Polish man accused of auto theft from South Pattaya Bike Rental Shop

In the early hours of Sunday Police were alerted to a suspected case of auto-theft from a Bike Rental Shop in South Pattaya and the suspect was thought to be a foreign national.

Descriptions of the high powered bike, a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc, and the foreign man, were given to officers on patrol around Pattaya. The suspect and the suspected stolen bike were stopped at the Central Pattaya Road intersection with Pattaya Second Road and the driver, Mr. Denis Wiestaw aged 43 from Poland, was detained.

The brother of the shop owner, who heard a commotion in the closed shop in Soi Yensabai, Khun Puthorn, saw the alleged theft take place and attempted to give chase on his standard motorbike but he soon lost the higher-powered bike.

CCTV from the shop was examined by Police and they report that the images show Mr. Wiestaw position planks of wood onto the road so he could remove the bike from the forecourt of the shop onto the road. He is then seen to drive off on the bike with Khun Puthorn giving chase.

Mr. Wiestaw was later charged with auto-theft at Pattaya Police Station where he is currently being held on-remand pending further legal proceedings.

Christmas Lights switched-on at Central Festival Pattaya Beach

A strong indication that the Christmas and New Year period is approaching is when the Christmas Lights are switched on at Central Festival Pattaya Beach, an event which took place over the weekend.

The festive ceremony was presided over by Dr. Sansak, the Former Minister for Health and featured a 25 meter high Christmas tree, which it is claimed, is the tallest Christmas tree in the East of Thailand.

Hundreds of on-lookers cheered as the lights were switched on, which also signifies a series of special offers and promotions throughout Central Festival Pattaya Beach over the coming months.

This popular shopping mall is located between Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Beach Road next to Soi 9.

South Pattaya Late Night Restaurants raided by District Licensing Officers

In response to complaints from local residents in the South Pattaya area, who are being disturbed by local restaurants which open all night and play loud music until Dawn, a raid of the restaurants, located on the South Pattaya Road, took place over the weekend.

Khun Sakchai, the Chief of Banglamung District led the raids on the Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurants located next to the entrance of Soi 1 on the South Pattaya Road at 2am on Saturday.

At the time, many patrons were at the restaurants and consuming alcohol and some were smoking shisha. Checks on patrons and staff were made and 10 people were found not to carrying their Thai ID cards which is a minor offence in Thailand, punishable with a small fine. In addition, 5 people under the age of 20 were found to be consuming alcohol.

No license irregularities were found and a report of the raids will be sent to the Governor of Chonburi Province who may decide to impose a temporary closure notice on the venues in due course.

Airport Express Coach involved in South Pattaya crash

Police reported that no one was injured in a crash on the Tepprasit Road on Friday Afternoon involving a Bangkok Airport Express Coach and two pick-up trucks.

The crash occurred close to the entrance of Soi Khopia and resulted in the driver of the coach, Khun Pisit aged 57, being arrested and later charged with reckless driving. He was carrying 30 passengers on the coach which was only minutes away from completing its journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to the Bus Station in front of Foodmart on Jomtien Second Road.

The driver admitted that he failed to see the two pick-ups crossing the main carriageway and was unable to stop the coach in-time and side-swiped one of the trucks which then hit the other.

Police and medics rushed to the scene but were relieved to discover that no one was injured.

Drinks with Friends leads to stabbing on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Friday a 35 year old man sustained multiple stab wounds to his back following a drink-fuelled fight with a friend on Pattaya Beach.

Initially Traffic Police on the Central Pattaya Road were alerted to a problem by the stabbing victim who was taken to Banglamung Hospital. Before he left he explained that he was drinking with 3 friends, 2 men and 1 woman, on the Beach opposite Soi 6.

A verbal altercation involving the victim and Khun Apicart began, which soon turned physical. The other friend, not involved in the fight, Khun Manop aged 21, claimed that during the fight, Khun Apichart’s 35 year old Girlfriend, produced a knife and stabbed Khun Jalay in the back several times.

All were detained and taken to Pattaya Police Station where Khun Apichart and his Girlfriend denied being involved in the fight.

Police are currently investigating further and did recover the knife thought to have been used in the attack. For now, no charges have been brought against anyone in connection with the knife attack.

Navy Narcotics Officers arrested female drug dealing suspect in Sattahip

A 23 year old woman is facing years behind bars after she was caught with a substantial amount of class 1 drugs she was preparing to deliver for an inmate at Trat Prison who is alleged to control a drug distribution network from behind bars.

Captain Niwat from the Narcotics Unit at the Sattahip Navy Base announced on Friday, the arrest of Khun Pattama who was caught at a rented room in the Bang Saray area on the outskirts of Pattaya. Hidden inside cosmetic boxes was a total of 650 Yabba Tablets in 36 plastic bags.

The arrest followed the earlier detention of a Navy Sailor who is alleged to have consumed drugs purchased from the suspected dealer.

After questioning, officers determined Khun Pattama worked as a distributor of illegal drugs for an inmate at a Prison located in Trat Province, known only as Mr. Not.

She would be paid between 5,000 and 6,000 Baht for the successful delivery of drugs to customers and local dealers, every time a consignment of between 5,000 and 6,000 Tablets were successfully delivered.

The suspect was later handed over to Sattahip Police Station where she was charged with serious class 1 drug offences, which could see her receive a lengthy prison sentence if she is convicted by a Judge.

British man dies during Massage at Central Pattaya shop

An 81 year old British National died at a Central Pattaya Massage Shop on Thursday afternoon.

Police and medics were called to the Orra Massage Shop on Soi Baukhao and were directed to one of the massage rooms. Lying on the bed was the body of Mr. Adriano Santarelli aged 81. It is thought he died less than 15 minutes before medics arrived.

An inspection of the room and body showed no obvious signs of foul play. Khun Nutapassorn aged 50 told Police that she was administering massage to his arm when he began to convulse and then he stopped breathing.

The victim was known to have frequented the shop on numerous occasions and Police suspect Mr. Santarelli died of a heart attack. A post-mortem examination will take place and the British Embassy in Bangkok have been informed.

Beautician jumps from Pattaya Highway 7 Bridge after fight with friend

Two Beauticians spent a night out in Pattaya on Wednesday Night but in the early hours of Thursday their night ended in a tragic way with one of them throwing themselves off a bridge on Highway 7 in East Pattaya.

The seriously injured jumper, Khun Nittaya aged 25 fell onto the railroad in East Pattaya and was attended to by Rescue Volunteers who were quickly on-scene. They assessed her and determined that both her legs and one of her arms were broken. She was fully immobilized and was suspected of suffering from spinal and other internal injuries.

Police spoke with her work colleague and were told that the pair originate from Bowin near Chonburi City and work together in a Beauty Clinic at a popular Shopping Mall in Chonburi City.

On the way back home the pair had a major argument in their car as Khun Nittaya did not want to return home but her friend did. The driver of the car, Khun Nittaya, was forced to pull over on Highway 7 as the argument intensified. It is claimed that Khun Nittaya threw herself off the bridge at the culmination of the verbal and sometimes physical altercation at the side of the Highway.

Police are investigating the incident.

Cambodian Monks found in East Pattaya Forest

District Officials with assistance from the Thai Army arrested 6 Cambodian Monks on Wednesday and 5 of them were found to possess expired passports.

Officials were made aware of the monks who were living in woodland behind the Tara Sauna in Soi NongYai 14 in East Pattaya and a team converged on the area and located the monks who did try to escape when they saw officers.

All 6 monks were captured and an inspection of their papers confirmed they were ordained monks but 5 of the 6 monks were found to be residing in Thailand illegally.

The Monks were taken to see the Chief Abbot at the Sutawat Temple who decided to remove them all from the Monkhood with immediate effect.

All 6 were handed to Immigration Police who will begin the deportation process for the 5 illegal immigrants without delay.

“Beach Patrol of Pattaya” Project launched by Police Commander

On Thursday the new Provincial Police Commander was in Pattaya to receive an update on a new project which, it is hoped, will significantly reduce crime along Pattaya Beach.

Police Major General Nittipon chaired a meeting at Pattaya Police Station attended by Senior Officers, local government officials and local tourism and business associations to discuss the “Beach Patrol of Pattaya” project which is being overseen by the Pattaya Police Chief & Deputy Provincial Commander, Police Colonel Supattee.

Officers dressed in orange shirts and caps will patrol the Pattaya Beach area 24 hours a day in an effort to reduce crimes, especially those that involve Tourists. Checkpoints in three areas along the 2km stretch of Pattaya Beach from North Pattaya to the entrance of Walking Street will be set up.

Delegates suggested the scheme should be extended to the Bali Hai Port and other known crime hotspots in Pattaya, especially the Pratamnuk Hill area where many foreigners reside in apartments, houses and Hotels.

The General was happy with the scheme which will continue throughout the High Season months.

Indian arrested following Jet Ski Crash on Pattaya Beach

A 30 year old Indian Tourist was arrested on Wednesday evening after he is alleged to have lost control of his rented Jet Ski which left the water at high speed and hit two other foreign tourists sitting on deckchairs on the Beach.

A Middle-Eastern man and a 55 year old American sustained injuries, the unidentified Middle-Easterner was seriously injured and suffered suspected neck and spinal injuries and was rushed to Hospital. His current condition is unknown.

The Jet Ski Driver, Mr. Anurag, was taken to Pattaya Police Station for questioning and Police were told that he had rented the Jet Ski for 30 minutes. He was seen to enter a swimmers zone, on Pattaya Beach opposite Soi 13/4 and appeared to have lost control of the Jet Ski which then went onto the sand and hit the two beachgoers.

Police and waiting for a medical update on the seriously injured man before they charge the Indian. Further investigations into the incident are ongoing at this time.

Cambodian Patient’s apparent suicide at Pattaya City Hospital

A 28 year old Cambodian man suffering from a terminal illness is thought to have committed suicide at the new Pattaya City Hospital in the early hours of Wednesday, by jumping from the 3rd floor at the side of the main building.

Police were called to the ground floor of the Hospital, located in Soi Buakhao, and inspected the body of Mr. Ar-Yong, who had been staying at the Hospital for some time in a ward specializing in the care of terminally ill patients.

Green straps were found on his arms and legs and Doctors confirmed that due to his mental state and suicidal tendencies, he was strapped to his bed for his own safety.
It is thought he managed to loosen the straps and made his way to the nearest window near his bed and jumped.

Police have initially recorded the death as a suicide pending a post-mortem examination which will take place shortly.

Harbor Officials make urgent inspections of speedboats at Pattaya Port

Following the recent marine incident involving a speedboat carrying Turkish Tourists, which sunk off the coast of Pattaya, Harbor officials conducted urgent inspections of speed boats at the Pattaya Port early on Wednesday Morning.

Two officers from the Harbor Department Division 6 conducted their inspection at 6.30am and checked the boats themselves and their accompanying paperwork to ensure that everything is in order and a repeat of the hull breach which occurred on the boat involved in the earlier incident would not be repeated.

The boat, named “JaiJai” which sunk as it was being towed back into Port on Tuesday afternoon, apparently cannot be located at this time despite an initial search of the area where it sunk, by a salvage vessel. No reasons were given for the loss which Harbor officials claim will be temporary.

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8 Turkish Tourists rescued from sinking Speed Boat in Pattaya Bay

Emergency Services, including the Pattaya Sea Rescue Unit, dealt with a marine incident on Tuesday afternoon which resulted in a Turkish National sustaining a minor injury.

The incident occurred as the group returned to the Bali Hai Port at the southern end of Pattaya Beach after spending the day “Island Hopping” on a speed boat named “JaiJai”. As they returned to the Port, a crack appeared in the Hull, which the driver claimed was due to rough seas.

Everyone on-board was wearing life jackets and help was only minutes away in the form of a pleasure boat, who rescued the Turkish Tourists and boat driver. One of the tourists was slightly injured and was taken to Hospital, but was released a few hours later.

An investigation into the incident began and Port authorities determined the hull of the boat had just been repaired which may be connected to the incident on Tuesday. Attempts were made to tow the vessel back to Port but it took on more water and sunk and will be recovered in the next 24 hours by a salvage vessel.

District Officers raid fun fair and Pattaya Bars

In the early hours of Wednesday the Banglamung District Licensing Unit was out in full force and checked a fun-fair in North Pattaya and a selection of Bars in South Pattaya’s Walking Street in search of licensing irregularities and illegal drugs.

The raids were led by the Chief of Banglamung District, Khun Sakchai, who began the night at a Fun-Fair located on the Naklua Road in North Pattaya. Officers converged on the location and found a Beer Garden which did not possess licenses to sell Alcoholic Beverages. They also found 6 people under the age of 18 who were consuming alcohol at the location. Action against the fun-fair organizers has now been initiated.

Later in the night the group make their way to Walking Street and made license checks on a number of Bars and in conjunction with the Public Health Department random drug tests on bar employees took place.

The District Chief confirmed that no issues arose from the checks and all venues visited by the team were allowed to continue trading as normal.

Cambodian Worker found dead at Pattaya Constructors Campsite

Police and medics were called to a constructor’s campsite on Tuesday Morning after a Cambodian worker was found dead inside his room.

The site is situated in the Huay Yai area and fellow workers became concerned when the victim, Mr. Mead aged 35, did not arrive at work as usual. Colleagues went to check on him and found him lying dead on the floor.

Police checked the room and body and found no obvious signs of foul play and were told by other workers that Mr. Mead would drink heavily on a daily basis.

Police will wait for the results of a post-mortem examination but suspect the man died of a drink-related illness.

100 Ladies and Ladyboy’s “of the night” arrested by Police on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Tuesday and in response to the recent case of a drugging and robbery of a Pakistani Tourist by two women picked-up from Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Police arrested 100 suspected prostitutes who were found loitering in the Beach Road area.

The group consisted of females and Ladyboy’s and each of the detainees was profiled and fined the sum of 200 Baht each before being set free to presumably continue with whatever they were doing prior to their arrest.

Police made it clear that if they continued to be caught in the area punishments would become more severe and any of them who committed a criminal act, especially against a Tourist, would be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

Russian Marijuana Case closed by Pattaya Police Chief

The Pattaya Police Chief confirmed on Monday that the two Russian Females who were alleged to have been caught with Marijuana and drug taking paraphernalia on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of Sunday are free to continue their Holiday in Pattaya without fear of further Police action being taken against them.

The two Russian Women, were initially detained on Pattaya Beach just before 1am on Sunday and the story made the National press, mainly due to the way the Police handled the case after they were taken away from the beach in a Police truck.

On Monday the two women were asked to attend Pattaya Police Station where they agreed to participate in drug tests which the Police Chief claimed were negative for the presence of controlled substances in their bodies.

It was also claimed that the small bag of Marijuana and the device used to smoke it, belong to another tourist who was sitting close to the pair and had already left, leaving the drugs and the device behind.

The story was accepted by the Police Chief who was told by the Russian pair that they were due to leave Thailand on 22nd November and had travelled as part of a Tour Group and despite their run in with the authorities, they had enjoyed their trip and are already planning to return to Pattaya in the near future.

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6,600 Yabba Tablets and suspected drug dealer caught by Sattahip Police

In the early hours of Monday, Sattahip Police conducted an undercover operation which saw them arrest a suspected drug dealer and seize a total of 6,600 Yabba Tablets, a class 1 drug in Thailand.

Police were able to initially purchase 1,000 Tablets from the target, Khun Atapon aged 24, in Baan Chang, Rayong Province. He was accompanied by his girlfriend and both were detained.

Khun Atapon revealed to Police that he had buried a large quantity of drugs nearby, under a tree, and directed Police to the location, where a bag containing a further 5,600 Yabba Tablets were seized.

As part of the investigation, Khun Atapon’s supplier, who is also thought to reside in Rayong Province, is now the subject of a man-hunt. For now Khun Atapon and his girlfriend, have been charged with serious class 1 drug possession and supply charges and are being held on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Police Complaint filed against new owners of Pattaya Golf Course

A group of 32 shareholder members of a Pattaya Golf Course filed a Police Report against its new owners on Monday regarding a dispute over existing memberships which the new owners are alleged to be refusing to honor from the previous owners of the Course.

The Members, consisting mostly of foreign nationals, filed the report against the Phoenix Golf & Country Club, at Huay Yai Police Station and the report states that when the new owners of the Golf Course took over, they allegedly refused to allow existing members to continue using their memberships to play at the club, without any prior notice given to the members and later informed them they had to apply for new memberships.

The group claim that 1,000 members are affected by this and claim they have been told by the Course Management that they have to pay 200,000 Baht for new lifetime memberships or they could no longer use the Course.

The group are now considering further legal action.