British man drugged, robbed and left in Woodland behind Central Pattaya School

On Wednesday Morning Police and medics were called to an area of Woodland behind a School in Central Pattaya after a School cleaner discovered a foreign man who appeared to be in a semi-conscious state.

Police arrived at the rear of the Tantrarak School in Soi Yumet off the Central Pattaya Road, just before 9am and approached Mr. Daniel Hayden aged 47 from London, UK. He appeared dazed and very confused and immediately Police suspected he was under the influence of some form of drug but were not sure if he had been given the drug with or without his consent.

Teachers at the School attempted to communicate with the man while Police were told that in the early hours of the morning a cleaner living at the rear of the school did hear a commotion in the area and saw a number of men in the wooded area but she was too afraid to approach them.

Police were unable to determine from Mr. Hayden what had occurred hours earlier and he was taken to Hospital as a precaution. They suspect he was the victim of a drugging and robbery and are basing their investigation on this assumption for now.

Russian attempted abduction in East Pattaya

On Wednesday afternoon a 37 year old Russian reported an attempted abduction which took place in front of an East Pattaya Village by a fellow Russian who was a so-called friend of her family.

Mrs. Yulia Tikhovskaya was joined at the Police Station by her Husband and child. She confirmed that the alleged crime occurred 3 days previous to her visit to the Police Station as she wanted to wait for her Husband to return to Thailand as he was out of the Country on business.

She told Police, with the assistance of a Lawyer, that she was asked by a friend of her family named as Mr. Aleksandr Kuznetcov aged 47, if she could take him to Soi Kao Noi. She agreed and when the pair arrived at the entrance of the Chockchai Garden Home 4 Village, Mr. Kuznetcov allegedly produced a Taser and activated the device on her neck several times. She was able to escape from her car and alerted passers-by. Mr. Kuztencov tried to tell everyone that this was a Husband and Wife dispute and they should not get involved but his story was not believed. He then drove off in the victim’s Car which had her Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Phone, some cash and other valuables still inside.

The car was later found abandoned at the Big C South Pattaya Car Park without its license plates which were found in the boot.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Kuznetcov and have alerted Immigration Police who will detain him should he try to leave Thailand.

Pattaya Baht Bus Pickpocket Gang Members arrested in Central Pattaya

In the early hours of Thursday, the Pattaya Police Chief announced the arrest of 2 members of a Pickpocket Gang who target foreign nationals riding on Baht Buses.

Police Colonel Supatee confirmed the arrest of Khun Arkom aged 24 and Khun Usar aged 33 but informed the gathered media that three other members of the gang were able to escape before Police arrived.

Two Japanese Tourists, Mr. Masimoto aged 51 and Mr. Sito were on a Baht Bus travelling from the Dolphin Roundabout towards Central Pattaya when the alleged pickpocketing took place. A bag containing 4,600 Baht was taken from Mr. Masimoto and a bag thought to contain in excess of 20,000 Baht was taken from Mr. Sito.

The smaller amount of money was recovered from the two suspects but the larger amount was taken by the three other gang members who were able to escape. Police do have full details of the three outstanding members of the gang and arrest warrants have been issued for them.

The two suspects confirmed they would travel on Baht Buses daily in search of foreigners who appeared to be carrying bags containing valuable items and had been doing so for a long time.

Tourist Assistance Foundation assist Destitute Swedish Tourist in Pattaya

A newly formed, Ministry of Interior-approved Foundation, assisted a Swedish Tourist who was left with no money or place to stay due to a reported theft of cash and valuables by a Thai Woman he had taken back to his Central Pattaya hotel room.

Mr. Cherif Hafsaoui aged 68 arrived in Thailand on 21st November and is due to return to Sweden later this month. He invited a Thai Woman back to his room at the Eastiny Place Hotel but the next morning he awoke to find the woman had gone and 30,000 Baht in cash and credit cards had been stolen.

At this point Mr. Hafsaoui had no money to eat or to pay for the remainder of his stay at the Hotel and for 4 days he lived at Pattaya Police Station. Eventually the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok were made aware of the case and contacted the Tourist Assistance Foundation also based in Bangkok. They assessed the case and decided to assist Mr. Hafsaoui so he could stay in a Hotel for the remainder of his Holiday and had money to eat and drink.

At Pattaya Police Station he was awarded 10,000 Baht by the Foundation representative Khun Kwanchanok. This is their first assistance case in Pattaya and the Pattaya Police Chief welcomes their assistance as does Mr. Hafsaoui who will ensure that the work of the foundation is highlighted to his friends and family back in Sweden when he returns there.

Unlicensed Pharmacy raided by Pattaya Police

On Wednesday Night, a team of undercover Pattaya Police Officers conducted a raid on a Pharmacy in East Pattaya which was suspected of selling controlled drugs without the appropriate licenses.

The raid took place at the Sarisa Pharmacy in Soi Neun Plub Wan and resulted in the arrest of its owner, Khun Sarisa aged 44.

The Pharmacy was unlicensed and medication such as Kamagra, Aprazolam and Lorazepam, were found inside the shop along with other medicines which can only be prescribed by a Doctor.

Khun Sarisa informed Police the Pharmacy had been open for a long time and she had many Ladyboy customers, who were particularly interested in purchasing sleeping tablets. Police fear some of the tablets may have been used to drug and rob innocent tourists.

Pattaya Police confirmed that unlicensed Pharmacies are widespread around Pattaya and they are now beginning a crackdown which they hope will close down the illegal Pharmacies for good.

Honest Taxi Driver returns “lost” valuables to British Tourist in Pattaya

A 51 year old British Tourist was extremely grateful to a Bangkok Taxi Driver on Tuesday, when he returned a bag full of money and other valuables to him, which he had earlier left inside his Taxi.

With the assistance of Pattaya Police, Khun Wichai aged 53, who had driven Mr. Jamie Richardson from the Airport in Bangkok to Soi Buakhao in Central Pattaya, was able to return the bag which had been left on the back seat of his Taxi.

Khun Wichai stopped on the way back to Bangkok to adjust his seats and saw the bag. He decided to take the bag to Pattaya Police Station who assisted him in locating Mr. Richardson who was summoned to the station to receive back his valuables.

The bag contained money, a mini IPad and a smart phone, which was handed back to Mr. Richardson who showed his gratitude by offering the driver a monetary reward which was accepted.

Mr. Richardson thanked the Police for their assistance but reserved special praise to Khun Wichai for his honesty.

Neighbor accused of theft from East Pattaya apartment

On Tuesday afternoon, Police Colonel Supatee, Pattaya Police Chief and Deputy Commander of Chonburi Provincial Police, announced the arrest of a 33 year old man who is accused of climbing over a balcony and stealing gold from his neighbor’s apartment.

Police confirmed the arrest of Khun Lerdlum, who works as a Bellboy at a Hotel in Pattaya. He is accused of stealing a Gold necklace, gold ring and gold pendant from a neighboring room, occupied by Khun Walanyar aged 26, who was out at the time of the theft, which occurred on Sunday at the Mityon apartments in East Pattaya.

Since then Police have been searching for the suspect who was detained on Tuesday by Pattaya Police. Following a reenactment of the alleged crime at the apartment, he participated in a press conference at the Station.

8,000 Baht’s worth of the gold had already been pawned which the suspect claimed was used to clear an outstanding debt, which was his motive behind the alleged burglary.

The rest of the gold was found hidden inside a pair of shoes inside his apartment and was later returned to its rightful owner. Khun Lerdlum was charged with theft and is currently on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Russian collapses and dies inside South Pattaya Convenience Store

In the early hours of Tuesday, Police and medics were called to a 7-Eleven Store in South Pattaya following reports of a Russian who had collapsed and died inside the 24 hour convenience store.

Police arrived and inspected the body of Mr. Igor Rusfetisov aged 54, who was known to be staying at the Phu View Talay Resort, located close to the store in the Pratamnuk Hill area.

Police confirmed they saw no visible signs of injury and staff at the store did administer CPR but could not revive the Russian.

Mr. Rusfetisov was alone at the time of his collapse and for now the reason behind his death cannot be explained.

The Russian Embassy in Bangkok has been informed and Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.

Husband kills wife on Bangkok-Pattaya Highway

On Monday afternoon Police announced the arrest of a 66 year old man who is alleged to have stabbed his 42 year old Wife to death on the side of the Bangkok to Pattaya Highway last week.

The incident occurred at 9.30pm last Friday and resulted in the death of Khun Suporntip, who is married to Khun Tanapisit, 24 years her senior. He had arranged to meet his estranged Wife in an attempt to restart their relationship, which had temporarily ended due to allegations of infidelity by Khun Suporntip.

As they drove along Highway 7 in the Bang Na area, an intense verbal argument began which forced Khun Tanapisit to pull his car off the main highway onto a side-road.

The pair began a physical altercation and during the scuffle, a fruit knife was allegedly picked-up by the suspects Wife who stabbed her Husband in the hand. This infuriated the suspect who disarmed his wife and repeatedly stabbed her in the stomach. She died minutes later on the roadside.

Khun Tanapisit has been charged with murder and awaits his time in Court.

Swiss man “commits suicide” at his East Pattaya Home

A 69 year old Swiss resident of Pattaya appears to have committed suicide at his East Pattaya home on Monday afternoon, after he discharged himself from Hospital against the advice of medical staff.

Police and rescue workers made their way the house in the Pong area in East Pattaya and were directed to a ground floor toilet. Inside was the body of Mr. Pierre Georges Glauser. He was covered in blood due to a number of deep lacerations to his wrists, neck and stomach. Next to the body was a blood-stained knife and on the dining table of the house, a letter in English was found which detailed his reasons for the suicide.

Police spoke with the victim’s Thai Wife, Khun Wassana aged 35 who revealed that she had been married to Mr. Glauser for 6 years and the pair had a 5 year old child together.

On Sunday Night he was taken to Banglamung Hospital by his Wife, suffering from breathing difficulties, which was thought to have been caused by an ongoing health condition.

He was diagnosed with pulmonary edema and pneumonia and was taken to a 4th floor ward for further treatment. At 9am on Monday, He reportedly discharged himself against medical advice and told his Wife he refused to die in Hospital. He refused any medication and left with a warning that, if untreated, his current condition could lead to his death.

Khun Wassana respected her Husband’s wishes and took him back home. He apparently locked himself in the toilet and she became concerned due to the length of time he was in there. A technician was fixing their swimming pool at the time and she asked him to break-open the door when the discovery of Mr. Glauser’s body was made.

The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok have been informed and Police have recorded the death as a suicide pending the results of a Post Mortem Examination.

1 Injured as car crashes into Noodle Restaurant in South Pattaya

In the early hours of Monday, the owner of a Noodle Restaurant in South Pattaya was slightly injured as a car crashed into the eatery after the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle as she turned into a side-road.

The crash occurred at the LK Plaza off Third Road in South Pattaya just after 4am and resulted in minor injuries sustained to the restaurant owner, Khun Shadarak aged 49, who was cleaning bowls at the time. The restaurant had closed one hour before the crash which is why no other injuries were reported, according to Police.

The driver of the White Toyota Vios, Khun Goonsilar aged 29 fainted moments after the crash and was taken to Hospital. Police were unable to speak with her but were told by witnesses that she turned into the road at a high rate of speed and appeared to lose control of her car.

The driver did appear at Pattaya Police Station later on Monday Morning and was questioned over the cause of the crash which appeared to match reports from witnesses at the scene. She was charged with reckless driving causing injury.

Polish man accused of auto theft from South Pattaya Bike Rental Shop

In the early hours of Sunday Police were alerted to a suspected case of auto-theft from a Bike Rental Shop in South Pattaya and the suspect was thought to be a foreign national.

Descriptions of the high powered bike, a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc, and the foreign man, were given to officers on patrol around Pattaya. The suspect and the suspected stolen bike were stopped at the Central Pattaya Road intersection with Pattaya Second Road and the driver, Mr. Denis Wiestaw aged 43 from Poland, was detained.

The brother of the shop owner, who heard a commotion in the closed shop in Soi Yensabai, Khun Puthorn, saw the alleged theft take place and attempted to give chase on his standard motorbike but he soon lost the higher-powered bike.

CCTV from the shop was examined by Police and they report that the images show Mr. Wiestaw position planks of wood onto the road so he could remove the bike from the forecourt of the shop onto the road. He is then seen to drive off on the bike with Khun Puthorn giving chase.

Mr. Wiestaw was later charged with auto-theft at Pattaya Police Station where he is currently being held on-remand pending further legal proceedings.

Christmas Lights switched-on at Central Festival Pattaya Beach

A strong indication that the Christmas and New Year period is approaching is when the Christmas Lights are switched on at Central Festival Pattaya Beach, an event which took place over the weekend.

The festive ceremony was presided over by Dr. Sansak, the Former Minister for Health and featured a 25 meter high Christmas tree, which it is claimed, is the tallest Christmas tree in the East of Thailand.

Hundreds of on-lookers cheered as the lights were switched on, which also signifies a series of special offers and promotions throughout Central Festival Pattaya Beach over the coming months.

This popular shopping mall is located between Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Beach Road next to Soi 9.

South Pattaya Late Night Restaurants raided by District Licensing Officers

In response to complaints from local residents in the South Pattaya area, who are being disturbed by local restaurants which open all night and play loud music until Dawn, a raid of the restaurants, located on the South Pattaya Road, took place over the weekend.

Khun Sakchai, the Chief of Banglamung District led the raids on the Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurants located next to the entrance of Soi 1 on the South Pattaya Road at 2am on Saturday.

At the time, many patrons were at the restaurants and consuming alcohol and some were smoking shisha. Checks on patrons and staff were made and 10 people were found not to carrying their Thai ID cards which is a minor offence in Thailand, punishable with a small fine. In addition, 5 people under the age of 20 were found to be consuming alcohol.

No license irregularities were found and a report of the raids will be sent to the Governor of Chonburi Province who may decide to impose a temporary closure notice on the venues in due course.

Airport Express Coach involved in South Pattaya crash

Police reported that no one was injured in a crash on the Tepprasit Road on Friday Afternoon involving a Bangkok Airport Express Coach and two pick-up trucks.

The crash occurred close to the entrance of Soi Khopia and resulted in the driver of the coach, Khun Pisit aged 57, being arrested and later charged with reckless driving. He was carrying 30 passengers on the coach which was only minutes away from completing its journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to the Bus Station in front of Foodmart on Jomtien Second Road.

The driver admitted that he failed to see the two pick-ups crossing the main carriageway and was unable to stop the coach in-time and side-swiped one of the trucks which then hit the other.

Police and medics rushed to the scene but were relieved to discover that no one was injured.

Drinks with Friends leads to stabbing on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Friday a 35 year old man sustained multiple stab wounds to his back following a drink-fuelled fight with a friend on Pattaya Beach.

Initially Traffic Police on the Central Pattaya Road were alerted to a problem by the stabbing victim who was taken to Banglamung Hospital. Before he left he explained that he was drinking with 3 friends, 2 men and 1 woman, on the Beach opposite Soi 6.

A verbal altercation involving the victim and Khun Apicart began, which soon turned physical. The other friend, not involved in the fight, Khun Manop aged 21, claimed that during the fight, Khun Apichart’s 35 year old Girlfriend, produced a knife and stabbed Khun Jalay in the back several times.

All were detained and taken to Pattaya Police Station where Khun Apichart and his Girlfriend denied being involved in the fight.

Police are currently investigating further and did recover the knife thought to have been used in the attack. For now, no charges have been brought against anyone in connection with the knife attack.

Navy Narcotics Officers arrested female drug dealing suspect in Sattahip

A 23 year old woman is facing years behind bars after she was caught with a substantial amount of class 1 drugs she was preparing to deliver for an inmate at Trat Prison who is alleged to control a drug distribution network from behind bars.

Captain Niwat from the Narcotics Unit at the Sattahip Navy Base announced on Friday, the arrest of Khun Pattama who was caught at a rented room in the Bang Saray area on the outskirts of Pattaya. Hidden inside cosmetic boxes was a total of 650 Yabba Tablets in 36 plastic bags.

The arrest followed the earlier detention of a Navy Sailor who is alleged to have consumed drugs purchased from the suspected dealer.

After questioning, officers determined Khun Pattama worked as a distributor of illegal drugs for an inmate at a Prison located in Trat Province, known only as Mr. Not.

She would be paid between 5,000 and 6,000 Baht for the successful delivery of drugs to customers and local dealers, every time a consignment of between 5,000 and 6,000 Tablets were successfully delivered.

The suspect was later handed over to Sattahip Police Station where she was charged with serious class 1 drug offences, which could see her receive a lengthy prison sentence if she is convicted by a Judge.

British man dies during Massage at Central Pattaya shop

An 81 year old British National died at a Central Pattaya Massage Shop on Thursday afternoon.

Police and medics were called to the Orra Massage Shop on Soi Baukhao and were directed to one of the massage rooms. Lying on the bed was the body of Mr. Adriano Santarelli aged 81. It is thought he died less than 15 minutes before medics arrived.

An inspection of the room and body showed no obvious signs of foul play. Khun Nutapassorn aged 50 told Police that she was administering massage to his arm when he began to convulse and then he stopped breathing.

The victim was known to have frequented the shop on numerous occasions and Police suspect Mr. Santarelli died of a heart attack. A post-mortem examination will take place and the British Embassy in Bangkok have been informed.

Beautician jumps from Pattaya Highway 7 Bridge after fight with friend

Two Beauticians spent a night out in Pattaya on Wednesday Night but in the early hours of Thursday their night ended in a tragic way with one of them throwing themselves off a bridge on Highway 7 in East Pattaya.

The seriously injured jumper, Khun Nittaya aged 25 fell onto the railroad in East Pattaya and was attended to by Rescue Volunteers who were quickly on-scene. They assessed her and determined that both her legs and one of her arms were broken. She was fully immobilized and was suspected of suffering from spinal and other internal injuries.

Police spoke with her work colleague and were told that the pair originate from Bowin near Chonburi City and work together in a Beauty Clinic at a popular Shopping Mall in Chonburi City.

On the way back home the pair had a major argument in their car as Khun Nittaya did not want to return home but her friend did. The driver of the car, Khun Nittaya, was forced to pull over on Highway 7 as the argument intensified. It is claimed that Khun Nittaya threw herself off the bridge at the culmination of the verbal and sometimes physical altercation at the side of the Highway.

Police are investigating the incident.

Cambodian Monks found in East Pattaya Forest

District Officials with assistance from the Thai Army arrested 6 Cambodian Monks on Wednesday and 5 of them were found to possess expired passports.

Officials were made aware of the monks who were living in woodland behind the Tara Sauna in Soi NongYai 14 in East Pattaya and a team converged on the area and located the monks who did try to escape when they saw officers.

All 6 monks were captured and an inspection of their papers confirmed they were ordained monks but 5 of the 6 monks were found to be residing in Thailand illegally.

The Monks were taken to see the Chief Abbot at the Sutawat Temple who decided to remove them all from the Monkhood with immediate effect.

All 6 were handed to Immigration Police who will begin the deportation process for the 5 illegal immigrants without delay.