceedings.

Lèse-majesté Police Complaint against Red Shirt made in Pattaya

Over the weekend a group of 30 people made their way to Banglamung Police Station to report a case of defamation against his Majesty The King, which is a criminal offense in Thailand.

The allegations relate to a video published on You Tube by Vice TV, which included an interview with a prominent Pro-Thaksin Red Shirt leader from Phatum Thani Province, known as “Ko Tee”. In the video he is interviewed by a foreign journalist and offers his version of the current situation and the cause of the unrest, in Thai Language.

Pro-Monarchy Activists initially reported the contents of the video to Police in Phatum Thani Province where an arrest warrant for “Ko Tee” was issued. It alleges the suspect has committed offenses under Article 112 of the Thai Penal Code, also known as the Lèse-majesté Laws, which forbid defamation of the Thai Royal Family, an offense which carries a Prison Sentence of between 3 and 15 years.

30 people, led by Khun Daruna aged 52 and Khun Wunchai aged 76, some of them carrying “We Love The King” banners, reported the contents of the video at Banglamung Police Station and were told that the report will be held on file pending the outcome of the current Arrest Warrant issued for “Ko Tee” by Phatum Thani Police.

The Crime Suppression Division have been ordered to deal with the incident by the National Police Commissioner and there is a reward of 500,000 Baht which will be paid to any Police Officer by the PDRC (Peoples Democratic Reform Committee) who can arrest “Ko Tee” within 7 days.

Motorbike and Garbage Truck collide in South Pattaya killing bike driver

Early on Sunday Morning a high-speed road crash occurred in South Pattaya involving a Garbage Truck and a motorbike which resulted in the death of the bike driver.

Police and rescue services were called to the South Pattaya Road in front of Soi 4 just after 7.30am to deal with the crash which led to the death of a Thai Man thought to be aged in his late twenties. He was not carrying any identification and remains unidentified at time of publication.

Witnesses mentioned seeing the Truck travel down the South Pattaya Road at a high rate of speed and the motorbike came out from Soi 4 also at a high rate of speed. The bike was struck by the truck and the driver of the bike suffered catastrophic life-ending head injuries.

The truck driver ran away from the scene of the crash and is currently being sought by Police as the body of the bike driver was taken to the morgue at Banglamung Hospital.

Pattaya Songkran Festival Water Fighting begins

The Songkran Festival in Thailand is traditionally celebrated between 13th and 15th April, although in Pattaya the official Songkran Festival takes place on 19th April. Despite this, the water fighting has begun.

Pattaya Beach, Soi Buakhao and many areas in the East of Pattaya hosted Songkran Parties over the weekend and the festivities are set to intensify over the coming days, culminating on 19th April.

For some, especially those that live in Pattaya, it is an opportunity to leave the City and avoid the water fighting, for others it is a time to enjoy the chaos which surrounds the Thai New Year Festival.

We would like to warn everyone in Pattaya at the moment that they should expect to get wet over the coming days so all mobile phone devices and other electrical items and wallets, non-waterproof watches and important documents such as passports should be protected.

For those who have come to Pattaya to enjoy the festivities we wish you a safe and fun time over the next few days, for those who have left the City, we hope you enjoy your break.

Dutch victims of Ladyboy IPhone Snatch in front of South Pattaya Hotel

A Dutch couple were involved in an IPhone snatch in front of a South Pattaya Hotel in the early hours of Friday which, luckily for them, resulted in the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of their phone thanks to an eagle-eyed Security Guard.

Just before 3am, Mr. Wouter Johannes Egbertus Wolven aged 58 and his wife were walking home to the Windy Inn Hotel on Walking Street and arrived outside of the Hotel where a group of Ladyboys would be situated on a nightly basis.

The couple had not been bothered by the Ladyboy’s before but one of them, later named as Khun Balinyar aged 26, approached Mr. Wolven and hugged him while at the same time removing the victims IPhone from a pocket on his short trousers.

The suspect was then seen to discard the phone in a bush nearby for the purpose of recovering the stolen item at a later time, should he be caught as the robbery took place.

A Security Guard at the Hotel, Khun Yutana aged 25, saw the alleged crime take place and detained the Ladyboy and recovered the phone, pending the arrival of Police.

At Pattaya Police Station the suspect, who was found to have an extensive criminal history, was charged with aggravated theft and locked-up pending Court proceedings. The Dutch couple claimed this incident would not put them off from coming to Pattaya again as they believe the City is generally a safe place for Tourists.

Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver found dead in rear of pick-up in Jomtien

A Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver, who was known to have been on a 5-6 day “bender” which involved drinking copious amounts of Thai Whisky while consuming virtually no food, was found dead on the back of a pick-up parked outside of his apartment in Jomtien on Friday afternoon.

The dead man was named as Khun Tee aged 42, and according to a friend, Khun Daengon of the same age, the victim had been drinking solidly for 5-6 days and had eaten little food during that time.

On Friday Morning he was taken back to his room at the Jomtien Longstay Apartments but had apparently left his front door key inside the room so he was unable to gain entry. Due to his intoxicated state he climbed onto the back of a pick-up parked outside of the apartments and fell asleep.

He was left for some hours but it is thought a combination of excess alcohol and exposure to the elements caused his demise.

Police confirmed the death was not suspicious in any way and will not pursue any further investigations into the case.

Bangkok Taxi Driver loses 3,500 Baht in “Foreign fare scam”

In the early hours of Saturday a Bangkok Taxi Driver reported a scam which left him 3,500 Baht worse off after he was lured to a Central Pattaya Hotel where he thought he was picking up a 12,000 Baht customer.

Khun Pipop aged 35 began the night by dropping off a foreign customer at the Northern end of Walking Street. He was then approached by a Thai Man who claimed he had a foreign customer staying at a Central Pattaya Hotel who was willing to pay 12,000 Baht for a tour of many provinces. In return the man wanted 3,500 Baht in commission but the catch involved the Taxi Driver paying the man first before being paid by the customer.

Khun Pipop and the mystery man made their way to the Bella Express Hotel in Central Pattaya and the man gave the taxi driver a receipt for the 3,500 Baht and told him to wait in the car park while he collected the customer.

1 hour passed and the man or the foreign customer had not appeared so Khun Pipop went into the Hotel and was given the news he was dreading. The man did not work for the Hotel and no guests were waiting for a Taxi.

The victim went to Pattaya Police Station to report the scam and Police will now attempt to locate the man and recover the 3,500 Baht.

21 year old man accused of sexually assaulting 74 year old woman in East Pattaya

On Thursday afternoon Nongprue Police were called to a small village backing onto the Railroad close to Soi Kao Noi to investigate reports that villagers had detained a man accused of sexually assaulting a 74 year old woman.

The suspect attempted to escape following the alleged assault but Khun Nantawoot aged 21 was eventually detained. He appeared to be in an incoherent state which may have been the result of excess alcohol or possible use of narcotics according to Police.

The 74 year old victim, who was understandably shocked and very distressed, was escorted to Hospital where medics will decide if an assault took place and then send a report to Police for evidential purposes.

A Neighbor of the victim, Khun Seemueng aged 47, earlier heard her cries and went to investigate and saw that her front door was locked from the outside. She was eventually rescued from the locked room, situated behind Chockchai Garden Homes 7-8 off Soi Kao Noi, and claimed that the man had asked if the pair could go inside her room to watch TV. The suspect, who is also a neighbor of the victim, is then thought to have forced himself onto the victim and even placed a towel over her mouth to prevent her screams from being heard by others.

Although Khun Nantawoot denies allegations of sexual assault, Police have charged him pending results of medical checks on the victim.

Oil washed ashore along Jomtien Beach

On Thursday the local authorities were alerted to a 2km stretch of Jomtien Beach which was covered in lumps of oil.

Environment Agency officials and a clean-up team of 10 people were sent to Jomtien Beach, in front of Soi 15, where the oil was first seen. The black lumps of oil were clearly visible along a stretch of beach measuring approximately 2kms and had been spotted by tourists on the Beach, some of them showed us oil stains on their swimming costumes and skin.

Officials suspect the oil originates from a Tanker which capsized in Samut Sakhorn Province on 7th April. Khun Ladawadee from the Environment Agency promised the oil would be removed from the beach as quickly as possible and she also claimed the presence of the oil posed no risk to beachgoers, a claim which was contested by on-lookers at the scene.

British Fatality at Central Pattaya Apartment

On Wednesday afternoon Police and rescue services were called to an apartment in Central Pattaya to investigate the death of a British National.

Officials arrived at the Loeuy Sameur Apartments in Soi 23 off Pattaya Third Road and were directed to Room Number 109 by the owner of the complex, Khun Sumleuy aged 67.

Inside the room, lying on the floor, next to a broken glass table was the body of Mr. Brian Herbert aged 72. It is thought he had been dead for between 4-5 hours and Police concluded from the evidence available to them inside the room that he appeared to have somehow fell onto the glass table and sustained a major head injury which is the most likely cause of Mr. Herbert’s demise.

A friend and neighbor of the victim, Mr. Phil Robinson aged 68 became alerted to a potential problem after he had not seen or heard from Mr. Herbert all day. With the assistance of the complex owner, the front door to Mr. Herbert’s apartment was opened and his body was discovered.

Mr. Herbert had been living in Thailand for 6 years and was known to be a heavy drinker which Police suspect may have caused the fall onto the glass table. Police will now wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they close the case and the British Embassy in Bangkok have been informed.

4 suspected drug users and dealers caught by Pattaya Police

In the early hours of Thursday Pattaya Police escorted four individuals to Pattaya Police Station suspected of possessing and possibly dealing in class 1 drugs.
The drug suspects were caught at a Police Checkpoint earlier in the night and joined two other arrestees at Pattaya Police Station who were later released without charge.

The four suspects were named as:

Khun Supinyar aged 37 who was caught with 0.67g of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine, also known as “Ice” along with 4 Yabba Tablets. Khun Gaseamsan aged 30 was caught with 0.71g of “Ice”. Khun Udomsuk aged 28 was caught with 10 Yabba Tablets and Khun Niwat aged 57 was also caught with 10 Yabba Tablets.

All suspects were charged with a variety of class 1 drug offenses and will be held pending Court appearances.

One dead in East Pattaya Railroad crash

Two vehicles were involved in a crash on the Railroad running along the Eastern side of Pattaya on Monday evening which resulted in the death of a 30 year old man.

The crash involved a Mitsubishi Lancer, driven by Khun Tanat aged 65 and a Toyota Vigo pick-up driven by Khun Prajuab aged 61.

The Vigo drivers son, Khun Apiwat was killed in the crash and the dead man’s girlfriend aged 18 was sent to Hospital and currently remains in a serious condition. Both were sitting on the back of the truck when the crash occurred.

Khun Apiwat was thrown from the vehicle and collided head-first into a street pylon, his Girlfriend missed the pylon and was thrown onto a grass verge.

The accident occurred at the Soi Chayapornviti junction with the railroad and occurred when the front wheels of the Mitsubishi Lancer clipped the rear end of the pick-up, causing it to swerve.

Police arrested the Lancer driver and later charged him with reckless driving causing death as the family of the deceased man come to terms with their loss.