District Officials arrest suspected drug dealer in Central Pattaya

Early on Thursday Morning a team of officers from the Banglamung District Narcotics Unit, conducted an undercover operation in Central Pattaya which led to the arrest of a 34 year old man, suspected of selling class 1 drugs.

The operation took place in Soi Maevilai Market in Central Pattaya just after daybreak on Thursday. An undercover officer lured the target, Khun Somjet, to a rented room at the location where 15g of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine were due to be exchanged for 33,000 Baht in cash.

The bank notes were marked and as soon as the transaction was complete, officers moved in and arrested the suspect who was in possession of the marked bank notes. The suspect’s Grey Toyota Vios, which was parked nearby was searched and a two-way radio, knife and plank of wood were seized.

Khun Somjet claimed he purchased the drugs from an agent based in the Lat Krabang area in Bangkok and was selling drugs to assist him in clearing the monthly finance payments for his car.

Khun Somjet was later transferred to Pattaya Police Station for further legal processing.

Painter killed in East Pattaya, 4 Cambodian Work Colleagues on-the-run

Police are currently searching for 4 Cambodian Laborers who are wanted in connection with a suspected case of murder at an East Pattaya house which is thought to have occurred in the early hours of Thursday.

Police were called to the house in Soi Nongmaikaen 17 in East Pattaya just before 10am by a fellow worker, Khun Ali aged 42, who arrived for work at the house, which is currently under construction, to find the body of Khun Paisitong aged 32, slumped over a table.

Upon close inspection a severe trauma to the head was evident, which is thought to have been caused by a heavy object. Nearby empty bottles of Whisky and other drinks suggested to Police that a gathering had taken place hours before the death where large amounts of alcoholic beverages were consumed.

Khun Ali confirmed the victim and the Cambodian’s were drinking together into the early hours of Thursday and had an ongoing dispute over wages which appeared not to have been resolved when Khun Ali left for the night.

Police are now searching for the 3 male and 1 female Cambodian who are suspected of being involved in the death.

2006 US Murder suspect arrested by Pattaya Tourist Police

There is some confusion relating to the arrest of a 42 year old Thai Woman on Wednesday by Pattaya’s Tourist Police, relating to the alleged murder of a US Tourist on Pattaya Beach Road which took place on 11th February 2006.

Reports by local media outlets in 2006 suggested the suspect, Khun Krittsana, was arrested 3 days after the alleged knife attack on Mr. Tony Lindsey from Hawaii, on Pattaya Beach Road in front of Soi 7.

It is thought, at the time, she was working as a prostitute and entered into an argument with Mr. Lindsey over payment for sexual services. The argument escalated when her Husband, Khun Supot aged 35, was called and began to fight the Tourist. Khun Krittsana is alleged to have stabbed Mr. Lindsey and he later succumbed to his injuries in Hospital.

Reports at the time suggest she was arrested by Police Captain Sompob from Pattaya Police, but on 17th February 2006 arrest warrant number 168/2549 was issued for her.

Latest reports suggest she was unaware of the subsequent death of Mr. Lindsey and continued to work in Pattaya until now, unaware she was wanted for murder and was not arrested in 2006.

Khun Krittsana will now go to Court and face murder charges. She split from her husband in 2006 and his whereabouts is currently unknown.

Dutchman arrested on Drugs & Money Laundering Charges at his Pattaya house

Early on Wednesday Morning a team of officers from Police and Government Departments conducted a raid on two luxury houses close to the Phoenix Golf Club in the Southern outskirts of Pattaya and arrested a 53 year old Dutchman and his Thai Wife.

The raid took place in conjunction with the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok and featured officers from the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), The Department of Special Investigations (DSI), The Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB), the Office of the Attorney General and Huay Yai Police.

Inside the house was Mr. Johannes Petrus Maria Van Laarhoven aged 53 from The Netherlands and his wife, Khun Mingkwam aged 35. Mr. Laarhoven is wanted by Dutch Authorities in relation to a charge of cultivating and selling Marijuana without a permit back in The Netherlands dating back to 2008.

At this point he came to Thailand where he is accused of Money Laundering offences under the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1999. It is suspected he opened a company and allegedly laundering 5-600 Million Baht per year.

During the raid on Wednesday, Land Title Deeds, Vehicles, Jewelry and cash with a total estimated value of 50 Million Baht were seized, along with the two houses situated on his plot of land inside the Golf Course.

Following legal procedures in Thailand he will be handed to the Dutch Authorities for extradition back to The Netherlands.

Navy, Police, and District Officials inspect Pattaya Entertainment Zone

In the early hours of Thursday a team of officials from the Thai Navy, Police and District Office, inspected the businesses and security situation on Walking Street in South Pattaya.

The visit was prompted by a number of video clips posted on social media platforms over recent months which seem to depict various incidents which have occurred on Walking Street, including acts of violence.

Taking the long walk from one end of Walking Street to the other was the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, Khun Ronagit, Senior Officers from the Thai Navy based in Sattahip, Banglamung District Licensing Officials, Tourist Police and Pattaya Police Officers.

Along the way a selection of tourists and business owners were approached and asked to give their views on Walking Street and how safe they felt there. The majority of the feedback was positive and the officials concluded from their brief visit that all is well on arguably the most famous street in Thailand.

Guns, Gold and Drug Users feature in Pattaya Police crime crackdown

Following on from a recent necklace snatch involving a French Tourist in Jomtien, Pattaya Police arrested 14 people on Larn Island, off the coast of Pattaya, on Tuesday afternoon.

Police Colonel Supatee, the Acting Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, announced the arrest of a 3-man gang and another man who was accused of receiving stolen goods.

Mr. Lim Sylvian aged 36 from France lost 80,000 Baht’s worth of gold as he rode on a Baht Bus in Soi Chayapreuk in Jomtien on 20th July. Since then Pattaya Police have been investigating the case which led them to Larn Island, where the gang of suspected thieves are thought to reside.

Khun Supagiet aged 20, Khun Surachai aged 23 and Khun Somsak aged 32 were arrested and accused of theft while a fourth man, Khun Suwat aged 33 was arrested after he was found in possession of the stolen items which he had purchased from the gang. In addition, 2 Buddhist Amulets, 2 Gold Rings, 57,000 Baht and a Glock 17 firearm with 36 bullets were seized.

While Police were on Larn Island, they conducted random drug tests and arrested 10 people and Police were also able to seize additional weapons.

All those arrested will be prosecuted in due course.

Further Pattaya Money Lending Business shut-down by officials

Following orders from the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), Banglamung District Officials, the Navy and Police, continue to shutdown illegal money lending businesses operating in the Pattaya area.

On Tuesday Night a group of officers raided a luxury house in the Naklua area and arrested Khun Prasert aged 33, who was accused of running an illegal money lending business. Inside the house a book containing details of over 1,000 customers was found and 4 motorbikes, 2 cars, 5 computers and 4 mobile phones were seized.

There were 4 other men inside the house at the time of the raid and they were suspected of working as debt collectors for Khun Prasert and were also detained.

Once again links to Chanthaburi Province were revealed as the main organizer of the business is thought to reside there.

The investigation continues as officials look to arrest the organizer as soon as possible.


Former Pattaya Pub Security Guard found with M16 Ammunition and Police Uniform

In the early hours of Tuesday a 19 year old former Pub Security Guard was stopped in his pick-up after he was found in Jomtien playing loud music which was causing a disturbance to others.

Police detained Khun Tana and conducted a search of his Isuzu Pick-up and found 23 rounds of ammunition for an M16 Assault Rifle, A bullet proof jacket, Handcuffs, a Gun holster and a Police ID pouch.

Khun Tana claimed that he used the items when he worked as a Guard but no longer used them and had forgotten to take the items out of his truck.

He was taken to Pattaya Police Station for further legal processing.

Container Truck theft suspect arrested by Police in Pattaya

On Tuesday, Huay Yai Police arrested a 35 year old man accused of stealing a 40ft container and the truck it was being transported on.

The alleged theft took place at a farm owned by Khun Payunsuk aged 61 who provided Police with Security Camera Footage which appeared to show that two former employees appeared to take the container, which had been previously modified to be used as a temporary home.

Police were able to arrest Khun Par but the second man, Khun Par’s Brother, was able to escape and currently remains at-large. An added complication relates to the sale of the container which was brokered by Khun Par, but the proceeds of the sale remain with the other Brother who currently is on the run.

Suspected ringleader of Pattaya Money Lending Operation arrested

Following on from the arrest of two Debt Collectors by Pattaya Police and the Navy early on Sunday Morning, the ringleader of the operation, who is based in Chanthaburi Province, has now been arrested.

On Monday afternoon, the Thai Navy in conjunction with Banglamung District Officials visited the home of Khun Siriwattana aged 37, who is suspected of running the Illegal Pattaya Money Lending business which saw the arrest of Khun Pongsagorn aged 20 and Khun Wattana aged 26 on Sunday at a house in East Pattaya.

During the raid on Monday, 2 licensed firearms were found, along with 22 Bank Books which contained more than 1 Million Baht of savings between them. A car, which the suspect confessed to taking from a Debtor as guarantee of payment, was parked outside of the house and also seized.

Khun Siriwattana claimed he no longer ran the money lending service and was preparing to shut down the business as soon as all of his existing debts were cleared. He also claimed the house he lived in was not his but his Sister’s house.

The suspect was taken back to Nongprue Police Station where he was charged with offenses relating to the illegal money lending business.

Initial Story: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/135695/debt-collectors-caught-harassing-debtor-in-central-pattaya/

Police arrest wanted drug dealing suspect in East Pattaya market

Officers from the Crime Suppression Division arrested a 26 year old man wanted in connection with serious class 1 drug dealing offenses from a case dating back to December 2013.

Officers arrested Khun Anusorn at the market on the strength of arrest warrant number 13/2557 dated 9th January 2014 and issued by the Nakhon Sawan Provincial Court. On 2nd December 2013 he was suspected of being part of a gang of three men selling drugs in Nakhon Sawan Province in Central Thailand.

Two arrested were made but Khun Anusorn was able to escape from Police. It was known that he was constantly changing location to elude capture but a tip-off led Police to him on Sunday evening.

Khun Anusorn was later transferred to Nakhon Sawan Police for further legal proceedings.

Russians robbed by two Cambodians on Pattaya Beach Road

In the early hours of Sunday a Russian Woman and her Boyfriend were walking back to their Hotel when they were robbed by two Cambodians.

The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach Road close to the entrance of Soi 6 at 1.20am. Miss Nadezda Bokova aged 31 and her Boyfriend were suddenly confronted by two Cambodians on a motorbike.

As the assailants drove past the pair, the passenger leant over and snatched a bag which was over the left shoulder of Miss Bokova. Inside the bag were mobile phones, her purse and other unspecified items.

Luckily for the pair Police and Police Volunteers were stationed nearby and were able to quickly apprehend the two suspects and return the bag to its rightful owner.

In addition to robbery charges, both men were found not to possess passports and are suspected of entering Thailand illegally which will eventually see them deported after a possible prison sentence if they are found guilty of charges in Court.

Street Racers arrested and vehicles seized by Police and Navy in Central Pattaya

In the early hours of Sunday, Pattaya Police in conjunction with the Royal Thai Navy received information of a gathering of modified vehicles in Central Pattaya and went to investigate.

A total of 11 vehicles were seized and 11 drivers aged between 20 and 27 were arrested after it became evident that a street race had been organized and attempts to illegally close the road were made prior to the authorities arriving.

The 11 drivers are facing a variety of criminal charges which carry a maximum sentence of 2 months in prison and/or a fine of 2,000 to 10,000 Baht. Their driving licenses can also be suspended for 1 month, if their Court appearances do not go well.

Debt Collectors caught harassing debtor in Central Pattaya

In the early hours of Sunday Police arrested two men suspected of working as debt collectors as they attempted to scare a debtor into paying an outstanding debt.

The two men were caught at a house in Soi 31 off Pattaya Third Road as they were conducting a visit where intimidation was used to persuade the debtor to pay the outstanding debt or face consequences.

Khun Pongsagorn aged 20 and Khun Wantana aged 26 were arrested and taken to their home in Chockchai Village 4 in Soi Neun Plub Wan where evidence of their illegal money lending activities were found. The pair later confessed to working for a man based in nearby Chanthaburi Province and customers were charged 20% per day on the amount they had borrowed.

On this occasion 30,000 Baht had been borrowed with daily repayments amounting to 600 Baht.

American victim of Pattaya Baht Bus pickpocket gang

On Saturday Pattaya Police were able to apprehend 4 members of a pickpocket gang who were known to operate on Baht Buses in the Pattaya area and would target only foreign tourists.

Police Colonel Supatee, the acting Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, held a press conference to announce the arrest of Khun Bunchar aged 28, Khun Pinpit aged 28, Khun Duenjai aged 30 and Khun Cherry aged 23.

The victim, Mr. John Wells aged 60, lost a total of 5,000 US Dollars from his pocket as he rode on the Baht bus. The main instigator of the theft was Khun Bunchar who was identified as a serial offender with over 100 similar convictions on his criminal record. He had also just been released from Prison where he served time based on similar offenses.

He confessed to passing the money to Khun Deunjai on the Baht Bus and when the money was later exchanged for Thai Baht, the equivalent, approximately 150,000 Baht, was split into two parts with Khun Bunchar taking 10,000 Baht and the rest went to the others.

The stolen money was able to be recovered by Police when they arrested the four suspects to the delight of Mr. Wells, who thanked Pattaya Police for the positive result in the case.

Central Pattaya Pub on 30 day closure caught trading by Licensing Officials

A Central Pattaya Pub & Karaoke Bar, which is currently serving a 30 day closure, due to previous licensing irregularities, was found to be open and trading well, in the early hours of Saturday.

District Licensing Officials conducted a raid on the Winner Pub & Karaoke Bar off Soi Buakhao just before 4am on Saturday. There was over 100 customers inside who were all consuming alcoholic beverages.

The venue was originally closed down following a raid on 5th July. It is thought the venue has been open since that date in defiance of an official Closure Order which was posted on the front of the venue.

On this occasion 19 patrons were found not to be carrying their Thai ID Cards, 3 patrons were under the age of 20 and the venue was selling unlicensed Shisha.

This time the team promised to issue a new closure order for 60 days and if they are caught again the venue will be closed for good.

One dead, four injured as luxury car rear-ends Truck on Pattaya Highway

In the early hours of Friday a three-vehicle crash occurred on Highway 331 which left one male driver dead.

The crash involved a Black Mercedes Benz driven by Khun Surachai aged 50, a White Toyota Vios driven by Khun Siripan aged 34 and an 18-wheel truck driven by Khun Tongchai aged 29.

The truck was on its way to Laem Chabang from Rayong Province and was carrying 20 tons of Dried Fish. Inside the truck was the drivers wife and child and all three sustained relatively minor injuries.

Khun Surachai aged 50, the driver of the Mercedes Benz, was declared dead-at-the-scene due to life-ending crush injuries, caused when his car slammed into the rear of the slower-moving truck. A further collision with the White Car occurred causing substantial damage to the vehicle but only minor injuries to its driver, Khun Siripan.

On this particular stretch of Highway 331 the lighting is poor and the truck was travelling uphill at the time. In addition to the poor street lighting, the rear lights on the truck was found to be faulty by Police Investigators who continue to look into the crash.

Pattaya Police arrest female drug dealing suspect

In the early hours of Friday, Pattaya Police received a tipoff that a female drug dealer was selling Marijuana to young Thai’s around Pattaya and decided to track her down and arrest her.

Officers were told that the suspect, Khun Narin aged 40, was living in Soi Daengmo in Central Pattaya and proceeded to her house where the suspect was detained pending a search of the property.

After a thorough search a block of dried Marijuana weighing 700g was found concealed in a shoe box. Khun Narin confessed that the drugs were intended for sale to teenagers on Pattaya Beach Road.

Further investigations are now underway to catch other drug dealers she is suspected of working with.

Mother abandons child at Pattaya Beer Bar

A young mother and former employee abandoned her child at a South Pattaya Beer Bar in the early hours of Friday.

The woman, aged in her early twenties, arrived at the Good Time Beer Bar on Pattaya Second Road with her son, aged approximately 7-8 months and proceeded to drink three bottles of beer.

When it came for her to pay her drinks bill, she claimed that she did not have enough money and needed to go to a nearby ATM to replenish her funds. She drove off on a Pink Yamaha Fino Bike with no license plate and after nearly 4 hours of waiting the woman never returned and Bar Staff decided to report the abandonment at Pattaya Police Station.

The Child appeared to be in good health and was temporarily placed into the care of the bar owner as Police search for the mother.

Illegal Burmese Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver arrested by Police and Army

On Thursday Afternoon a patrol consisting of Thai Army personnel and Pattaya City Security Officers stumbled upon a foreigner illegally working as a Motorbike Taxi Driver, a position he has held for the last 6 years.

The team came across Mr. San Aung Tun aged 45 wearing a Motorbike Taxi jacket outside of the Big C Supercenter in South Pattaya. He was also witnessed accepting passengers on his bike in exchange for a fee.

When challenged to produce a passport and work permit he was only able to produce his passport which had only a Tourist Visa stamp inside which comes with a condition of no work permitted.

Mr. Tun revealed that he had worked as a Taxi Driver for 6 years to Pattaya Police Officers who formally arrested the man who now faces deportation in due course.