Pattaya Police Pressure to find suspect in Danish Sexual Assault Case

Police from three stations around the Pattaya area are combining their resources to find a Thai man wanted in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 23 year old Danish woman, which took place on Saturday.

The victim, whose name has been withheld from the media, had gone to see a friend residing in the Baan Amphur area, just outside of Pattaya. Before she intended to return to her home in Naklua, she stopped at a PTT Petrol Station in the Baan Amphur area and used an ATM to withdraw 23,000 Baht in cash.

A Thai man, thought to be aged between 25 and 30 approached on a motorbike and claimed to be a Motorbike Taxi Driver. A price was agreed to take her back to Naklua and the woman jumped on the bike and the journey to Naklua began.

On the way back, the driver made a detour to a remote road in the Huay Yai area and forced the woman to accompany him to a nearby Cassava Field where the alleged sexual assault took place. The man also stole the 23,000 Baht from her.

The man offered to return the Danish woman to the Petrol Station and she accepted the ride but jumped off the bike on the Sukhumvit Road near a group of people. The driver sped off and the victim was offered assistance to contact the Police. A photofit impression of the suspect was released but for now the suspect remains at large and on Tuesday Morning a meeting of senior officers from Pattaya,

Banglamung and Huay Yai Police Stations took place at Banglamung Police Station. The media was not invited to attend the meeting which is thought to have revealed new information on the suspect which the Police do not wish to be published for now.

DNA tests are currently taking place on a Black T-Shirt and Hair Samples taken from the scene of the alleged attack and CCTV images from the Petrol Station are being analyzed.

Due to a number of recent high profile cases involving Foreign Nationals, local Police are under pressure to arrest the person responsible for the alleged attack but for now he remains at-large.

Body of Newborn Baby found on roadside in South Pattaya

On Tuesday Night, Police and medics were called to Jomtien Second Road to deal with the gruesome discovery of a newborn baby who had been dead for under one hour, according to investigators.

A street refuse collector, Khun Pisit aged 37, made the discovery. He found a plastic bag which appeared to contain something heavy and when he investigated further, he found the body of the newborn baby boy wrapped inside two T-Shirts.

Investigators believe the child had died less than one hour before and the umbilical cord was still attached suggesting the birth had taken place earlier on Tuesday.

Police are now appealing for the mother of the child to come forward as she may require urgent medical attention. Police will also look to press criminal charges but for now they are waiting for the results of a post-mortem examination which will hopefully determine if death took place before, during or after birth.

Cambodian Security Guard attacked in South Pattaya

In the early hours of Tuesday, a Cambodian Security Guard was attacked by a group of Cambodian construction workers in South Pattaya for no apparent reason.

The incident occurred in Soi 4 off the Pratamnuk Road where Mr. Duan aged 32, works as a Security Guard for a housing estate. He claims that a fellow Cambodian and his girlfriend walked past Mr. Duan while he was on-duty and used aggressive language and threatened him not to move from his station as he would be back later.

Sometime later, the man returned with two other Cambodian workers, who were armed with knives and planks of wood. Mr. Duan attempted to escape on foot and made his way to a nearby Motorbike Taxi Rank where Khun Wichai aged 52 was on-duty. The taxi driver shouted at the attackers to stop and they fled into Soi 5.

Pattaya Police were able to capture one of the alleged attackers, Mr. Wee aged 20, who is the brother of the main aggressor. The two other attackers remain at-large for now and injuries sustained to the Security Guard were described as superficial by medics at Banglamung Hospital.

5 Star Hotel Theft from British Guest by Pattaya Bar Girl

Over the weekend, the Pattaya Police Chief, announced the arrest of a 40 year old Pattaya Bar Worker, who is alleged to have stolen money from the room safe of a 56 year old British Tourist.

The incident occurred at the Dusit Thani Resort in North Pattaya, inside a room occupied by Mr. John Sargant from Redhill in Surrey. Earlier he had invited Khun Tirapon to his room and after 3 days of being together, she suddenly left but decided to reportedly steal 2,900 Pounds Sterling from his room safe.

During Questioning the suspect claimed that she watched Mr. Sargant use the room safe and was able to remember the security code. After she left, the money was exchanged for Thai Baht and allegedly handed to Khun Tikamporn aged 56 who the suspect claims is a close friend.

Police were able to locate the two women at the Oh La La Beer Bar situated close to the Dolphin Roundabout and only meters away from the Hotel. A total of 100,600 Baht was recovered and a small amount of pounds sterling. Khun Tirapon claimed she was angry that Mr. Sargant did not provide her with any financial compensation in exchange for her providing companionship, which led her to steal the money from the safe.

Both women were later charged over the incident and Mr. Sargant, who was clearly emotional at the press conference announcing the arrests, thanked the Hotel and Police for their assistance.

Disabled Bikers caught-up in Necklace Snatch in Central Pattaya

On Sunday Morning in Central Pattaya a Disabled driver and her Disabled friend, who is wheelchair-bound, were subjected to a necklace snatch on a road in Central Pattaya.

Khun Sasipan aged 24 was driving her friend, Khun Watidar aged 23 on a bike with sidecar, which contained Khun Watidar’s wheelchair in Soi Paniachang 9 off the Central Pattaya Road when two men on a further bike drove up beside them and the passenger on that bike leant over and snatched a gold necklace, worth approximately 5,000 Baht, from around the neck of Khun Watidar.

The victim almost fell off the motorbike during the attack and was luckily uninjured. The entire incident was caught on CCTV from the nearby River Hotel and the pictures are now in the hands of Pattaya Police who are urgently investigating the case and are hopeful of making an arrest.

Construction Worker found dead at lake in North Pattaya

Mystery surrounds the death of a 47 year old Construction Worker, who appears to have died in a 30cm deep lake behind a Cement Factory in North Pattaya.

The body of Khun Saman was recovered from the lake located in Soi Nong Get Yai 22 over the weekend. The body was identified by the victim’s boss, Khun Duangnet aged 41. She revealed to Police that Khun Saman told her, the night before he was found dead, that he was going to the lake to catch fish.

Khun Saman failed to return and the next morning his body was found in water which was approximately 30cm in depth.

For now Police theorize that he may have suffered an acute medical problem which led him to collapse into the water or he may have drowned due to intoxication. The investigation continues.

Pattaya Immigration Cancel Visa and Deport Dishonest German Beggar

It was confirmed on Friday that Immigration Senior Officers cancelled the current visa for the dishonest German Beggar, who was believed to be begging for money during the day and using the money to buy drinks and female companionship at night.

On Thursday Pattaya Tourist Police arrested Mr. Benjamin Holst aged 29. He was caught begging for money on Pattaya Beach, even though he reportedly had 7,000 Baht cash in his pocket. This is thought to be the remaining cash from a 40,000 Baht donation from people in Bangkok after he was found sleeping rough close to the Kao San Road. The money was intended to be used to purchase a new passport and a flight back to Germany.

Instead Mr. Holst made his way to Pattaya where he was spotted in bars, spending money which had been donated to him in Bangkok.

Under the Immigration Act of 1979, Chapter 2 Section 12, Mr. Holst has now been ordered to leave Thailand and on Friday was transferred to the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok where he awaits deportation.

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Foreign Couple caught on CCTV stealing Pick-up in North Pattaya

On Friday a couple, believed to be of foreign nationality, are believed to have stolen a parked pick-up which was left with the engine running by its driver.

The theft of the Toyota Hilux Pick-up took place close to the Highway 7 intersection with the Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya. Khun Arty aged 30 is an IT Technician who was driving the vehicle which is owned by his employer, the First Eastern Supply Company, who ironically specialize in Security Solutions.

Khun Arty left the engine running while he went inside a commercial building on the Sukhumvit Road and CCTV shows a male and female, thought to be foreign nationals, walk up to the vehicle and drive off.

The vehicle was found abandoned at the Northern end of Pattaya Second Road, outside of the Night Bazaar. A GPS Navigator had been taken but a bag containing 15,000 Baht, which was left in plain view, had been left by the couple.

People nearby saw the couple leave the vehicle and walk towards the Dolphin Roundabout. Police suspect the pair may have used the opportunity to take the vehicle so they could avoid a Taxi fare and are now searching for them.

Chinese Tourist reports bag snatch in North Pattaya

On Friday Night, a 46 year old Chinese Tourist, accompanied by his Thai Tour Guide, reported a bag snatch which occurred in North Pattaya.

Mr. Zhang Jua Dao was part of a small tour group led by Khun Sutidar. She had taken them to North Pattaya and while they were walking along the street, a motorbike, travelling against the flow of traffic, approached and a passenger on the bike leant over and snatched a bag from Mr. Dao.

Inside the bag was reportedly 4,400 Chinese Yuan, 22,000 Baht and the victim’s passport. Khun Sutidar explained that Mr. Dao is due to fly back to China on 28th September and he will now likely miss his flight unless the passport is found as he would not be able to obtain an Emergency Travel Document until Monday at the earliest.

Police logged the alleged crime and will attempt to arrest those responsible and recover the stolen items.

Deportation request for dishonest German Beggar from Pattaya Tourist Police

Pattaya’s Tourist Police have requested Immigration to deport a German man who has been begging for money on Pattaya Beach during the day and using the money to purchase drink and prostitutes at night.

Mr. Benjamin Holst aged 29, first came to the attention of the authorities after he was found sleeping on the streets near Kao San Road in Bangkok. Khun Sirirat from a German Travel Association based in Bangkok, agreed to help Mr. Holst in conjunction with the Tourist Police in Bangkok. She began by providing a Hotel room and food for Mr. Holst and agreed to take him to the German Embassy in Bangkok to obtain a new passport, so he could travel back to Germany.

A total of 40,000 Baht was raised by the Association and others concerned for Mr. Holst, who agreed to meet Khun Sirirat at the German Embassy. Instead he is believed to have gone to the Embassy at an earlier time to obtain an emergency passport but he then travelled to Pattaya with the 40,000 Baht and began begging on Pattaya Beach during the day and frequenting bars at night.

Motorbike Taxi drivers based at the entrance of Walking Street told the Tourist Police that they recognized the man from the TV after he was featured on National TV News Bulletins. Mr. Holst is alleged to have asked them to find him women for sex and they confessed to providing him with female companionship on a number of occasions.

Mr. Holst was arrested by the Tourist Police in the early hours of Thursday and was then arrested again on Thursday afternoon. Initially no formal complaints were made against Mr. Holst which is why he was released until it was made clear that he was being dishonest about his financial status.

Mr. Holst was detained by Tourist Police with 7,000 Baht in his pocket and taken to the Immigration Office with a recommendation that he be deported to Germany at the earliest opportunity.

Two Russian ATM Card Fraudsters caught by Pattaya Police

On Thursday afternoon, Chonburi Transnational Crime Suppression Officers, based at Pattaya Police Station, announced the arrest of two Russian Nationals who were caught attempting to withdraw money from an ATM in Pattaya using cards containing stolen bank account information.

The Kasikornbank alerted Police to the fraudulent withdrawal of 20,000 Baht by the two men. The transaction was allowed to be processed with the knowledge that Police were on their way to the ATM to arrest the two men.

Mr. Sergei Popov aged 27 and Mr. Evgenii Kurbatov aged 37 were arrested and taken back to their Hotel room where a total of 36 ATM cards were found along with 2 magnetic strip readers and a piece of paper containing four digit numbers which are presumably PIN’s for the cards.

During questioning the two men claimed they purchased the illegal ATM “Kit” from a man in Russia for 1,000 US Dollars. They were told to travel to an Asian country to withdraw the money and chose Thailand.

Both men were charged with fraud and await Court appearances.

Grenade attack on South Pattaya house reported to Pattaya Police

On Thursday Night a 33 year old man reported a possible grenade attack on his house located in the Pratamnuk Hill area.

Khun Pacharapon, who lives in Soi 6 off the Pratamnuk Road, told Police that he thinks he knows who conducted the attack, which damaged his motorbike parked at the front of his house.

Last week, he agreed to lend the sum of 7,000 Baht to a man, whose name was withheld, in exchange for 2 motorbikes which were given to Khun Pacharpon as guarantee of payment and would be returned as soon as the money was repaid to him.

The man asked for one of the bikes to be returned which Khun Pacharapon agreed to. The next day, the man asked for the second bike to be returned but the request was denied until the 7,000 Baht was paid in full.

On Thursday Night, an explosion was heard outside of Khun Pacharapon’s house. He was at the rear of the property and was unable to see who caused the explosion, which damaged his motorbike.

Police are now searching for the suspect, who is expected to be arrested shortly.

Scottish Suicide at South Pattaya Condominium

On Wednesday Afternoon, the body of a 27 year old British National was found in his rented apartment in South Pattaya.

The body of Mr. Michael John White from Glasgow, Scotland, was discovered by Security Guards at the Condominium after the girlfriend of the victim was concerned that she could not get a response after he had locked himself in the toilet for a considerable amount of time.

Mr. White had reportedly created a noose using a shoulder strap from a bag and tied it around a Shower Curtain rail. Despite efforts to resuscitate him he could not be saved. Police soon arrived at the location, a 5th Floor apartment in the Pratamnuk Hill area, and were directed to the bathroom by the man’s girlfriend, Khun Pacharee aged 24.

She explained that Mr. White, who works as a Security Guard in UK, had come to Thailand for 3 months and earlier on Wednesday he was seen to engage in a heated argument during a phone call. Khun Pacharee was then told that he had lost his job in UK and could no longer support her and she should leave. She refused to leave as she was concerned for his welfare. At this point he became angry and took his frustrations out on furniture and other items around the apartment. Mr. White then locked himself in the toilet and was not seen alive again.

The British Embassy in Bangkok have been informed and Police continue their investigations into the case in order to rule out foul play in relation to Mr. White’s death.

Two arrested following recent armed robbery at East Pattaya Herbal Shop

Nongprue Police announced on Wednesday that they had arrested two men in Nakhon Sawan Province in Central Thailand, in relation to the recent armed robbery and attempted murder of three women inside an East Pattaya Herbal Shop.

Police Major General Taneart, Deputy Commissioner of Region 2 Police and acting Commander of Chonburi Provincial Police, announced the arrest of Khun Wunlop aged 22 and Khun Tanagrit aged 26 who were arrested at a Motel in Nakhon Sawan. They led Police to an area of wasteland nearby where they had reportedly buried the weapon used in the incident, a handgun and bullets, which were recovered and taken into evidence.

When the pair arrived, they were taken to the Herbal Shop in Soi Neun Plub Wan, where they took part in a reconstruction of the robbery and attempted murder of the shop owner, her Daughter and a shop assistant, which was caught on security cameras.

Khun Wunlop confirmed he used to work at the shop and was aware of a safe located in the shop and conspired with his colleague to rob the safe. It was not made clear as to why all three women were told to lay on the floor face down and shots were fired at each of them as if Khun Wunlop wanted to kill them.

The case continues as both suspects are currently being held on-remand pending Court proceedings.

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“Flashing” Serial Underwear Thief caught in Central Pattaya

Pattaya Police received a call from the manager of a massage shop after a Thai Man exposed himself to her before driving off, as she sat in front of her shop.

The man was intercepted by Police in Soi 19 off Pattaya Third Road and it was clear from the offset that they were dealing with a man who appeared to have mental health issues.

Khun Ittipon aged 22 was detained pending a search of his motorbike. Inside the seat compartment was 4 pairs of knickers and 2 pairs of Boxer Shorts, which he confessed to stealing from locations around Pattaya.

To the astonishment of officers, Khun Ittipon further revealed that he had an obsession with stealing male and female underwear and had been doing it for at least 8 years. In the privacy of his home he would place the items over his face and then masturbate.

Checks by Police revealed that the man had a history of Mental Health issues and had been treated in Mental Health Hospitals in Bangkok. Khun Ittipon confessed to earlier revealing his genitalia to the Massage Shop Manager, Khun Porntip aged 37, and subsequently apologized to her for his actions.

Police action against the suspect is ongoing at this time.

Chinese Vegetarian Festival begins in Pattaya

The annual 11 day Chinese Vegetarian Festival otherwise known as “Ginjai” has begun with a grand opening ceremony held in North Pattaya.

The event took place at the headquarters of the Sawang Boriboon Foundation led by its Chairman, Khun Wisit, who was joined by a number of local dignitaries such as Khun Ittipon, the Mayor of Pattaya and his elder Brother, Khun Sontaya, former Minister of Culture.

This year’s Festival, which has its origins in China and is therefore popular with Thailand’s substantial Chinese-Thai Community, will run until 3rd October. During this time, followers are expected to abstain from consuming meat products and will wear white and make merit at Temples during the 11 day period.

To mark the beginning of the festival, which normally sees a significant increase in the cost of vegetables at local Markets, a giant frying pan was used to prepare a vegetarian rice dish which was consumed by those in attendance.

Pattaya Canal Murderer caught by Police

On Monday, residents of a small community in Naklua, which is situated around a canal, were shocked to discover the body of a man, floating-face-down in the water, who appeared to have been murdered.

Banglamung Police initially received a call from Khun Boonluan aged 43, a resident, who first spotted the body of the unknown man, presumably a Thai National, floating underneath a bridge. The body continued to float along the canal until it was recovered by rescue workers.

An inspection of the body revealed head and upper body injuries and it was estimated the man, who was not carrying any ID, had been dead for approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Khun Boonluan, claimed she knew who the killer was. He was named as Khun Somporn aged 40, who lives 20 meters away from the bridge and works as a street refuse collector. The victim was seen with him 5 days before the apparent murder and the pair were seen to argue on regular occasions.

Police were able to detained the suspected killer in front of a disused Petrol Station in front of Soi 15 on the Sukhumvit Road in the Northern outskirts of Pattaya some hours later, and he was then taken to Banglamung Police Station where the suspect reportedly confessed to killing the unnamed victim after the pair drank together on the previous night. A fight occurred where the suspect repeatedly struck the victim over the head and his upper-body area and his body was then thrown into the canal. The suspect claimed he did not leave Pattaya as he assumed no one saw the murder take place.

Checks by Police on the suspect revealed an extensive criminal history including previous convictions for murder, illegal drugs and sexual assault dating back to 2001. He has been charged with murder and is currently on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Chinese Tour Coach Crash in Jomtien

Police and medics received an urgent call to attend a coach crash which occurred on Jomtien Second Road just before 6pm on Sunday, which was known to be carrying Chinese Tourists.

Arriving at the scene it quickly became apparent that no one sustained injuries during the crash which involved a coach operated by the First Transport Company. The driver, Khun Somshai aged 46 confirmed that he was carrying 37 Chinese Tourists, who were all accounted for and sustained no visible injuries.

The driver claimed that a motorbike cut across his path as he was travelling along the road. He took evasive action to avoid a collision with the bike and hit a street pylon situated on the central reservation and then crossed over to the opposing carriageway, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

Police have reportedly confirmed the story with witnesses and are now deciding if the coach driver should be charged over the incident or not.

Korean reports theft of Mobile Phone on Walking Street to Pattaya Police

On Sunday Night, a Korean Tourist reported the alleged theft of a mobile phone, which was apparently snatched from his hands in front of a popular Late Night bar on Walking Street.

Mr. Wanseop Kim aged 28, reported the incident at Pattaya Police Station and explained to officers that he was on Walking Street with a friend, and was preparing to enter the popular I Bar when a Thai Man, thought to be aged in his late teens, approached from behind and snatched his Mobile Phone, a Pantach Vega worth 33,000 Baht, from his hands as he was in the process of sending a Text Message.

The assailant was seen to run inside Soi 14 and was not able to be apprehended. CCTV in the area, assuming it is in working order, will be checked with the assistance of Pattaya City Hall.

A Police Report for Insurance purposes was made as Police attempt to arrest the man responsible and recover the stolen phone.

Road Crash injures driver on Pattaya Beach Road

Police have yet to confirm the cause of a road crash which occurred on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of Sunday.

The crash involved a Toyota Swift car, driven by Khun Sarawoot aged 35 and a Refuse Truck, which was in the process of taking refuse from a business situated on Pattaya Beach Road, close to the Tropicana Hotel.

Khun Sarawoot’s car slammed into the side of the stationary truck and for a time, he was trapped inside his badly damaged car. Due to suspected neck and spinal injuries, he was immobilized at the scene and taken to Hospital where the extent of his injuries are still being assessed.

The Refuse Truck driver was Khun Sombat aged 24, who felt the impact and rushed to the rear of his vehicle due to concerns about his refuse collector, Khun Somport aged 27, who was able to jump out of the way of the speeding car at the last moment, avoiding any injuries.

Police are now waiting to speak with the car driver, who was known to be driving at a high rate of speed but it is unclear if there were any other factors which may have led to the crash.