Two Go-Go Bars and IBar raided by Banglamung District Licensing Officers

In response to the alleged assault of a Kuwait National inside a Gogo Bar on Walking Street in the early hours of Wednesday, District Licensing Officers raided the venue and two others in the early hours of Thursday.

Major Badun Alubain aged 30, reported an alleged assault by Security Guards at the Spicy Girls Agogo which is situated in the centre of Walking Street. As a result, Police arrested the Guard who is alleged to have been responsible for the attack, Khun Danthai aged 29.
Concerned that the assault would tarnish the image of Pattaya, Khun Sakchai, the Chief of Banglamung District, decided to follow-up the case with a raid of the Bar in the early hours of Thursday. The venue was empty at the time of the raid and it is thought that the owners were given a tip-off of the raid.

Officers decided to check Champion Agogo, located underneath Spicy Girls Agogo, knowing it has the same owner. Khun Somshart aged 50, the Manager of both venues was detained after alcohol licensing irregularities were found.

Officers also visited the popular IBar located underneath Insomnia Nightclub following complaints regarding oversized advertising boards located on Walking Street. It is also thought that the venue is built over a public beach area and the venue was selling Shisha without any licenses to sell such a product.

All venues visited on Thursday were closed by the District Chief pending further legal proceedings which could see one or all of the venues face a temporary or permanent closure order in the future.

East Pattaya Cock Fight Gamblers caught by Police

On Thursday afternoon, Nongprue Police conducted a raid on a cock fighting venue which was found to be operating on an expired license and gambling was found to be taking place at the location.

Almost 20 officers took part in the operation which saw them conduct a raid on the location inside Soi Bonglan 2 close to the Maprachan Reservoir where a total of 22 people were arrested and 5 cockerels were seized.

A check on the venues Cock Fighting License found that it had expired in 2013. Khun Biew, the owner of the venue, who is also a Volunteer Security Officer for Banglamung District, was further charged with operating the unlicensed venue.

Cock fighting is legal in Thailand as long as the cockerels do not fight to the death. Licenses are issued by local authorities for such a venue and gambling at the venue, although tolerated, is illegal.

Indian Necklace Snatch by Ladyboy on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Wednesday a 40 year old Indian Tourist became the latest victim of a common crime on the streets of Pattaya, a necklace snatch.

The snatch took place in front of the Royal Garden Plaza and the suspect, a ladyboy named as Khun Atachai aged 21, was caught moments later by Pattaya Police.

Mr. Jaiswal Sudhir explained to Investigators at Pattaya Police Station that he was walking back to his Hotel with a friend when the suspect approached him and hugged him, during which time the theft of the necklace took place.

Not only was the suspect arrested, the necklace was recovered and later returned to its rightful owner.

Khun Atachai claimed this was his first attempt at a necklace snatch but Police suspect he is part of an organized group of Ladyboy’s who prey on Middle East and Asian tourists late at night on Pattaya Beach.

Suspected drug dealer caught by Pattaya Police

In the early hours of Wednesday, Pattaya Police arrested a 31 year old Thai man, accused of supplying class 1 drugs to users in the Pattaya area.

A tip-off was received by Police, concerning Khun Tana, who resides at a house in Soi 17 in South Pattaya. For some days he was followed by undercover Police and on Wednesday was confronted as he left his house.

A search uncovered a single bag of the class 1 drug Crystal Methamphetamine weighing 0.48g which led to a search of his house where a total of 7.47g of the drug was seized along with electronic weighing scales and two address books containing names and numbers of customers according to a later confession by the suspect.

He also revealed that he purchased the drugs in batches of 5-10g at a time from an agent based in the Soi Potisan area in North Pattaya and had been dealing drugs for some time.
For now he has been charged with possession with intent to sell a class 1 drug and awaits a Court appearance.

Unknown foreign man’s apparent suicide on Pattaya Beach

In the early hours of Tuesday, Police were called to Pattaya Beach following the discovery of a foreign man, who was initially found floating face-down in the water.

The body of the foreign man, thought to be aged between 50 and 60, was recovered from the water by Khun Apidaet aged 19, who had gone to the Beach to fish for squid.

Police arrived to the location, in front of Soi 8, and began their investigation. They were told that the heavily tattooed man, was seen drinking beer on the beach at approximately 1am and was then seen to cut his wrists before entering the water.

Officers confirmed he had sustained deep cuts to his wrists upon examination of the body. They also noticed the unknown foreign man had a shark tattoo on his left shoulder, a dragon tattoo on his right shoulder, tattoos of two birds on his chest and a lion tattoo on his back.

Police have recorded the death as a suicide pending the outcome of a post-mortem examination and are appealing for anyone who may know the man to come forward so his family can be informed.

Another Convenience Store Robbery in Jomtien

A second robbery of a 24 hour convenience store within the space of 3 days, has taken place in Jomtien with the theft of just 2,000 Baht cash, as Police suspect the people who conducted the robbery may be the same people involved in Friday’s robbery in the Na-Jomtien area.

In the early hours of Monday, two men entered a 7-Eleven Store located on Jomtien Second Road and confronted Khun Amonrat aged 29, one of the shop assistants on-duty at the time, and ordered her to hand over all cash.

A total of 2,000 Baht was taken by the two men, who were in the shop for approximately 3 minutes, before they left in the direction of Jomtien Beach.

Police were called and began by examining Security Camera footage, however the cameras were faulty and could not be examined until later on Monday after a technician was called in to recover the footage from the recording device inside the store.

Police are now investigating this second robbery of a 7-Eleven store, and believe they have spotted similarities between both cases. They are also confident that they know the two men involved and expect to arrest them shortly.

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Another Necklace Snatch in Pattaya

Police appear not to be able to suppress street crimes which are occurring daily in Pattaya, especially those involving the theft of bags and necklaces from residents and tourists visiting the City.

Khun Wiraya aged 30 became the latest victim of a necklace snatch which occurred at the Sukhumvit Road junction with Siam Country Club Road on Monday morning.

She had gone out to pay a Water Bill when a man, presumably a Thai national, drove up beside her stationary bike, at the traffic lights, and snatched a gold necklace she was wearing.

The victim, who works for a Tour Company in Central Pattaya, was powerless to prevent the theft of the necklace, worth an estimated 10,000 Baht.

Police will now add this street crime to the hundreds of similar crimes which currently remain unsolved.

Worst Flash Floods of the year hit Pattaya

On Sunday afternoon Pattaya was subjected to a period of sustained heavy rainfall which transformed many of the roads into rivers.

The problems began in mid-afternoon on Sunday when the rainfall began. It is estimated that in some areas the water level rose to between 40 and 60cm which caused traffic chaos around Pattaya City.

Some of the worst hit areas were South Pattaya Road, Central Pattaya Road and Soi Buakhao along with parts of the Sukhumvit Road. The emergency services were overwhelmed as flash floods occurred in areas which are traditional hot spots for trouble during heavy and sustained rainstorms.

It took 2 hours before a degree of normality returned to the streets of Pattaya. The weather forecast from the Thai Meteorological Department for the next seven days suggests there are more rain and thunderstorms to come.

Former Marine drowns in East Pattaya Lake

On Saturday a 47 year old former Marine drowned in a lake situated in the Hua Yai area.
The body of Khun Boonsong was pulled from the 6 meter deep lake situated in Soi Polo 1 on Saturday afternoon.

Khun Sutat aged 33 was also at the lake with friends and saw the man sitting and drinking alone. Khun Boonsong then approached Khun Sutat and asked him to watch as he demonstrated his swimming skills.

Khun Boonsong jumped into the lake and attempted to swim to the other side but as he was approaching the center of the lake he appeared to get into difficulties and went under the water and was not seen again until he was taken from the water by rescue workers 2 hours later after a short search.

Police suspect that a combination of heavy drinking and possible cramping may have caused Khun Boonsong to drown. A post-mortem examination will take place as the family of the deceased man comes to terms with their loss.

Thai Woman jumps from 7th floor of North Pattaya Hotel and survives

A 29 year old Thai woman was lucky to survive after she reportedly jumped from the 7th floor of a North Pattaya Hotel in the early hours of Friday.

Police and medics were called to the Tune Hotel on Pattaya Second Road, just before 1am and attended to Khun Kitimar aged 29. She had fallen from the 7th floor onto a garden area on the 2nd floor. According to medics, she was unable to move and had sustained visible breaks to her arms and legs and a possible spinal injury.

The woman was conscious and told investigators that she had recently lost her job in a bar and decided to take her own life. A friend told Police that she had been suffering from mental health issues following years of drug abuse and it is thought that these issues combined with the recent loss of her job, led her to attempt to take her own life.

Khun Kitimar was taken to Hospital where the full extent of her injuries is still being assessed.

Thai/Cambodian Motorbike Theft Gang arrested by Police in Pattaya

On Friday afternoon, Banglamung Police announced the arrest of 6 people in connection with a motorbike theft gang who would steal to-order and then send the bikes over to Cambodia.

The 6 people, aged between 19 and 38 and of Thai and Cambodian Nationality, were arrested at the Nantawan Place Apartments in Soi Neun Plubwan. The arrests followed a previous arrest of two Cambodian suspects who were thought to be part of the same gang. They provided Police with detailed information on the other gang members which led Police to arrest the other 6 members on Friday.

It was revealed that the group had stolen over 200 motorbikes in the Pattaya area and was overseen by the gang leader who is based in Chantaburi Province. The bikes would initially be stored in a remote Potato Field in Banglamung and then taken to the Thai/Cambodian Border where they would be smuggled over the border and resold for between 6,000 and 10,000 Baht each.

A 9mm handgun and a Toyota Vigo Pick-up were seized during Friday’s operation along with 3 motorbikes which had been earlier reported as stolen.

Armed robbery at Pattaya Convenience Store

In the early hours of Friday an armed robbery occurred at a 24 hour convenience store in the Na-Jomtien area which resulted in the theft of money.

The robbery took place just before 4.30am at a 7-Eleven Store situated at a PTT Petrol Station on the Sukhumvit Road in Na-Jomtien. Khun Noppadon aged 21 was on-duty at the time and told Police that initially one man came into the store and ordered a 100 Baht mobile phone top-up card.

As soon as the cash draw was open a second man entered, whose face was concealed by a safety helmet. He was carrying a long knife and joined his colleague as the pair ordered the shop assistant to hand over the cash in the draw, which amounted to 4,000 Baht. The men then sped off on a motorbike in the direction of Sattahip.

Police examined security camera footage from the store and have a clear picture of one of the men and believe they will catch both men quickly. For now both suspects remain at-large.

1 Cambodian killed, 4 injured at Constructors Campsite knife attack in Jomtien

Late on Tuesday Night, Police and rescue services were called to a Constructors Campsite in Jomtien to deal with a multiple stabbing incident which led to one fatality and injuries sustained to four others, all Cambodian workers.

The incident occurred in Soi 11 off the Tepprasit Road just after 10.30pm. Mr. Nang aged 29, was stabbed in his stomach and died at the scene. Three other male workers aged between 18 and 31, and an elderly woman sustained a variety of stab wounds which saw them sent to Hospital. None of them sustained life-threatening injuries according to medics.

Police are currently hunting for two co-workers who are thought to have conducted the attack following a night of heavy drinking at the Campsite. They are now being sought by Police on one charge of murder, three counts of attempted murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

The cause of the fight has been blamed on the excessive alcohol consumption as Police continue to investigate and wait to question those involved including the two main aggressors who remain at-large for now.

Cambodian Worker dies in construction site accident in South Pattaya

On Wednesday afternoon a 25 year old Cambodian Construction Worker fell from a 5th floor platform at a site in South Pattaya, as he erected scaffolding.

The dead man was identified as Mr. Puak and according to fellow workers, he was working on the 5th floor of a new condominium in Soi Khopai in South Pattaya, and was told to construct scaffolding in preparation for the construction of the roof.

Suddenly workers heard a scream and a loud thud at the base of the building and realized Mr. Puak had lost his footing and fell. CPR was administered at the scene but the victim was later pronounced dead at Hospital.

An investigation into the cause of the accident is now underway.

Russian Tourists injured in Minivan versus Car crash in Jomtien

On Tuesday Night, Police and medics were called to the scene of a road crash in the Na-Jomtien area involving a Minivan carrying 5 Russian Tourists and a car containing 3 people.

The crash occurred at Na-Jomtien Soi 4 where it intersects with the Sukhumvit Road. The Russians were being taken back to their Hotel and the minivan driver, Khun Apisanan aged 43 was preparing to enter the Sukhumvit Road. Coming off the main road at the same moment was Khun Gitipat aged 33 in her Honda City car.

She turned into the side road at-speed and struck the minivan side-on which caused the larger vehicle to topple onto its roof. Luckily the passengers and driver sustained only superficial injuries as did the car driver and 2 of her passengers.

Police arrested Khun Gitipat who was later charged with reckless driving despite claims she was new to the area and completely unaware of the layout of the road.

Australian Meat Cleaver Incident at Central Pattaya Car Wash

On Sunday afternoon, Police were called to a Car Wash in Central Pattaya to deal with an enraged Australian who was threatening staff at the Car Wash with a meat cleaver.

The incident occurred at the Car Wash behind the Caltex Petrol Station on the Sukhumvit Road, close to the Central Pattaya intersection. Mr. Walid Chami aged 36 had taken his White Toyota Fortuna to the car wash and informed the cleaners to remove the remains of a sticker which was placed on the rear window.

According to details provided by the car wash owner, Khun Tawisak aged 43, Mr. Chami became enraged when he realized the rear window was sticky after the cleaning was completed. The exact details of the altercation that followed are not clear but Mr. Chami is alleged to have produced a meat cleaver, which was concealed inside a box which was placed inside his vehicle.

He reportedly waved the dangerous weapon about at which point the Police were called. Mr. Chami called his Lawyer who then told Police that Mr. Chami was the owner of a restaurant situated on the 6th floor of Central Festival Pattaya Beach and because of previous bad experiences he suffered from anger management problems.

After some discussions, the owner of the car wash decided to take the case no further and Mr. Chami was sent on his way without the meat cleaver, which was confiscated for safety reasons.

Man Hangs Himself at Central Pattaya Apartment

A 22 year old man appears to have taken his own life at his girlfriend’s apartment on Sunday.

Police and medics were notified by the owner of the Sumaree Apartments in Soi Sukhumvit 45 in Central Pattaya on Sunday Afternoon, that he had discovered the body of Khun Dantaep. He was hanging from a metal grill at the rear of the apartment and used a power extension cable cord which was tied around his neck.

The victim’s girlfriend, Khun Nuchalee aged 24, soon arrived to identify the body and told Police that the pair had engaged in an argument some days before and because of this she had left the room for 2 days. During this time she had received text messages from the victim who stated he would kill himself. She was convinced he would not commit suicide and ignored the messages and was devastated when she received a call from the apartment owner who found the body.

The owner had gone to the apartment to inform the victim that his girlfriend had cancelled the tenancy agreement for the property and to see if he wanted to continue renting the room himself.

Khun Dantaep was unemployed and had lived at the apartment for 2 months. Police suspect these factors and the recent argument with his girlfriend were to blame for him taking his own life.

Foreign National seriously hurt in motorbike crash in Central Pattaya

A foreign national, whose name, nationality or age is unknown, was involved in a single-vehicle road crash in Central Pattaya in the early hours of Monday.

The crash took place on Pattaya Second Road, opposite the entrance to Soi 9, where the road has recently been re-tarmacked. The man was driving a Honda CBR 250 and was seen to be driving at a high rate of speed when he appeared to lose control. The bike first hit a parked motorbike with sidecar and then hit the curb.

The man was thrown off the bike and slid 30 meters down the road onto the pavement, hitting a plastic chair at a motorbike taxi rank.

The man, who is thought to be in his early thirties was rushed to Hospital and remains in a serious condition at this time.

Brit injured in fight on Walking Street, South Pattaya

In the early hours of Monday, a 23 year old British National was taken to Hospital suffering from a laceration to his head, which was reportedly sustained during a scuffle with a group of Thai men he was drinking with on Walking Street.

Mr. Scott Anderson was taken to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital and was initially immobilized as a precaution by rescue workers, who picked him up from Walking Street where he had spent the night drinking with a group of Thai men.

When it came to paying the drinks bill, the general feeling was that Mr. Anderson should pay for everything. Verbal arguments soon became physical and Mr. Anderson was knocked to the ground and sustained a head wound.

Due to his high level of intoxication, communication with Mr. Anderson by medics and the Police was difficult but he made it clear that he did not want to pursue any criminal complaints against any of those involved in his assault.

Swiss man Attempts suicide in South Pattaya Supermarket Car Park

In the early hours of Sunday, Police and rescue services were called to a South Pattaya Supermarket Car Park where a foreign man had locked himself inside his vehicle with two open gas canisters.

The incident took place at the Tesco-Lotus Car Park off the Sukhumvit Road, just before 1am. A Chevrolet Captiva was parked at the far-end of the car park near the main road and a regular security patrol found the vehicle and inside was the semi-conscious man, identified as Mr. Rudolf aged 50 from Switzerland.

Inside the vehicle was two 15 Liter gas canisters which were both expelling gas into the vehicle. Mr. Rudolf appeared in a semi-conscious state and was seen to be breathing. The vehicle was broken into and Mr. Rudolph was taken to Hospital.

Police were able to track down Khun Sarishar aged 27 who is currently in a relationship with Mr. Rudolph’s Son. It was revealed that Mr. Rudolph was suffering from a Heart Condition and was also suspected of suffering from mental health issues.

In Hospital Mr. Rudolph was assessed and soon regained full consciousness and was released from Hospital into the care of his family.