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Pattaya News headlines from the 19th September, 2014

Danish man Falls through roof and dies at Jomtien Guesthouse

A 64 year old Danish man died after he fell through the roof of his friends Guesthouse located in Na-Jomtien on Thursday morning. The incident occurred at the Royal Court Guesthouse in the Na-Jomtien area, which is owned by...

German commits suicide at Central Pattaya Apartment
19th September, 2014

The body of a 70 year old German man was discovered by a cleaner at a Central Pattaya Apartment complex on Thursday afternoon and Police are confident that the man took...

East Pattaya Double Dog Death suspect gives himself up to Police
19th September, 2014

On Thursday afternoon, the man wanted in connection with the hanging of a pregnant dog and her puppy, gave himself up to Banglamung Police. As the case had attracted so much...

Police conduct early-morning checks on Pattaya Remand Prison
19th September, 2014

Just before 5am on Thursday, Banglamung Police assisted Prison Guards at the Pattaya Remand Prison to conduct checks for contraband items in each of the 6 cell blocks. Police and Guards...

Manhunt for East Pattaya double dog murder suspect begins
18th September, 2014

Police have named the man wanted in connection with Tuesday’s double dog murder which occurred in a car park behind an NGV Gas Station off Highway 36 in East Pattaya. The...

Pattaya News headlines from the 18th September, 2014
Two suspected attackers of Scottish Man in Central Pattaya report to Police
18th September, 2014

In the early hours of Wednesday the two men, wanted in connection with the attack on a Scottish Man in Soi LK Metro in Central Pattaya, gave themselves up to Police...

Karaoke Bar Worker attempts suicide at his North Pattaya apartment
18th September, 2014

In the early afternoon of Wednesday, Police and medics were called to a North Pattaya apartment where a 27 year old man was suspected of ingesting toilet cleaning solution in an...

4 wanted following Burglary at East Pattaya House
18th September, 2014

Police are currently searching for 3 men and 1 woman wanted in connection with a break-in at an East Pattaya house on Wednesday afternoon which saw items worth over 300,000 Baht...

Mystery of Double Dog Murder in East Pattaya
17th September, 2014

Two dogs were found hanging from rope tied to a steel structure in a car park behind an NGV Gas Station in East Pattaya on Tuesday. Police were called to the...

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