Norwegian Chiropractor arrested by Pattaya Immigration Police

On Tuesday afternoon, Immigration Officers conducted an undercover operation at a Chiropractor Clinic in Jomtien which was allegedly being run by a Norwegian who was not licensed to practice in Thailand and had no permit to Work.

The operation centered around the “Back in Motion” Clinic, located on the Second Floor of a shop-house on the Thepprasit Road close to the entrance of Soi 10 which was reportedly run by Mr. Vincens Steen aged 37 from Norway.

An undercover foreign operative was used to purchase a treatment from Mr. Steen who was then arrested by Immigration Officers and taken to the Chonburi Immigration Office in Soi 5 off Jomtien Beach Road. In addition intravenous drugs were seized at the location and taken into evidence.

Further investigations into Mr. Steen confirmed that he was on a Student “ED” Visa and did not possess a Work Permit or the correct licenses to undertake Chiropractic Services in Thailand, despite claims he worked as a Physiotherapist for a well-known Thai Premier League Football Team.

Legal proceedings against Mr. Steen are ongoing at this time.

Russian reports theft from car at Pattaya Gym car park

Late on Tuesday night a 24 year old Russian reported the theft of money and her IPhone after her car was broken into as she worked-out at a Gymnasium located in Jomtien.

Police were called to the Tenerife Sport Point Gym in Soi 5 off the Tepprasit Road just before 11pm and met with Miss Nadya Polet who returned to her Black Proton Car to find a rear quarterlight had been smashed and items of value had been stolen.

It was reported by the victim that 9,000 Baht in cash and her IPhone 5 were taken. Unfortunately no security cameras covered the car park and the Police in attendance advised Miss Polet to take her vehicle documents to Dongtan Police Station on Jomtien Beach where she could report the crime.

Man stabbed with broken bottle in South Pattaya drunken brawl

In the early hours of Wednesday a 24 year old man was taken to Hospital following an attack on him by his drinking partner who was subjected to insulting comments about his family and decided to retaliate with a broken bottle which he used to stab the victim with.

Khun Udomchai was drinking with Khun Sujindar aged 22 in Soi Rungland Village off the South Pattaya Road and both appeared in heavily intoxicated states. The suspected attacker was quick to confess to the attack on Khun Udomchai with a broken bottle which he used to stab the victim in his leg. This followed insulting comments about Khun Sujindar’s Mother.

The injuries to the victim are not thought to be serious and Khun Sujindar was arrested and later charged with assault at Pattaya Police Station.

Arson suspected as Karaoke Bar burns-down in Jomtien

Police are currently looking for a 40 year old man wanted in connection with a fire at a Karaoke Bar in Jomtien in the early hours of Monday.

The fire occurred at the bar in Soi 17 off the Tepprasit Road and according to the owner, Khun Adun aged 59, a man had been earlier turned down by the owner’s Sister following some unwanted romantic advances.

The suspected arsonist, Khun Chart aged 50, had admired the owners Sister, Khun Jim aged 49, for some time and after he was turned-down he became angry and threatened to burn the Karaoke Bar to the ground.

A security Guard from a housing estate nearby, saw the suspect in the area moments before the fire occurred, some hours after the initial confrontation. He is now wanted by Police in connection with the fire which is estimated to have caused around 300,000 Baht’s worth of damage.


Petrol Thief caught-on-tape at South Pattaya Convenience Store

On Monday the owner of a Convenience Store in South Pattaya asked local news services for assistance in tracking-down two individuals who were caught-on-tape stealing a bottle of petrol .

Khun Pilaert aged 46 is the owner of the store, located in Soi Khopai, and showed us CCTV of the incident which occurred at 6.20am on 14th August. The incident has already been reported to Police who have, as yet, not arrested either of the suspected thieves, a young male and female, thought to be in their late-teens.

Khun Pilaert is not concerned about receiving the money for the petrol but would like the pair arrested so they will pay for their criminal act.

Honest Pattaya Baht Bus Driver reunites missing valuables with Burmese owner

On Monday afternoon, a Pattaya Baht Bus Driver was made aware of a bag containing gold, money and other valuable items, which had been left on a seat on the Bus and thanks to the Baht Bus Cooperative, the valuables were later re-united with their Burmese owner.

Khun Golapat aged 48 had dropped off a Burmese woman and her friend in front of Soi 33 on the Naklua Road and were alerted by a foreign passenger that she had left a bag on the Bus.

He decided to report the find to Khun Tawat, Manager of the Pattaya Baht Bus Cooperative, who was able to track down the owner of the items, a Burmese worker, who later came to collect them.

The owner of the items, Miss Oo aged 19, was extremely grateful to the Baht Bus Driver and the Baht Bus Cooperative and admired their honesty and professionalism.

Pattaya Restaurant worker suffers broken leg as he deals with kitchen fire

A bizarre accident occurred at a Restaurant on Walking Street in South Pattaya late on Sunday Night which began with a Kitchen fire and ended with a worker sustaining a broken leg.

The incident occurred at the Lobster Pot Seafood Restaurant just after 11pm. According to one of the cooks, Khun Lodsukon aged 47, a fire began in an extractor vent, which is thought to have been caused by a faulty motor.

A fellow worker, Khun Neung aged 40, jumped on the cooker and tried to look inside the vent after a small fire was extinguished but then lost his footing and fell onto the floor.

He sustained a suspected broken leg which was later confirmed following an X-ray at Hospital. The vent motor has now been replaced and the restaurant are covering all medical bills for Khun Neung.

Ladyboy arrested following assault on American in Central Pattaya

Following the alleged attack on an American in front of a Ladyboy Bar in Soi Buakhao on Thursday Night, Pattaya Police announced on Saturday that they had arrested a suspect in connection with the case.

Police Major General Sanit, the Commissioner of Region 2 Police, led a press conference at Pattaya Police Station and confirmed the arrest of Khun Suranat aged 28 who reportedly confessed to the assault.

During the press conference the suspect told Journalists that he did strike the victim, Mr. Shawn Bowsher, across the head with his high-heeled shoe, but claimed he was acting in self-defense as he feared that the aggressive nature of Mr. Bowsher was going to develop into an assault on him and Khun Suranat decided to strike first.

Police charged the suspect with assault and the case will now go to Court.

Madagascan Drug Dealing suspect arrested by Pattaya Police

Over the weekend Pattaya Police arrested a 31 year old Madagascan who was allegedly caught selling class 1 drugs.

Police Major General Sanit, the Commissioner of Region 2 Police announced the arrest of Mr. Abdel Tomolaza who was caught with 0.3g of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine and 3,000 Baht of marked bank notes.

Police initially were told of the man by drug users who had been earlier arrested by them. An undercover operation in front of a Convenience Store in South Pattaya was arranged and a transaction involving the suspect and a quantity of class 1 drugs is alleged to have taken place.

Mr. Tomolaza was charged with possession and distribution of class 1 drugs and awaits Trial.

Three Grenades found next to unoccupied house in North Pattaya

On Saturday afternoon, officers from the Royal Thai Police Bomb Disposal Unit, based in Chonburi District were called to a field in the North Pattaya area following the discovery of three grenades.

Khun Maitree aged 39, was clearing the land, located in Soi Takiendier, and came across one grenade and then another and then saw, what he believed to be another, partially buried in the soil.

Officers arrived and carefully recovered the grenades and identified them as a Type 82-2 Fragmentation Grenade commonly used by the Chinese Army, an M67 Fragmentation Grenade, which was used by the US Army during the Vietnam War and is still being used by them in 2014 and the third grenade has yet to be identified.

All three were found to be live devices and were removed and later destroyed in a controlled environment. Police are now investigating and continue to speak with the land owner as they attempt to figure out who left the devices at the location.

American beaten by Ladyboy in Central Pattaya

Late on Thursday Night a 36 year old American was attacked by a Ladyboy in front of a Ladyboy Bar in Soi Buakhao after he angrily refused to enter the Bar following an approach by the attacker on the street.

Mr. Shawn Bowsher described to Police how he was walking along Soi Buakhao, close to the entrance of Soi LK Metro, when he was approached by a Ladyboy who attempted to pursued the American to enter the bar.

Mr. Bowsher was offended by the encounter and entered into a verbal altercation with the Ladyboy who proceeded to strike Mr. Bowsher across the head with a high-heeled shoe, causing a deep laceration to the head of the American.

After receiving 13 stitches to the wound in Hospital he reported the incident at Pattaya Police Station after fellow workers at the bar refused to provide any details of the alleged attacker to Police.

The investigation continues.

10 Million Baht Pattaya Underground Lottery & Gambling raid by Local Officials

District Officers in conjunction with Royal Thai Navy Officers, conducted a raid on an address in East Pattaya on Friday afternoon, in search of a man, wanted on warrant, in connection with a 10 Million Baht Underground Lottery and Football Gambling Operation.

Armed with arrest warrant number 288/2557 dated 15th August 2014 and issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court, Banglamung District Officials, led by District Chief, Khun Sakchai, conducted a raid on a Whisky Shop in Soi Tanman. They were looking for Khun Thanin, the reported owner of the shop but were disappointed to see that he was not there.

Khun Yupin aged 35 was in charge of the shop and appeared unaware of any illegal activities occurring at the location. A search uncovered papers indicating customer details and amounts owed. Bank books were found and bank accounts, thought to contain many millions of Baht, were later Frozen.

The search for Khun Thanin continues.

Woman seriously injured in mystery shooting close to Pattaya Floating Market

Late on Thursday Night a 23 year old woman was shot as she drove her brother home by an unknown gunman close to the Pattaya Floating Market.

The injured woman, Khun Gintana aged 23 had gone to pick her brother up from his workplace and as the pair drove past the Pattaya Floating Market on the Sukhumvit Road, a man, described as being around 18 years of age, approached on a further bike, and shot at the woman.

The victims bike fell to the floor along with the injured driver and her brother, Khun Wipat aged 21, who called the Police and medics to the scene.

He later went to Pattaya Police Station to complete a formal Police Report and described how he looked directly at the shooter allowing him to give Police a clear description of him. He also mentioned that his Sister was not in any known dispute with anyone and he could not provide any potential motive for the attack.

Police have yet to catch the shooter but are hopeful of making an arrest in the near future.

Thai Olympic Sailor involved in road accident close to Pattaya

In the early hours of Thursday one of Thailand’s most successful sailors, who competed in the 2012 London Olympics, was involved in a road accident which left two people seriously injured.

A pick-up, driven by Khun Keerati aged 22, who is currently training hard for the 17th Asean Games which will be held next month in South Korea, appeared to lose control of his vehicle which came off the main Sukhumvit Road, at the 175km marker in Sattahip District, and slammed into the front of a roadside restaurant.

It is believed he was on his way back to his residence in Central Pattaya when the accident happened. A total of 5 parked motorbikes were destroyed and serious injuries were sustained to Khun Gitsada aged 39 and Khun Rut aged 22, who were both rushed to Hospital. Immediately, the pick-up driver agreed to pay for all medical costs incurred by the pair.

Police are investigating and detained the driver pending further investigations.

Ministry of Defense “Educational” visit to Pattaya

On Thursday a delegation from the Ministry of Defense spent the day in Pattaya to analyze the work of Pattaya Police and Pattaya City Hall.

Local officials “breathed a sigh of relief” after it became clear that the visit was for education purposes only and was a chance for younger members of the Thai Military to understand more about how Pattaya operates.

The visit began at Pattaya Police Station where Police Colonel Supatee, the acting-Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, welcomed the delegation, led by Group Captain Tailort.

The group were given a tour of the station and appeared particularly interested in the work of the Foreign Police Volunteer unit, who assist in translation for foreigners who seek advice or assistance from Pattaya Police.

The Group Captain confirmed in a meeting following the tour that he and his group were impressed with how the Station was run.

Pack of stray dogs attack Thai-German Boy on Pattaya Beach

An 8 year old Thai-German Boy, on holiday in Pattaya with his parents, was bitten on his shoulder during an attack by a pack of stray dogs at the Northern end of Pattaya Beach on Wednesday afternoon.

The boy was taken to hospital but was luckily not seriously injured during the attack by the dogs who have reportedly been terrorizing beachgoers for some time, according to a Beach Vendor who claims to have reported the dogs to City Hall. Officers responded by saying they were too busy to deal with the problem.

Khun Wipawan aged 34, the victim’s Mother, confirmed her family had come to Pattaya on 31st July for a holiday and thanks to passers-by, the dogs were distracted enough to allow the boy to be rescued.

We went to the beach to film the dogs and a Pattaya One Journalist prevented a further attack on two children, which was caught on video. We then contacted City Hall who promised to investigate the problem as soon as possible. On Wednesday Night, the dogs remained on the beach but on Thursday they were all collected by City Hall Officials.

Suction Pipe injures 3 year old Russian at East Pattaya Housing Estate

On Tuesday afternoon, Police and medics were called to an East Pattaya Village to assist a 3 year old Russian Girl who had caught her hand inside a Suction Pipe in the Children’s Swimming Pool.

The girl was in distress but had her mother and friends around her as support as rescuers arrived and began to cut away cement to expose a PVC suction pipe in the Children’s Swimming Pool at the Baan Dusit Pattaya Park Estate in the East Pattaya area.

After 30 tense minutes rescuers were able to free the girl and free her hand from the pipe. As a precaution she was taken to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where she was released a few hours later.

Man shot in the back following encounter with gang of youths in South Pattaya

A 23 year old man is currently described as being in a stable but serious condition in Hospital after he was shot in the back as he sat with friends at a café behind a South Pattaya Shopping Mall in the early hours of Tuesday.

Khun Banyar, was rushed to Hospital, accompanied by a friend, Khun Parudit aged 21, who was left to explain the incident to Police.

The victim had met friends for a drink when a gang of 10 youths arrived on motorbikes and one of them shot in the direction of the victim, as if he was intending to injure Khun Banyar only. Friends of the victim fled, without realizing he had been shot.

Police were told that the victim did have a previous encounter with the gang and it is expected the shooting occurred as a result of that. Police are now trying to locate the gang members, especially the shooter, who remain at-large for now.

Hotel Security Guard killed in Jomtien Road crash

A 38 year old Hotel Security Guard, who was driving home after completing a 12 hour shift at a nearby Hotel was killed in a single-vehicle high-speed road crash on Jomtien Second Road on Tuesday morning.

Police and rescue workers arrived at the crash scene on Jomtien Second Road but could not help Khun Jaroon aged 38, who had already died from traumatic head injuries. He was lying on the road near his damaged bike and blood stains on a street light pylon and marks on the road suggested to Police that he had driven at a high rate of speed and appears to have lost control of his bike on a downhill curve.

The man, who worked at the Splendid Resort off Jomtien Beach Road, had just finished a 12 hour shift and according to colleagues, was eager to get home.

Police continue to investigate the crash at this time.

Ghanaian drowns off Pattaya Beach

The body of a 33 year old Ghanaian was washed-up on Pattaya Beach just before 10pm on Sunday Night following a search by Sea Rescue Units after he had disappeared earlier on Sunday afternoon.

The body of Mr. Eddie Francis was recovered after a 6 hour search and was identified by his girlfriend, Khun Kanika aged 25. The pair had come to Pattaya for a 2 day holiday and normally reside in Bangkok where Mr. Francis worked as a Teacher.

Earlier in the day Mr. Francis went for a swim while Khun Kanika fell asleep on a sunbed on Pattaya Beach, opposite the Tropicana Hotel. When she awoke, Mr. Francis was nowhere to be seen and a search began.

Pattaya Sea Rescue Units arrived but could not locate him. Some hours later members of the public spotted his body which had been washed ashore and called the Police. Khun Kanika arrived and confirmed the body was that of her missing boyfriend.

A post-mortem examination will take place to confirm the cause of the drowning as Ghanaian authorities in Bangkok inform the victim’s next of kin.