Chinese Tour Group Sex Show complaint to Pattaya Tourist Police

The Tourist Police based on Walking Street, received a complaint from a group of Chinese Tourists in the early hours of Monday, who claimed to have paid money to a man who promised to take them to see a sex show which never took place as the venue had already closed.

The group were approached by a man in Soi Pattayaland off Pattaya Beach who agreed to take the group to a bar to watch a sex show in exchange for 2,000 Baht, which was handed over to the man, Khun Itinan aged 32. The group arrived at the bar to find it was closed and when they asked for their money back the man refused.

Tourist Police located the man and took him to Pattaya Police Station along with the Chinese group. He admitted taking the group to the bar and was in possession of pornographic laminated cards which he uses to explain the services on offer at the establishment. He claimed to be unaware the bar had already closed and promised to repay the 2,000 Baht.

Further legal proceedings against the man are now underway.

Pressure on Pattaya Police to solve “Boat and Body” mystery

On Monday a meeting was held at Pattaya Police Station led by the Deputy Commissioner of Region 2 Police who wants to ensure that everything is being done to solve the case of the Catamaran and the discovery of 2 bodies close to it off the coast of Larn Island.

Police Major General Surapon visited Pattaya to ensure that the investigation into the recent discovery of two headless corpses close to a Catamarn moored 500 meters off the coast of Larn Island is progressing.

He was told that Police are in close contact with the Belgian owner of the boat, Mr. Joost Goovaerts, and the German Captain Mr. Jorg Hiatze. The Boat owner, who is currently not in Thailand, will be interviewed next week at Pattaya Police Station but has confirmed the boat had sailed from Singapore, via Cambodia to Pattaya and developed technical difficulties which resulted in it being moored off the coast of Larn Island where it awaits repair.

Fingerprint impressions taken from the boat are still being analyzed to rule out any connection with the boat and the discovery of the male and female corpses in the sea, close to the vessel. It has been determined by Marine Department officials that local currents suggest the bodies did not originate from the area.

Police suspect both deceased individuals are foreign nationals.

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Underground Lottery arrests by Police and Army in East Pattaya

In a joint operation involving Nongprue Police and the Army, three locations in the East Pattaya area were raided on Monday Morning and those suspected of involvement in illegal underground lotteries were arrested.

The first two locations were in the Pong Municipality in Village Numbers 1 and 8. In village 1, Khun Boonying aged 48, the wife of the village chief, was arrested and items such as lottery account books were seized and taken into evidence.

In village 8, a woman of the same name, Khun Boonying aged 68 was also arrested and found to be running an underground lottery operation.

The third raid took place at the Nakoo Resort in the Nong Pla Lai area where various arrests of Cambodian Nationals accused of taking part in the lottery were made along with the cashier and receptionist of the resort, Khun Sumalee aged 39, who confessed to running a lottery on behalf of the owner of the resort, Khun Narongrit, whose current location is unknown.

The arrests were prompted by orders from the NCPO (National Council for Peace & Order) who are looking to eradicate illegal lotteries around Thailand.

Cambodian arrested following Russian bag snatch in Jomtien

Late on Sunday Night Police based in Jomtien arrested a 22 year old Cambodian accused of stealing a bag from a Russian Tourist containing 45,000 Baht’s worth of cash and valuables.

The victim, known only as Miss Anna aged 29, informed Police she was walking back to the Park Lane Resort off Soi Watboon when the suspect, Mr. Lieng, came from behind and snatched her bag which contained Thai and US Currency along with her mobile phone. The suspect ran off into the distance.

Luckily a motorbike taxi driver was stationed nearby and took Miss Anna straight to the Police Station on Jomtien Beach and a Police Patrol was able to arrest the suspect who was taken to the station along with the stolen bag and its contents which were still in his possession.

Miss Anna praised the Police and Army Patrol for apprehending the suspect who was charged with aggravated theft. He is now behind bars awaiting a Monday Morning Court appearance.

Road-racing pick-up crashes close to Pattaya Highway 7 overpass

In the early hours of Sunday a pick-up driver was lucky to walk-away with minor injuries after he crashed his vehicle into a street pylon after a road-race went terribly wrong.

Police and medics were called to the Overpass entrance to Highway 7 on the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya just before 3am to deal with the crash which involved a Bronze Isuzu D-Max pick-up driven by Khun Anon aged 23.

The cab was crushed and the driver was forced up towards the roof and over the driver’s seat. Initially rescuers feared serious injury but Khun Anon decided to walk-away from his mangled vehicle but did eventually accept further treatment in Hospital.

It is thought he was racing a car which suddenly entered the overpass to Highway 7 which distracted Khun Anon who lost control of his vehicle which came off the main carriageway and hit a street pylon.

Police are investigating.

Gas Line rupture damages luxury car in Central Pattaya

Fire Fighters were called to Central Pattaya early on Sunday Morning to deal with a car fire which was caused by a ruptured gas line in a nearby restaurant.

The incident occurred just before 7.30am at the Niran Grand Condo in Soi Arunothai in front of a Thai Restaurant situated within the complex, owned by Khun Lowaert aged 43.

A white Toyota Camry was parked outside of the restaurant, the driver, Khun Pongsak aged 37 was awoken by neighbors on Sunday Morning after the fire began. He had borrowed the luxury car from a friend and was understandably angry and very concerned that the insurance that covers the car would pay for the damage.

The restaurant was opened as usual and the owner began cooking when a line between the gas canister and the cooker ruptured and a fire began which engulfed the Camry parked at the front of the business.

The fire was extinguished quickly but the damage caused to the car is estimated to be in excess of 100,000 Baht.

New Developments in abandoned boat case near Pattaya Island

A full investigation is now underway into the circumstances surrounding the death of a male and female, thought to be of foreign nationality, off the coast of Larn Island, earlier this week. New developments suggest the discovery of an abandoned Catamaran nearby is not connected to the pair in any way.

Region 2 Police, Marine Police and the Pattaya Marine Department confirmed on Friday that the boat belongs to a Belgian and is currently being Captained by a German. The boat experienced technical difficulties and with the permission of the Marine Department, the vessel was anchored 500 meters off the coast of Sark Island, which is situated next to Larn Island, until it could become sea-worthy again.

The vessel is normally moored at the Ocean Marina Yachtclub in Jomtien. The Captain of the vessel has been accounted for and boarded the vessel with Police on Friday where he confirmed that the boat was not in operation.

Police are now re-focusing their efforts on the two headless corpses found in the sea and suggested the heads had been consumed by fish, which is a common occurrence when bodies remain in the sea for a substantial period of time.

The investigation continues.

Initial Story:

Two bodies found near abandoned Catamaran close to Pattaya Island

The badly decomposed bodies of a male and female were found in waters off the coast of Larn Island on Thursday. Close-by was an abandoned Catamaran which is thought to be connected with the couple. For now Police are unsure if the couple were murdered or committed suicide.

The bodies were discovered on Thursday Afternoon in two separate locations off Larn Island, located 4kms off the coast of Pattaya, by two Sea Rescue Units. Also nearby was an anchored Lagoon 440 Catamaran named “Cat Rynna” and was locked from the outside. Inside there appeared to be no obvious signs of a disturbance but it appears to have been anchored in the area for at-least the last 10 days which would fit with the estimated time of death for both individuals which is 10 to 15 days.

Both bodies were headless when recovered from the sea and the male corpse featured tattoos on his left leg. Currently names or nationalities of the pair are unknown as post-mortem examinations are due to take place later this week. For now Marine Department Officials are working with Marine Police to determine a definite connection between the couple and the Catamaran and the cause of death.

Corpse of man found 300 meters from Police Station on Pattaya outskirts

On Thursday Night the decomposed body of a man, handcuffed and shot in the head, was found in undergrowth just 300 meters from Huay Yai Police station on the outskirts of Pattaya.

The body was situated just off Highway 331 and was that of a male, thought to be aged between 20 and 30. He was handcuffed to the back and two bullet holes were seen through his skull. There was evidence of severe bruising and lacerations to his upper-body and the man was described as heavily tattooed and likely a Thai National, although he was not carrying any forms of identification.

Police estimate he had been dead for 2 weeks and are unsure why the body remained undiscovered for so long as the odor emanating from the corpse was intense according to those at the scene.

Little more is known for now as a post-mortem examination takes place which will focus on identifying the man.

“Self-Strangulation” Student from South Pattaya Nursery dies

The 4 year old child who, it was claimed, strangled himself using a Picnic Mattress Bag, lost his fight for life on Wednesday.

The body of Master Pirapat was taken to the Nong Or Temple in Banglamung where a 3 day Funeral Ceremony began with the ritual of pouring water over the right hand of the deceased body.

As the child’s family come to terms with their loss there is speculation that the child did not strangle himself as first thought. The grandfather of the child, Khun Pasaporn aged 48, claims to have received information that another child twisted the bag handles tight around his neck, as he waited to be picked up from school. There is no suggestion the death was intentional in any way but was a case of death by misadventure.

The cremation ceremony for the boy takes place on Sunday 31st August.

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Pattaya Art Teacher reported to Police after 9 year old is caned

The mother of a 9 year old Student reported a Teacher from a Central Pattaya School to Pattaya Police after she noticed serious wounds on the buttocks of her child, reportedly caused by the Teacher who caned the child after he forgot to hand-in his homework assignment.

Khun Songsuan aged 35 accompanied her Son to the Police Station earlier this week to report the incident. The child is a Year 4 Student at the Arunothai School in Central Pattaya and is a model student, according to his Mother. He has a high GPA (Grade Point Average) and represents his school as a Cheerleader at a Provincial Level. He is currently top of his class and a Leading member of the Scouts.

Khun Songsuan picked her child up from School and had planned to go to see a Movie at Central Festival Pattaya Beach but her son complained of severe pain on his buttocks. She inspected the area and saw severe cuts and bruising consistent with the boy being struck with a cane. The boy accused his Art Teacher, Khun Wuttikorn, of caning him after he forgot to hand-in his homework.

The pair returned to the school to confront the Teacher who said he had to discipline the child as he forgot his homework and he stands by his decision to cane him.
The boy was sent to Hospital where a Doctor confirmed the injuries were consistent with being struck multiple times with a stick. This evidence will now form part of a case currently under investigation by Police who will speak with the Teacher in due course.

Pattaya “checked” by top Police General

On Wednesday a top Police General was in Pattaya to check local Police Divisions to see if changes requested 3 months ago to improve various aspects of Police duties had been enforced.

We caught up with Police General Wuthi, Senior Adviser to the Police Commissioner, at the Chonburi Immigration Office in Jomtien, where the General inspected the work of Immigration Officers paying particular attention to their Transnational Crime Center located on the Second Floor.

Earlier the General inspected the Pattaya Traffic Police Division and was pleased to see that Traffic congestion issues were less acute compared to 3 months ago. He mentioned that Chinese Tour Companies had spoken with the General and were particularly impressed with the improved traffic flow in Chiang Mai Province and he hopes that Pattaya will eventually follow suit.

Overall, the General is confident that Pattaya Police Divisions will be able to provide a high level of service to permanent and temporary residents of Pattaya over the coming high season months.

Another Pattaya “Mafia” Motorbike Taxi Driver arrested by Local Authorities

On Wednesday another motorbike taxi driver was arrested and accused of extorting money from Motorbike Taxi Drivers.

This time, the group of Banglamung District Officials and Royal Thai Navy Officers visited a taxi rank in Soi 6, Central Pattaya and arrested Khun Wichan aged 40, who is suspected of taking 1,500 Baht per month from other drivers to allow them to work unhindered.

Initially the suspect denied taking the money until evidence was presented to him which seemed to confirm the allegations brought against him. He was transferred to Pattaya Police Station where further legal proceedings were initiated against the suspect.

Road-rage shooting suspect caught by Police in North Pattaya

On Monday Morning, Banglamung Police arrested a 34 year old man wanted in connection with the shooting of a Teacher in an apparent road-rage incident which occurred on 18th August in North Pattaya.

The case occurred in Soi Potisan in the early evening and the single gunshot also caused an injury to a 19 year old student in the passenger seat who was struck by shards of glass.

The Teacher, Khun Saroj aged 27 is a Marching Band Teacher and was giving the student a ride home when his vehicle came close to the vehicle of the suspect who became enraged after Khun Saroj used his car horn multiple times. The suspect is accused of shooting the teacher through the head but despite his injuries the victim made a full recovery as did the student.

Police conducted a search of the suspects’ car on Monday Morning in Soi Thai-Udom in North Pattaya, and found a gun, thought to have been used in the shooting. He was arrested and later charged with attempted murder. His wife and friend, who were also in the car at the time of the arrest were detained for a short-time and later released without charge.

Middle-Eastern road-racers arrested by Pattaya Police

Just before 3am on Monday and following complaints of young foreigners who were racing up and down the overpass leading to the Bali Hai Port in South Pattaya, 9 foreign drivers were arrested and their bikes were seized by Pattaya Police.

The men, who appeared unconcerned over their arrest and were willing to pose for pictures, admitted to driving at a high rate of speed up and down the overpass for fun. Police made it clear that such an activity is both dangerous to them and other motorists.

The men were fined and released without further action but were given stern warnings not to be caught speeding in the area again or they would face harsher punishments.

British Drug User dies at his Central Pattaya Apartment

In the early hours of Saturday, Police and medics were called to a Central Pattaya Apartment following reports of a British National who had died after reportedly ingesting narcotics.

The incident occurred at the Spanish Place Condominium off the Sukhumvit Road just before 3am and led to the death of Mr. Jason William Flannery aged 25. He was lying on the floor of his apartment and signs of a major disturbance in the room were seen by Police.

The victim’s girlfriend of one year, Khun Janjira aged 23, told Police that she had earlier returned from work and found Mr. Flannery with his friend and his girlfriend in a serious conversation. Mr. Flannery then reportedly consumed a mixture of Cocaine and water which was placed in a syringe and then consumed before another syringe of the concoction was prepared for later use. He is also reported to have smoked regular cigarettes filled with Marijuana.

Mr. Flannery’s mood quickly altered and his friend and his girlfriend left followed by Khun Janjira after Mr. Flannery became violent towards her. She called the Police and returned to the apartment but Mr. Flannery became enraged and fell onto a mirror causing lacerations to his face and upper-body. He then began to convulse and stopped breathing.

Police are waiting for the results of a post-mortem examination and have contacted the British Embassy in Bangkok.

Armed Kidnapping of female car driver by Mentally Ill man in South Pattaya

A 42 year old woman was kidnapped at knife-point and ordered to drive and then crash her car in South Pattaya on Sunday afternoon.

The incident began at the Tony’s Fitness Center on Pattaya Third Road as Khun Somtanyanat returned to her car after a work-out session at the Gym. As she approached her car a man approached her and ordered her into the car at knife-point with an additional threat he was carrying a gun, later found to be a fake weapon, and was not afraid to use it.

She drove to the Sukhumvit Road and as she came towards the King Power Duty Free Shop, she was told by the man, Khun Chaiyawat aged 25, to hit the back of a slow-moving White Isuzu D-Max pick-up.

Police were alerted to the incident and arrived to begin negotiating with the man, who appeared to be in a disturbed and confused state.

During the negotiations he mentioned that Police should go and held their colleagues in the South of Thailand and also mentioned a problem with his family. Police Colonel Supatee arrived and eventually persuaded the man to release the female driver who sustained a minor hand injury and was treated at the scene. The man was eventually taken from the car and into custody. Later checks revealed a Mental Health history involving Hospitals around Thailand.

The suspect was arrested and charged over the incident.

Pattaya Police undercover prostitution sting at South Pattaya Massage Shop

In the early hours of Saturday, Pattaya Police conducted an undercover operation at a South Pattaya Massage Shop where customers were allegedly paying for sexual services and using 2nd floor rooms to “complete the deal”.

The operation centered on the Na Na Massage Shop in South Pattaya, which is known to cater for mostly Middle-Eastern customers. Two undercover operatives gave two of the workers 2,000 Baht each in exchange for sexual services in 2nd floor rooms.

The operatives gave signals to Police as soon as the money was handed over and the workers agreed to have sex for money. Officers firstly arrested the owner of the business, Khun Gaeson aged 34, and detained the two workers, aged 28 and 38.

Khun Gaeson confessed to allowing the rooms to be used for such a purpose and would take 400 Baht from every worker as a commission.

Criminal proceedings against the shop owner have been initiated.

One Hurt in East Pattaya Road Crash

In the early hours of Sunday a 40 year old female car driver was injured after her car collided with a pick-up on a railroad intersection in East Pattaya.

Police and medics were called to the scene of the crash just after 3am in Soi Nong Get Yai where it intersects with the railroad running along the East side of Pattaya.

Both vehicles, a Nissan March and an Isuzu D-Max pick-up were badly damaged and the driver of the Nissan, Khun Chawiwan, was rushed to Hospital.

At the scene, we spoke with Khun Braikwan aged 26, the driver of the pick-up who claimed to be travelling along Soi Nong Get Yai and when she drove over the railway crossing she failed to see the Nissan car come along the railroad at-speed and a side-on collision took place.

Police are investigating the crash but have yet to charge anyone over the incident.

4 year old in Coma after self-strangulation incident at South Pattaya Nursery

A 4 year old child is currently fighting for his life in Hospital after he reportedly suffocated while waiting for his parents to pick him up from Nursery School on Friday Afternoon.

The disturbing incident occurred at the Chaimongkol Temple Nursery School off the South Pattaya Road and resulted in the boy, Khun Rapipat, being rushed to Hospital. Pattaya Police were made aware of the incident and an investigation into why the child was left unsupervised is also underway at the Nursery School.

The boy was waiting for his parents to pick him up and was carrying a Picnic Mattress which folds into the shape of a bag with straps. The boy placed the bag around his neck and began to twist the straps until he was seen to fall to the ground. Another student saw the boy unconscious on the ground and called a teacher who summoned medical assistance.

The 4 year old is currently in a coma and on a ventilator to assist his breathing as investigations continue.